First day of Kindergarten

Today was the first day of Kindergarten for Jaden.  And it went well!!  No, notes in the bag, just a couple of questions and concerns from Jaden at the end of school.

The morning started good.  Jaden woke up a bit earlier than expected and that is no one’s fault, but (you got it!) mine!  I took some pictures of him last night when he went to bed, after he was out cold!  And I have them noted as being his last night ever, before school starts!  I was a little torn about the school thing, because it is just 2 1/2 hours a day, so it is barely shorter than when he went to preK.  So this morning I went in around 6 and took some more photos my intention was to catch a few snaps and then when I woke him up later to take video of his morning.  Again, you are probably thinking correctly!  This is when the flash woke him up, so no videos.  We had a wonderful morning, got dressed, had some breakfast got ready for school, took some photos.  Not one fight, not one argument, just pure Peace and pleasantness!!  If only my little Angel could be within Jaden every morning like this from now on!!!

So off to school, drop him off, still perfection!  Waiting in line to sign him in, still perfection!  We leave (the girls, Sean and I) come home, do some chores, and then back to get Jaden from school.  We wait in line to sign him out, he comes out and smiles.  Still perfection, and then….. (nope nothing bad!) he says ” Mommy, the teacher took my things out of my bag and did not put them back?”  I asked “your tissues and pencils and baggies were for the teachers, is this what you are concerned with?”  And that was the end of that moment, then he says “we didn’t do any homework at school?”  I told him it is only the first day of school, and that I will assure him that there will be plenty of homework.   He then told me that “we only did music and stories”.    Can you believe my kid wants homework?  Jaden doesn’t really know that homework is something you do at home, he thinks it is the work that you do when you are still at school!!!

So our first day of Kindergarten is done.  What a day, I am sad that I will never get any of the time again with my son that has passed, but I am so happy that his chapter of life has turned! 

Happy days my little man, happy days!


The night before

Tonight is the night before, before it all begins.  I am excited and I am sad.  My only little boy, Jaden is starting Kindergarten in the morning.

With the start of a new day, we thought that the evening would have to start right!  So at 7:30 I started the evening, so I would not feel rushed in spending time with him before bed.  And you know what?  It worked, for the first time, in a while, everything worked out just as planned!  He brushed his teeth, he got his bath, and went to bed!  Yes, I let him watch some TV, but set the timer on it, just as I do every time he wants to watch it at night-time.  And I went up at 9:30 and he was fast asleep. 

He is so excited that Sean is going to be with him for his first day of school, our entire family is going to be able to make a morning of it.  I even got the girls to go down early, so everyone will be up and moving for a calm morning.  I figure with my OCD and having to change so much this past wk, I needed something smooth for me! 

One of the things at the meet and greet with the teacher on friday that was stated.  Is that Jaden needed to know how to tie his shoes.  We have been working on this for months, with much frustration from everyone.  So on Saturday, Jaden worked on it with me.  Let’s first say that I am a right-handed person, and Sean is a left-handed one, so this unfortunately has caused a bit of confusion, since we hold the strings differently.  I was so proud of him.  I let him get out a brand new pair of tennis shoes, and there we worked with it first off of his foot, and then when he got that down, we moved to it being on his foot…. What a trooper, lets just hope that he can still do it when he gets to school!  The  teacher said, that they won’t help them with their shoes, that they will just tell the kids to tuck the strings in their shoes and wear them that way…. Wow, sounds promising!!!

So good night Jaden and sleep tight!  I love you and hope you have a wonderful first day of school, my little man!

By invitation only

When we purchased the trampoline, we tried making it very clear that NO One is to be on it, except for a few named children. Those named children are… the 3 sisters from across the street and a boy named E from a couple of doors down. It has been reminded to Jaden everyday that these are the rules.

A couple of days ago, I went across the street to the 3 girls house to get Jaden, where he was playing in the water, and the mom told me. That he had come to get the girls earlier in the day to jump on his trampoline. How is this that I did not know this? This could have been really bad, but he Snook them through the back gate so that I would not know.
Then today he went and got E to come over and jump, but luckily his mom came with to make sure that all was good…
So I am glad he is not inviting the kids that I don’t want over here, but at the same time, I am concerned that he is able to get to the other kids when he is supposed to be helping his dad outside, and instead is bringing the kids to the house…..

I would really prefer it if it was by my invitation and not by the invitation of a 5-year-old, that they came to the house!

