Butt bounce

Who would have thought that doing a butt bounce down their stairs would have hurt so bad?
I fell down the stairs this morning when I was in a hurry to get the dog to quit barking outside.  First I fell on my butt then bounce to my hip then I hit my bad shoulder then butt again.
I drove me abd the kids to the chiropractor where they did exrays and thankfully nothing is broke.  However I did laugh when I was standing there with 3 kids, and 2 people asked right before the xrays if I am prego.  I just did a major fall I would be at the dr office not the chiropractor if I was….
So.. next time I fall down the stairs I am going to try not to react.  Then maybe I will only hit my butt not bounce on everything else.


alzheimer’s and dementia under one roof?!

What do you do when you have 2 diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia under one roof?  What do you do when you add those two, with a caregiver having a nervous breakdown?

Those are questions that I have.  Ok… so I understand having a nervous breakdown, when you are the one doing ALL of the care for the other two people.  What I don’t understand is why when you are the sane one, you wouldn’t try to get some mental health for yourself.  Life is not easy, and it certainly won’t be for a while, when you are dealing with all of this in your household.  One thing and maybe th only thing that IS in your control, is your mental well-being (to some degree). 

There are some support systems out there for people just like you.  BUT.. you must be willing to look for it, or just ask for it. 

Life is short, and although you are caring for your own parents there is going to come a time, when things are much worse than they are at this very moment.  And what if that time comes when you are at the peak of your own breakdown?  What happens to your parents with the Alzheimer’s and dementia then?  Who will care for them if you are unable to?  If you feel you are the only one that can or will do it at this point, truly what will you be doing to yourself when you are the one that is down and out?  There are doctors who can help you, you can go to a psychiatrist they will not only help you with the issues, but will also help you to level out your meds. 

If you are already taking meds as I know that you are, and I also know that they are not really helping you too much!  Then obviously something is not right!  If you are having full-blown panic attacks, and anxiety attacks, then you are not facing some demons, and you need to do more than just take meds, and push problems to the side.  Yes, they are your parents and you should not abandon them.  Don’t just drop them off at the first nursing home that you can find.  But you do need to take action and be accountable for your own health. 

Ok… so I am not there, but I was there last year, when it was all starting.  I would be there now, if you called and said you were ready for the help.  I think that a couple of these steps would potentially take a little of your load NOT all of your load, but they could help….

1.  You give each of them their meds, don’t rely on one sick diseased brain, to medicate another one!

2.  Find a support group for those who are caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients!

3.  Learn the word “NO”.  You used it on your own children when they were growing up, so I know you know this word, remember that elderly people revert back to a young child, sometimes YOU will just have to use the word…NO!

4.  Take time for yourself, I know that you do this, but doing it for 1 hour 1 time a wk… this is not working!!!!

5.  Don’t let the little things get you going…VENT…. a therapist is paid to listen, they don’t judge you, but they WILL try to help you… this is their JOB!

6.  When others offer to help…LET THEM HELP!!

7.  Before taking care of the other 2 and their health you truly need to worry about your own… Or you surely won’t be the one caring for them when you are in lock down yourself!

Although I am writing this now, this is something that the person who needs to read it, will never see.  It is not something that she has not been told, because in fact, I had this conversation earlier today.  I am not the smoothest when it comes to words, but I do Love you, and want the best for you.  I will be there to pick her up when she falls, I just am afraid her fall will be so hard, that she might not get back up at all….

changing sizes!

Schyler will be 1-year-old, in November.  I had to take her to the dr. office last wk, and she weighed in at a 15.67 lbs!  Not only that but today, I put her in a brand new onesie with the feet and long sleeves.  Guess what!!!  It is a 6 month outfit, and she still has room to grow.  She is still fitting into the regular onesies that are 3 month, so with a little growth going on, she may eventually get into the right size.

Way to go Schyler!  Keep getting bigger baby!!  And she is trying to walk along the furniture, but her moth don’t even go up to where the seat is!

Did I ruin it??

Jaden has had 4 days in a row, that he has gone running up to the school office without me.  I have not even gotten out of the car!  How nice is that??!!  But.. did i ruin it?  

