Touring the unknown

This weekend was one that I probably will not relive again. The people from my husbands work, decided to have a get together and doing something exciting and family friendly. So I said sure sign us up! The event was to go mine for turquoise, I have never done this before, but it was going to get us out of Vegas!! And we would get to see where my husband lives for the wk!Otteson’s Turquoise is where we went through for the Royston Turquoise mining. They gave us a really good deal, each adult only paid $50.00 which the regular price is $100. And the kids were free (bonus!). You of course are only going through the tailings, but the kids had a blast, running up the rocks and digging. I don’t think that they really grasped the fact we were digging for something with color! None the less they had fun. Shyla tried to feed Schyler the dirt and gravel, so I am sure that we will be finding more over the next couple of days!
I am not sure that it is something that I would recommend for those who have small children, we took the carry seat for Schyler and that worked out okay, but there is no shade, you are not in an actual mine, it is out in the open with some hills around, so not quite sure why they call it mining!
However they also went through what we collected and picked out 3 pieces for each person, took the pieces back to the store and cut and polished them. My family ended up with some really nice things. At this point we are not choosing to have jewelry made, but they gave us the option to bring it back at a later time!

While I was in the store looking around I caught my eye on some white colored stones, they were called white buffalo turquoise, and it was beautiful. I would be interested in going on a look for some of that! It would have to be a time when I had someone to watch my kids, like I said, it is hard to keep the kids attention on finding rocks or explaining to them what they are really looking for. Especially if you were paying full price.
I also had a small mishap. My car got door dinged on my way out there. the lady said she was going to take care of it, so I hope she does. She already has called me today to make sure everything is going well, so that is a good sign!!

The people that do the mining are a family operated buisness and were very nice!  We all had a wonderful time, and you get lots of exercise while you are at it, walking up and down the hills.  Another note to mention would be that we could drive to most of the places, but some of the areas you really need 4 wheel drive!!  Happy mining!


The pitter patter of tiny feet.

And the pitter patter of tiny feet, have begun.  You know that some days you as a parent get very excited to hear your childs feet on the floor above you.  And then there are other days that you just wish you could make it all go away for only a few moments.  Today is one of the latter for me.

Sean left today to go back out in the field, so it is yet another rough monday for me.  And to add to the dilema of being a single mommy durring the wk, my day went like this….

I got up and got us all ready to go.  You see Shyla broke my glasses 2 times last wk, so I needed to add this trip to get them fixed, into my daily grind.  So up we are and out the door to take Jaden to school.  With the carrier with baby in one hand, and hanging on the other arm, a almost 2 year old, and a diaper bag, and a pump bag (just in case I don’t make it back home in time), and a voice (mine) sounding for Jaden and Susan “come on or we will be late for school”.  Out the door we go, I get to the school (preschool) sign him in, take him to class, and leave for the next stop.  I get my new glasses fixed from last wk, and have time to run into a store, then head back across town to get him from school  only 2 1/2 hours have passed.  And upon walking in the door, I pass to teachers, go further down the hall and pass the director, then go to the class (where he should not be) to pick him up.  I am greeted by a little girl (about 4 yrs old) she says “He didn’t get to go to pre K today because they aren’t having it anymore, he didn’t go to camp either, because he only comes for preK”  of course this sets me off, because before I got to that class I heard the director talking with another parent, something about “you can bring him the rest of the wk for daycare but we won’t be doing preK because we now have camp, but it is for full timers.”  Let’s just say… Piss me off.  Then I got to the class room, and here the same basic thing from a 4 year old?  So I went out and got to the front desk where the director was now sitting.  She looks at me and says “I guess you probably heard me talking?  We are no longer doing preK, because we have summer camp, but you can still bring him the rest of the wk from 9-11:30 for daycare if you would like.”  I bluntly said ” I am a stay at home mom, I don’t need daycare, I paid on friday $99 for this wk, so that I would not have a penalty fee for this wks education plan.  Am I getting a full refund?”  she says, “you can bring him the rest of the wk for daycare since you have already paid!”    My question is… Where is the respect, where is the notice, I am suppose to give a 30 day notice for withdrawl of my child from their program, but they are collecting money for services they do not plan on rendering, and then think that I should just settle for daycare instead of an education plan of which I dropped him off to recieve?  They have my number on file, and I can tell you that my phone did not ring before the day started, or after I dropped him off.  I don’t think that they would have told me, had I not overheard them talking to each other.  Then they did not even want to give me a refund. What a joke!!

Now Jadens day has been pretty rough, he has cried and mouthed off all day long.  When asked, he tells me that he is upset about his school, he wants to go.  I am trying to explain to him, that this is not possible at this point.  As we all know, 5 yr olds just don’t understand this.

Then I got a phone call from a friend.  My friend is female, and somewhat newly divorced.  She has been seperated for a bit over a year now.  And is for the first time in her 13 year career going to deploy.  She has 3 kids and the youngest is a 4 year old girl.  Lucky for her that her X is here to be with her daughter, and her parents live across the street from her.  This lady has become a very good friend to me, since my daughter was born in November, I have known her longer, but have become really good friends since then.  Anyways, her X is giving her some fits, he wants to get back with her, but she is not wanting to work things out at this point.  I should say, I am friends with him also.  He told her that he wants to take some time off, starting the day after she leaves, and could the daughter stay with the grandparents?  It really is not for me to say, but I think that he should be here for the daughter for awhile, before disrupting her anymore, this is going to be really rough for a 4 year old.  My son had some problems, with the deployment of my husband last year, and Sean has been gone 2 times in his 4 years of life at that time.  I guess it is none of my buisness, but I had to vent somewhere.  So here I went!!

On that note, the pitter patter of tiny feet are going on upstairs, along with some screaming of the loud mouths that are attached.  So, here is to a better night.  I think I may be having a date night to see Shrek with my little man.  Even though, he has been a BRAT today.

Sit back, relax and enjoy

Today is one of those days, few and far between.  My husband ( my military man) is home.  He has been in the military for 18 1/2 years now.  This is the first base we have been to that does not work in shifts and does not work all of the holidays.  So we are trying to just sit back, relax and enjoy!

I can not explain to you how nice it has been to have him home on the wkends and today, a holiday.  I know that this is a day to remember, but usually my husband is still at work. 

I want to say thank you to All of our Soldiers, and their families, past and present!  Thank You for my freedom, and for the path that you are trying to secure for my childrens future.