My new day, in my same old world.

  This is the my new day, in my same old world.  I am not issued through the military, but I am a wife to a military man, and a mom to three wonderful children.

This is my vent, and my shelter.  We will share our daily grind, and experience life together!  I have a crazy family, but I love them all just the same.  I have found that being in the military and a stay at home mom, can leave you lonely and crazy, and extremely happy at the same time.  I have my military family, the ones who have touched our daily lives through each of our moves, the ones who you never forget, that serve and keep us safe.   Our Airmen!  And we have our birth families from a far, who love and care for us, in a completely different way. 

So here is to…. My new day, in my same old world!!  I’m “Not issued, just a military mom”!