Today, I pulled up, and he got out of the car went to cross in front of the bus, then turned and looked at me and started moving his hand like he wanted me to leave.  I waved for him to cross the street.  He waved back in the motion for me to leave, and there were many cars behind me, so I pulled forward, like I was going to leave.  I pulled up to where the principal was standing, since she helps with him almost daily, and told her what was going on, so that she would watch for him.  Next thing I know he is at my driver’s door, red-faced and crying….  I opened my door, he crawled in the back just bawling…  I asked what was wrong.  he says” you were leaving me”.  we went back and forth with each other, I did not yell or even get upset with him.  It made me sad that he had been doing so well, and I might have messed it up for him, by driving off instead of waiting for him to get all the way in the office like I usually do.

So I pulled around the block, and tried it again.  This time I dropped him off right at the school bus parking area, to try to make it something extra special, so he would maybe forget about what just happened.  Luckily Ms. Jefferson, was waiting for him.  Thank goodness they have the communication technology, so that she knew we were going to have an issue.  She opened the car door for him, and talked with him.  Then bribed him by saying she would take him to her office first.  So although, he was still having tears down his face, he smiled and went out of the car with her.

So let’s hope that I don’t misunderstand his waving again, cause I don’t want to ruin his new good efforts with going into the school.  Thank you Ms. Jefferson, for all of the work that you have done with Jaden and for me!

a empty nest is filled!

My mom’s empty nest has been filled!!  Her house has been vacant for over 5 years.   And now a new family has moved in!

My mom lives in Ohio, and a little over 5 years ago, she decided to move in with her parents.  So they built a house together out in the country.  Which just happens to be a lot right across the street from my sister’s house!  This has been good and bad.  For all parties involved!

The house that I grew up in that my mom owned.  Has been sitting vacant for 5 years.  She has kept the electricity and all other utilities on.  And off and on paid for someone to go do lawn service.  Not to mention paying taxes and insurance on a vacant home!  So in my very money conscious mind…”what a waste” is played over and over again.  She has talked about selling it, which she did have it on the market a couple of times, but did not get any good hits.  Then she talked about renting it… No… she did not ever do anything about this action either.  So last year when I was home I looked over the rental agreement that she had written up, and then compared it to the one I had from my previous rental, and then combined them to get a good one.  Then there the house has sat again with no advertisement of a rental.  Just more money going out in utilities!

So… Facebook, being the connection center that it is.  Put me in touch a few months back, with a girl that I went to school with. I had not kept in touch with her over the past… 17 years.  So it was nice to see her on here, and make small comments to each other off and on.   So I noticed on her page last wk, that she was thinking of moving, but was worried about making a school change for her children.  Someone else mentioned a house for rent in another town, near by.  So I mentioned my mom’s house.  No… I did not ask my mom first.  I just told this girl that I would see if my mom was still interested… So when I asked mom.  She gave me a price, and I passed along the info. 

All has worked out, this family is moving in to my mom’s house.  I am so glad that my mom stepped out of her safety net, and took a leap of trust, by letting someone move in.  And in this now my mom will not have to out-of-pocket the money for utilities, taxes, yard work, insurance, and she will still be able to put a little aside for fixing the house as repairs come up.  The house is in good shape, and she had a little things done last year to it too.  So I am happy for my mom, and happy for the family that is able to move in.

The family that is filling this, no longer empty nest, sounds very happy to have a new place to live.  I really felt some of their pain, as we have been forced out of 2 places that we have rented in the past 2 years due to the owners foreclosing on the houses.  I know how bad it was with just 2 and 3 children, I can not imagine, how they were handling it with a lot more than that!   And they are almost moved in from the sounds of it, they have done all this work to get moved in, in the past 3 days!!   But… I really hope that you enjoy the home, and are able to fill it with many happy memories!

What are the differences?





So what are the differences from my new 2010 GMC Yukon XL, and my old 2006 GMC Yukon?  Well the most obvious would be the color!  Yes, I prefer the Black, but the Laser Blue Metalic will have to work.

The size is another major differnce.  Seating is something that was effected when I made my choice, my 2006 had 3 rows but the back 2 rows were both benches, and the new 2010 I opted for the captains rows.  So I went from seating of 8 in the 2006 to seating of 7.  The 2010 has the captains chairs in the second row.  This is still going to work for my family when we have visitors because we currently have 2 open seats!  The nice part is that in both of the cars the 3rd row is and was able to be removed!  This makes it good for when you need to use it as a truck, and the captains chairs in the 3rd row fold down also.

Then we have the addons.  Where to start and where to end?  There is so much on the 2010 Yukon XL SLT, some of my favorites?

