Taking time off!

I have a new wonderful site to follow:


I have been looking on and off for awhile, but have found a little extra time on my hands since my mom in law is visiting!! So here I am on the computer catching up on all the fun and glory of life, and am finding some give aways that will be put to good use if I am able to ever win!!  Okay, in my dreaming, I have already imagined how nice to have the Oreck, and what I could do it.  I read all the notes on it, and well, we will just say ” TOO COOL”.  I would love to not have to tote my heavy beast up and down these stairs, this is showing that it is only 10 lbs and that it swivels, yes I can do easy movement.  Not to mention the fact that it would knock another purchase item off my list.  And I know that it would help with cleaning up lots of dust and dirt from the desert life, and the pouchy Blood Hound, and the 3 human critter droppings!

On my list of things to get or do for my glorious home….

1. get a vacuum

2. paper illusion

3. organization containers

4.  paint

5.  shelving

6.  crib for Schyler

7.  bedroom set for master suite

8.  bed for Jaden

9.  new kennel for Bailey

So now that I have had a bit of a break and able to take some time off from the daily grind, back to being me!  “Not issued just a military mom”!


Resisting the hand???

Who can resist a hand?  During these days with all the complaining I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to get something for nothing.  Okay maybe not nothing, but a little extra couldn’t hurt, if it means not spending money right now!

I am looking at a blog:  Mommy Confessions Blog There are many give aways going on.  I can hardly believe all the reviews that they do.  The Bissel pet hair eraser right now looks cool.  Who isn’t looking for a new vaccume?    Sign me up, I take a try!!  I have a new 2 story house and 3 kids and a blood hound, tell me I couldn’t use a new one!!

I will not resist the hand, if I am lucky enough to be offered!!


Big shoes to fill with tiny helping fingers

Shyla follows Omah everywhere. Paper illusion is the name of the game this past 2 wks. Everything looks so good.
Shyla has been taking it all in. She is going to be 2 next month. My how time flys. You never know or realize how much they learn even when you think they are not paying attention. She is now walking around with a putty knife in hand. We were using it to smoothe out the bubbles in the paper, so she is carrying the paper around, wetting it down, attaching it to the walls and trying to smoothe it all out. She is so much smarter and creative at almost 2 than I am at 35.
The bathroom is complete. I can not wait till I have everything in place and show to all!!
On the other hand, my husband is out in the field again, so he is not here to share in all my excitement, but what is new with that? I guess I will just get to get excited again when he gets to see it all for the first time. And take lots of pictures to show him of the kids having fun with it too…
This military life has not been bad, but with the 14 deployments there is a lot of things that happen that we don’t get to share, but we do get to enjoy it at different times. Even now when he is gone during the wk for work instead of a deployment it still gives you a sense of a lonely life. I guess if I was issued to him, I would probably be the one part of his gear that would not be used out in the field so… I will have to enjoy the moments during the wk, that he is here!!
I love the paper illusion, I don’t understand why the stores don’t carry it. Many of the stores have no idea what it is, and the ones that do, say that it really did not sell well. My question is… “why did you not show it well?” It is not something that can be sold by word of mouth, it needs to be shown.
Here I come paper illusion….!!!

No longer in a white walled house

Since we just bought a house of our own, after renting 2 homes that both went into foreclosure.  We are adding some color!  No longer in a white walled house, the change has begun!

So far we have all of the bedrooms except one done.  This is a large home at aprox 3200 sq ft.  So many more feet to go!!  And I have plans, lots of plans…. Paper Illusion!!  Going to start on my bathroom, and then move onto the others.  I really don’t like wall paper, but this is so different.  I am nervous.

 I suppose I should change my wording from earlier… I said “we have all the rooms but one done”, this is very incorrect… It should be “Sean”.  He has been working hard at painting for me.  His mom is coming to help me with the paper illusion.  She did it in her home, that is where I got the idea.  It will look great, I hope!  After living in military housing and rentals, with all the white walls, I think it is time to move on!

I have called places here in town and have only found one store, and she has a very limited selection, so on friday, this will be one of my stops!  All of the other stores say they quit carrying it…. why, it is BEAUTIFUL….