Rules of the thyroid

Did you know that there were rules of the thyroid?  Well no one told me, before I had hypothyroidism disease, that it  would completely run my life, with rules.  I have now had this disease for over 7 years, and am still learning new things about the cause and effect of everything I do.

I went to a new doctor yesterday, and well, she had lots to say in the little bit of time that I was in the office.  First, before I get into all that, I will say that I have only been seen on the base clinics by my PCM, for all of my TSH and T4 tests, never off base, or by anything other than my PCM.  I had problems in 2003 with gaining about 35 lbs in a 3 wk period, and then in 2005 the summer after having my son I had some major depression issues, that they passed off as being postpartum depression, and put me on Zoloft.  Then later I found out that my test came back for my thyroid at 17.4, so I could have been possibly treated with extra synthroid instead of Zoloft, but no one will ever know now!  Over the past several years my weight has stayed level as long as I don’t try to diet, or heavy exercise (with the exception of my pregnancies).  I however am very lucky and pretty much left the hospital with each child, being pre-pregnancy weight.

So with all of that being said, my dr. apt went very well.  I did admit to her I am very bad about taking pills in the morning, and that I do know that they say to take my synthroid on an empty stomach so I take it at night before bed.  She looked at my current lab results and said that my numbers are a little off, but does not suggest changing any of my doses at this time, but to change the timing, and only take it in the morning,and I must wait another hour after taking it before I eat.  This sounds simple enough if I can just remember to take it in the mornings.

I knew that they recommend taking the pill no sooner than 2 hours after eating.  However, she said we can not really say that this is the best thing for us either, because…. being Americans, we don’t eat the same thing every day, and we do not have the same routine everyday, she says that some foods my take up to 7 hours in someone’s body to fully digest, so by eating even at 5 in the evening, there is a chance at 10 that the food could still be effecting how the medication is controlling the thyroid.  I DID NOT KNOW THIS.  I always just made sure that I waited for a bit over 2 hours before taking my synthroid.  She also informed me, because I am still nursing and taking birth control, that both of these require a bit more thyroid hormone….. DID YOU KNOW THAT?

So for most of the past 4 years I have been breast-feeding, and my levels have been up and down, and now, I found a doctor, who is going to try to control this.  I will go back in 2 months, and between now and then I will be working with revamping my schedule, which will take some time.  I have a touch of OCD, so with this slight change and then sending Jaden to kindergarten this should be tons of fun!!

So best of wishes with the thyroid for all who have a dysfunctional one!

One of those days

Today is just one of those days, that my mind is just in blank space but at the same time working overtime.  I don’t think I got even 4 hours of sleep last night, between Shyla still waking up from learning to sleep by herself, and me doing my regular 4 am routine.  Thankfully Schyler is sleeping till around 6, so this helped out a bit.

With school starting for Jaden on the 30th of this month.  I am trying to get everyone on some sort of routine.  How is it that starting a new routine to make things easier on everyone, always messes up my sleep schedule?  I know that my thyroid is off and has been for a while.  Have I done anything about it???? NO!!  I know that it sounds  like an excuse but if you have ever had issues with your thyroid, you would probably agree that it messes you up on every level.  And I guess that I should admit to having some OCD, which may help in the explanation of hard time with CHANGE. 

I even have a referral ready, I just have to call to make an appointment with an endocrinologist.  This will be my first real appointment with one, since they diagnosed me, back in 2002.  I finally found a primary care doctor that said they have never been able to regulate me, and enough play time, now it is time to try to fix and regulate!  So why have I not done the appointment?  I don’t have an answer. 

So, on that note, I am going to take my butt over to the phone and call right now!

Shyla’s new nights and what not to do!

Shyla just turned 2 in June.  So yes, I know I should have known better!  And NO, Jaden didn’t do it!  Shyla now has new nights in her own room, well, somewhat!

I have fed all of my children breast milk until at least 1 year old.  So, I have them in my room until I don’t have to get up in the middle of the night, well kinda.  Shyla is my middle child, and well she has not recieved the middle child normal that everyone talks about.  When Shyla was almost 6 months old, the rental we were in foreclosed, and we were given 2 wks to get out.  So she was still sleeping in my room at that time, then when we moved out, we moved into a friend’s house, we had found out that my husband was deploying to Iraq.  When staying in their home, they had 1 room for us, this was great!  We had a place to stay till Sean left, and I took the kids back to Ohio with my family.  So Sean and I in the bed, Jaden on the floor next to Sean, and Shyla in the play pen next to me!   The room was cramped but we were all still together!  Then off to Ohio in my moms house, where me and the kids were in the same room, this was a good size room though.  Shyla had a crib, I slept on a daybed, and Jaden slept on the pull out.  We did this until October (Shyla was 1 yr 4 months).  Then back to Vegas again.

