Cream or Black?

Cream or black, what color is my grout?  The answer?  Both colors are true, unfortunately.  So along with a new home to my family, though the home is only 5 years old, came lots of dirt and grime, and many boogers too!  It is one thing to clean up after your own family, but to clean up everyone elses grime is grossing me out. 

On one of my previous posts with the paper illusion you can see that we did the walls in the entire house.  We used a lot of elbow grease to get the clean, and then to paint and do the paper illusion.  Now we are back at the elbow grease again!  However we are finding the new project a little bit easier!  Grout, is not a fun job, but something that needed to be done.  So, I have been looking at it for the past couple of months, debating on hiring someone to do it (which some of my friends have done) or do it myself.  And saving money has got the better half of me. 

My husband was painting the laundry room, and I was talking to him, and I felt like I was on the sidelines watching a game, and not participating.  So I turned around, put the baby in the swing  and sent the other 2 to play.  I grabbed a bowl, and added some water, and then what???? what do I need now?? what should I mix to clean??  I reached for the Oxi Clean (versatile).  Nothing special, added 1/2 tsp and went to town!!  Couple of swipes with the brush and a dab of mix, and I was on my way, next thing I know an hour had gone by and I was 1/2 done with the kitchen.  Looking at the time it felt like I had been at it awhile, but not really, you know how it is chasing after kids while you are trying to do something!  And of course remember my husband is painting the laundry room so I have to get what he wants too!

I have taken a break the last couple of days from doing the rest of the grout, until today, and then I decided to go at it again.  And now it is done!   What was black when I moved in, is now cream like it is supposed to be! 

And now that I am done, I finally decided to look it up, and see what I could find on the product itself, and here is what I found:   And I was almost out of it when I started this project, so needing to go purchase a new one, they have a coupon to give me too!!

I knew that Oxi Clean worked good on your clothes, but had no idea when I started that it would work on my grout.  So thank you Oxi Clean for making my mommy and my cleaning job much, much easier!

Schyler’s ears are pierced!

Schyler is now 8 months old. We have been planning for months now to take her to get her ears pierced, but for some reason, we always come up with some excuse to not do it. It is not that we have a fear of it, we took Shyla when she was only 2 1/2 months old, so that is surely not the case. Just a bit of FYI, Schyler is just now getting into the 3 month clothes perfectly! So I guess she is about the size Shyla was when we got hers done.
So on our trip, we went to the mall. Thinking that the process would be easy. Well I only have one question….what happened to customer service? It is not only the young kids that are rude, but the people my age and older to. I went to 4 different places all of them were rude, or totally ignored me. Why would I let someone,who is to busy glaring at the wall and being rude when interrupted from that, pierce a 8 month olds ears?
We finally found this little set up in the middle of the mall called Pagoda. The lady was very pleasant, and it helped a bit that the person getting serviced before us, had a 1 yr old getting hers done too! Then we were able to see how patient the lady was going to be with a baby. And well true to the first impression, She was very comforting!
I know that there are many of these around, so if you have one near you, I would hope that you would get the same courteous service that I did! Here in Vegas I went to the one in the Meadows Mall, but look to see what you can find near you

Schyler only cried for a moment, which really shocked me because she is a bit dramatic, if she is not being comforted when she is scared. But what else could I expect from a baby??!! She did quiet right down, when I picked her up out of Seans arms, you know there is nothing like the comfort of mommy!

Paper Illusion complete!

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The paper Illusion is complete, well has been for a little while, but I am finally complete enough to start posting some photos.

Many people have no idea of what paper illusion is, or what the process is.  So let me explain!  It is a type of wall paper, no nothing like normal old days wall paper.  More on the fresh and delightful side!  You take the paper that comes in a full roll (just like the old stuff) and tear it into pieces.  Random tearing you don’t need to be precise about anything you just let it go the way it wants to.  Then when you have your paper torn, you take and dip it into a bowl of water and then put it on your wall.  Sounds like an easy process, but it is a bit of work, but so worth the effort in the end!  The nice part of it, is that you can start and stop at any time, you don’t have to wait till the end of a wall!  And then when we were done, we put a few coats of poly eurathane on.  A couple extra coats around the sinks and water areas for some added protection!  The old company had made it in the 85 sq ft rolls, which was nice, and many of the companies if they still have some in stock will sell it for the same price as the new companies 56 sq ft rolls.  So be careful, and also make sure to try to order enough for your project just like anything else you want to watch for the dye lots, so that one room will match!

I was very fortunate that my mother in law came for a visit to help me with this.  She knew that I wanted it, but there was no way with a new home and just moving in that I could get it all done by myself with the 3 kids to take care of to.  My projects were too large!  So I tore the paper while she put it up.  Thank you Susan for all your dedication and help of making my home look amazing!