  I like the back up camera, it is located near the license plate, things are a bit distorted looking but I am sure I will like it anyways.  The distortion is because it is letting you see a wide view.  When I put the car in reverse it automatically comes on (so nice) backing out of my driveway I can see across the street at a wide view (there are tons of kids in our neighborhood and they all like to play on the street, so this is really nice!) 

I love the dvd system, this car was adapted with 2.  One in the 2nd row and one in the 3rd row, they have a total of 4 wireless headsets, and 1 remote control.  I was told that we could have one tv on a movie and the other playing a video game if we wanted!  The nice thing about this is… my 2006 had the dvd player in the 2nd row and that was where you inserted the dvd, in the 2010 the dvd inserts up front at the stereo, so I can be in full control!  And for brief moments I can catch a glimpse to make sure the movie is playing.  Also it is nice that the dvd does not play up front while I am driving (since this is against the law) but it will play upfront, when the car is in park (so if I am waiting on a store to open or something I can enjoy too!

There is a built in navigation system, that I did use to get me home from the dealership, just to try it out!  And it has a screen to show me, which is also the screen for the stereo and dvd.  This is a pretty impressive unit.

The side mirrors have a blind spot sensor.  Which is a bit alarming when you are not used to it.  Someone pulled up to me at a stop sign and they immediately came on… and low and behold when I looked through the window, there was the little car.  Cool feature!

I did not really need all the different upgraded features, but the deal that they gave me on the rig were so good, that I just could not go wrong.  Towing, sun roof, heated leather seats, this list just goes on.. but the automatic open and close feature for the trunk is great, I love the space in the back end behind the 3rd seat, I have plenty of room even after the double stoller is put back there.  We can even pack with no problem for a trip and not give up the stroller!


My 2006 is already missed.  I feel like Jaden sits so far away from me now, I am so used to turning and talking to him.  Although, he really likes it that he does not have to be squished between the girls car seats anymore!  He loves having a dvd player to himself, and all of that extra space!

My 2006 Yukon SLT had all of the options on it that you could get from that year.  DVD player, movable pedals, sun roof, heated leather seats, power fold mirrors, 3rd row seating for 8 people total. 6 disc cd changer.  It really was an awsome car.  Remember it did get me from Alaska to Las Vegas, and then to Ohio and back to Las Vegas, so it had to be doing something right! (with the exception of drawing in a big snow owl)  And then with the new engine being put in it, it should end up being a great car for someone.  I just really needed something bigger to allow the kids to have a bit of extra space.  This 2006 was able to carry a total of 4 car seats and 1 6 yr old boy, and 3 grown women around town all of last year, and we were not cramped.  So if you have many people in your car all the time, this car is perfect.  I just wanted more space to fit the stroller in at the same time as all the butts!  So I did the exchange to the 2010 Yukon XLimage.  I put the pictures in here, just to show some of the differences.

I have only had the new one for a couple of days, and although I was not excited about the color it is growing on me.  I am a very plain jane color person, so the laser blue metalic was a bit much at first.

So out with the old and in with the new.  And yes, the differences are going to be well worth it for my family!image

What really happened at the threshold?

I just don’t understand it.  The excitement, the joy of learning, wanting to be the helper, and the questions of what he can do after school.  It is all there…. then we get to the door of the school, and BAMB!!  It is all gone… he is sad, he looks as if he has lost all sense of being, and he looks at me with those eyes and asks to come home.  Why and what really happened at the threshold of this school?

I don’t know what the answer is, and we have gone to 1 counseling session, so far.  (No it did not find anything out, because the lady only talked to my husband, about where my husband grew up and the places he lived)  I need to get on the ball and make an appointment with someone else.  Because somewhere there has to be some kind of answer as to why Jaden looses it and does not want to go in.  He has been going to school for almost 2 months now, and well, he had a good first wk and a good 3rd wk, and last wk he just got by. 

It makes me so happy that he is sooo excited to learn, he is truly excited about all of the new things.  He does his homework with no issues.  He wakes up in the morning excited to go to school, he gets dressed, gets in the car, we drive to school, he gets out of the car, talks about everything he is going to learn up till we get to the door, AND THEN.. YEP….”I WANT TO GO HOME, I DON’T WANT TO GO IN THE CLASS”

What???  I don’t get it.  He gets so sad…. And I don’t know how to fix it.  His behavior is much better, and I have been trying really hard to just PICK MY BATTLES, here at home.  Don’t get me wrong, I still get after him and discipline him.  The choices of how I react is what has changed, or at least what I am trying to change.

So again I ask… What happened at the threshold, and how can I get him to tell me what’s wrong????