When we came back to Vegas I had lined us up a rental to live in on the side of town, I surely was not familiar with.  So I put Shyla and Jaden in the same room next to mine (thanks to the suggestion of my friend Holly),  we were going to be having the new baby within a month or so we thought, so this would be a good way of breaking them both away from me again!  And Sean and I were going to be looking for the new house to buy, and then they would be in each of their own rooms for sure.  Sean came home the next wk, and then the following wk, I was in the hospital on bunches of drugs, and bed ridden.  So Sean let Jaden sleep in our room, and Shyla still wanted to be in her room, so I thought “PERFECT”.

Then we bought the house, and well one excuse after another Shyla is in our room yet again.  Yes, I agree, I am a wimp when it comes to her.  Jaden has been in his own room since day one.  I made the excuse Shyla does not have a bed, so I put her on the mattress for the crib (that we did not have the parts to put together) on the floor of my room.  I also did not want her to be to far from me.  So there she has slept (and Schyler) in my room for the past 4 months.

Well, finally after 2 years and 2 months, Shyla is finally in her own room!  She is on an air mattress, but still she is in her own room.  She does not like it at all!  I take her up there and she screams and hollers, and cries.  So her first night in her room (last thursday) I took the Violet from Leap Frog, that I bought for her birthday, and actually hooked it up to the computer to program it (again it only took me 2 months to do this).  This is one of the coolest toys I have ever purchased!

Violet is able to say “Shyla”  I did not expect that it would actually tell her name, as it is not a popular name, so I was very surprised.  And in different things it does it said her name, she thinks this is fun!  I like that it has songs to sing for day and for night!  Violet asks to be snuggled and hugged, this helps Shyla at night-time a bit. 

My Pal Violet

Ages 6-36 Months
My Pal Violetpicture from Leap Frog site.

So although Shyla is still adjusting to having her new nights, I have learned NOT to let a child sleep in your room with you for this long.  And the same night that Shyla moved out of our room so did Schyler.  The crib is up and running!  Schyler is handling this very well as she is the 3rd child and the one who does not like to be cuddled or messed with at bedtime.  She wants it quiet and dark, so she is very happy being put to bed alone!  And as much as I love knowing that my children are safe in my room with me, I am so happy that I have my room back to me and my husband for the first time in 2 years!

Just busy bee

This wkend was one of those hurried wkends, well I guess the entire wk was like that.  Much was done around the house, although a lot was done it was really a lot of different projects started just none completed fully!  So between Sean and I, we were some of the busy bee’s of the town!

Saturday was so fun, we made it out to the Operation Homefront event for the Back to School brigade.  It seems that they had a great turn out!  Which ultimately means that the word got out for the give aways.  Jaden was able to get a good backpack (it was a good one, not one that looks like it is going to fall apart the first month.), he also was given a calculator, notebook, pencils, eraser, crayons, ruler,scissors and highlighters. It was awesome the donations that were supplied to the military families.  While we were there we also noticed that there was a case lot sale going on!

And on that note of the case lot sale for us at Nellis AFB.  Ours will be 17-19 September.  Good or bad I have not had to purchase shampoo for the past 2 years because of a case lot sale from AAFES, and now I am finally running low.  So I will surely make this next sale!

We also had a birthday that we attended this wkend.  Our friend Kate had her 1st bday!  It is so nice when you get to share an event with your friends.  We are so glad this day came when it did.  Her dad is leaving in a couple of wks for another deployment, but he is happy that he has had the chance to have experienced much of her firsts.  So best of wishes and lots of prayers for him as he is leaving his family and going off to serve our country.  Thank you for keeping me safe and free!

We also were able to share some time with other friends at a cook out, boy what a day.  I know I was totally exhausted the kids just about passed out when we got them home!  Our other friend is going to be deploying in the October time frame.  This has been a big change for me watching everyone else getting ready for a deployment, it has always been Sean going.  Yes, I have a sense of relief of him not going, but I am not happy at the fact that my friends husbands, and their children’s fathers are leaving.  I am sorry, that they have to go, and I will miss them, but I am thankful for their service.  Keep safe Sam and Kelly……