I had a really hard time finding anywhere in town that sells the paper illusion.  One store locally did!  Wallpaper Warehouse is where I went to here in Las Vegas.  This store did not have a lot on hand, but I bought up what she did have.  She said that she could order me more and was very helpful.  She does not have an individual web site but the corporate store is:

After I had seen the different samples in person from the store and had been able to find out the names, I went online and began searching.  This was the part that was not so fun.  There are several different sites with a large variance of prices, until I found it.  THE PLACE, that I would soon be giving a LOT of my money to!  The prices were very good, and the estimated time on shipping is pretty much exact.  The first purchase that I made was at my house within a wk!  Well when that came, I then decided I wanted some other colors for other parts of the house so I made a double order, and then a third order!  I did all of my ordering online, and even called them, just to check the status of my order, not only were they cheap, but they were really friendly!

Water, land and learning

So with water, land and learning we only have one place to go!  Where are we going?  On a new path!  Yes, this new path is going to serve 2 purposes.  I have many friends across the land (hence the military life), so this part is the water and land and the learning.  Also with my son we are going to add him to the learning part also.

I have a new plan!  My plan is to do hooked on phonics with my son everyday, starting now.  Seeing as the whole paying for education this did not work for me, I think I need to dedicate more time and patience to working with him myself.  However I am not going to pray for the patience as I think this would just be asking for… well more problems.  Then the other part of my plan of learning is to keep in better vocal contact with my friends across the land, and water.  Both of these things are very important to me, and after much thought about it today what else can I ask for than what I have already been blessed with?  I have been blessed with a beautiful military family, near and far!

So here is to water, land and learning for me and Jaden!  Today is the day to start, I am having a bit of a problem starting, only because I know his focus is worse than mine!!!

who’s day is it anyway?

Is it your day or your childs day?  Their birthday is your day also, whether you are a mom or a dad!  Especially for the moms.   On my children’s birthdays all I can think about is what I went through to get them into the world.  And after speaking to someone who has a unique gift, I thought about this even more!  And now there is a give away for this wonderful gift.  Milson Road Daily Portrait, has given Mommy-Confessions the privilege to review and give away one.  So here is the info!

I have yet to see this in person, but have read on it, and also heard all about it.  First of all, how beautiful; and then… well what a concept?  This would be a great gift, yes an expensive gift, but one that will never be forgotten about.  I think it would be so cool, to have this on display anywhere in your home.  I am mostly thinking of giving to your child right now, so that they can take it with them as an adult.  There are many other things that you can do with them such as weddings, graduations, and I am sure that the list can just go on!  And every time you look at it I can almost certainly say you will see something new!

Freedom or battles?

There are these moments in life that I love.  Freedom where my son is loving and kind, snuggly and gentle, happy and considerate.  Then comes more often than not.  battles where my son is a bother, nasty, bad attitude, inconsiderate, and hateful.

I guess all people go through this, but it seems like men or boys seem to go through it more than girls.  For me I call it “Daddy mode” my sister calls it “PMS”.  Her and her friends say it happens on the wkends or it comes early some wks.  I think that it is a daily thing, not for just Jaden but for my husband too….  Now don’t get me wrong, we all have our ups and downs, but seriously.  Can we not just make a constant effort for freedom??  I do not choose battles!

Yesterday was one of those days that it took me 2 hours to clean my kitchen.  I would love to say that I scrubbed the walls and the floors and got the grout all cleaned up.  No, this is not the cleaning I got done.  I was able to reorganize the pantry, sweep the floors (after Jaden and Shyla helped by sweeping 3 times each), scrub the counters and do the dishes, between all of this I fed the kids 2 times.  I think they have worms eating up all their food, or they are growing one or the other.  So mainly it only took me that long to clean cause I was cleaning up after them over and over again.  I chose  freedom during this time.  As much as I really wanted to send them away they wanted to help so I let them!

I have found that I need to buy stock in Clorox Wipes.  There is not a room, that I don’t use them in.  We have lived here for what… 2 full months, and I am on my 7th large container of them.  Well actually I buy them in the 4 packs at Sam’s Club, so really I guess it would be on my 7,8,9 and 10 containers.  I keep them in the kitchen and each of the bathrooms.  I don’t even know how many sheets I used in the kitchen yesterday.  Now that I write it,  it makes my house sound filthy, but it’s not.  The dog walks through the kitchen when he goes in and out of the back yard, and since we don’t have the back yard done yet, it is just dirt dust and sand.  We need some gravel put in.  It is all in the workings so, guess the wipes will last me a little longer when that happens!  And when the kids aren’t helping me so much, I don’t have to clean up the messes that they make while cleaning.  Do you know how many times they spilled their drinks?

So back to the freedoms and battles.  Jaden woke up this morning ready for some battling.   Being all loud, trying to wake up the girls.  Making these noises with his nose, and just loud voices, in the room.  So I sent him to his room.  Then the mouth began to run.  No not run away from me,  run like.. diarrhea of the mouth.  It just kept exploding.  So to his room he went.  I did not nor do I want to fight with him today.  So it is my vow to live n freedom today.  So lets see if this works or not!  Right now he is down sitting next to me being very good, so hopefully he is going to choose freedom as well.  I know that being in a kids room is not that bad, especially with all the toys that he has, but so much better to want freedom and be around the rest of us.

So from the battle of the wills, I am choosing freedom for my day!