Santa on flight



Santa was taking flight today!  We went to the BX, here at Nellis AFB, and while we are shopping Santa comes over the speaker and says he is in the toy department. 

So we head over to the toy department, and well no kids waiting.  How often does that happen?  So Jaden gets his picture and then Shyla climbed up also.  (this is the photo with the both of them on the sled).  They were so excited, of course Jaden had to tell him a little of what he wants for Christmas, but he did good keeping the list short and sweet (for a change). 

So we leave the BX, and head of to Wal-Mart, and we walk in the door, and the little old lady says “Santa is here for a visit you should go get your photo with him.”   Jaden tells her “we just saw Santa, how did he get here so fast?”  She says,  “I don’t know he has been taking photos here for a while”.  So we go over, and of course Jaden is a bit confused as their hair color, not to mention their shape is different.  So he asks me “is this the same Santa that we just saw?”  I told him to go ask him.  I didn’t want to lie!!  Or tell the truth for that matter.

The kids of course got their pictures again, and well, he didn’t ask me again for a little while.  So that time my answer was.  “He must be able to fly really fast to have gotten here before we did!”  Seeing as that it maybe was a 5 minute drive!!!


Family day with forgiveness or permission??

I have been married for over 16 years.  In the past 16 years, remember that we were married for 10 when we had our first child, we have always… had Sunday as our family day.

For many years I did go to church by myself, but other than when either of us had to work, we never made any other plans for Sunday’s.  No cookout, or parties.  We might attend something here or there, but never making for sure plans, because this is our family day.

Well, let me first start by saying that Sean and I have been getting along very well, even the holidays have gone very well.  And well this morning was the same.. a good day!  Then the afternoon came, and well a text message came over on Sean’s personal cell phone.  The message stated that the first set of games was tonight at 6 and then at 7.  WHAT???  So Sean shows me this, and well, you can say, I am not happy!!

1.  This is our family day

2.  you made a commitment without talking it out first

3.  you come home at 7  mwf, at 5 on t and th and then go play ball on th @6

4.  you complain that when you are home, I want us to go out as a family and do things when you just want to sit around the house

5.  just a reminder… it is a family day!!

So what is his answer to me???  “I need the cardio to stay fit to pass my PT tests, and I thought that it would be good family time to get us all out of the house together.”  Really, cause I grew up around softball and well, I shouldn’t be the first one to tell you that softball is not a family outing activity!  It is a team activity, and your family is the bench warmers where you don’t go and say a word to them until the end of the second game.  So who is he really trying to fool, he married the wrong woman.  I have been around this sport pretty much since the day I was born.  And well… cardio??  seriously  cardio?  where do you get cardio from, when you are the first baseman, standing there?  And well you usually only hit every other inning, I have seen the teams you have been playing for, it’s not like you are really running around all the bases.  And even the warm ups!!!  not going there!!

So my family day has now changed to a fatherly single outing day.  And well just in time for his parents to come on Saturday!!  So they will come in and then for the 2 Sundays that they are here, he will be playing double headers!! YEAH!!!  Don’t get me wrong, it is not about him playing ball, cause I could really care less.  It is because he did not discuss this with me, and I know he did not mention it, because he knew this would have been the only time in 16 years that I would have said “NO”. 

So I guess this time he felt that the saying goes something to the effect of … better to ask for forgiveness than permission!

Thanksgiving recognition

With Thanksgiving be here and now gone.  Have you recognized what you are truely thankful for?

I have had this wk to think about many things.  I have had the letter writing ordeal with my brother in law, and a rough time with Jaden in school again. Then I had on the upside of things… Schyler’s first birthday, Jaden’s 6th birthday.  Time with our friends, or course we have had the sadness of not sharing our special days with our families. 

So what am I most thankful for?  I am very thankful that God has blessed me with great health for me and my family, a great recovery from last year, fantastic friends that we have met through the life of the military, our family near and far. 

So… I hope you had a great holiday, and had time to think about what you are truely thankful for!

another cool giveaway!!

I went and looked at these salt lamps!! TOO COOL!!  take a peak!! I am sure you will enjoy, and like one of your own!!

The give away is…for the Himalayan Salt Shops, for one of the salt lamps.  Who is doing the giveaway??  None other than Mommy Confessions Blog.  They always have something crazy going on.  Giveaways, and just fun times, and well as we all do, they have a vent session or 2, and then just fun of living life with their families.

So go and enjoy their talk of the day, and sign up if there are any giveaways that you like!

Family matters???

This is a letter that I wrote.  I liked my letter, but please know, it made me cry my eyes out!!  It hurt me to write this, but made me feel at ease also.  In return, what happened??? I got deleted from Facebook.  Was it worth it???  Yes, if it helps others to see… sure, it was worth it!

Let me first start by stating that this letter is from me, and Sean has nothing to do with it.

I think that you have a misunderstanding of my family feelings. And I want you to understand that what I have chosen to do, I am not asking for you or anyone else to agree with it, but these are my feelings.

Sean called Jason as he was asked to do. I was very proud of Sean, he did not raise his voice or curse. He was calm the entire time, not that it was a long conversation. He made the call, stated the facts, in a calm and low tone. Then once he was insulted, he hung up the phone. From this side of the phone, this was the best decison for Sean to make, as he was not making the call out of his own doings he was not looking for an arguement, he was simply… doing as asked! And really the conversation is none of anyones buisness.

So, now… I get a phone call, cursing at me. Not something that I am willing to take, not on a voicemail, on a phone call, or in texting or in person. I don’t generally talk that way, so that pretty much showed the lack of respect.
So let’s start from there, shall we???
Here comes the Mama Bear…. your text “So I tell you exactly how it is with you guys and you have no response? That’s what I mean when I say you just decide as a family to collectivly ignore me.” before that “I’ve always had a F.. wall with you and Sean. You guys don’t bother to include anyone in your life. So enjoy your merry little family and i’ll be don tryin with everyone.”
Let me set you strait on me…. I am the mom of 3 children, whom I love so much. I will not knowingly put them in harms way. And, well it has not been to long ago, that my husband has been verbally threatend with his life. When someone says they are going to kill your husband on several occassions, do you not have a worry? Let me ask you? Would you take Addy near this person, if this threat was made to you? No, I am pretty sure that your answer would be NO… why? Because there is the chance that your beautiful girl could be hurt. So… yes, you have seen Jaden and Shyla, infact a couple of times, and yes, you did see Sean right before he left for Iraq, were my nerves shot?? YES. But the entire family was there, was I relaxed?? NO. I do not feel as if I have to explain, this. Your being a father should give you enough insite to that on its own. You love your Addy, there is no way, that you are knowingly would go to put her in harms way! I do have faith in that. Now, I answer your phone calls, when you call. I answer your texts, I do not ignore you. I pay attention to what is happening in your family, I follow everything on FB, I make notes regularly, I have offered any help that I can. So don’t insinuate that we don’t know what is going on. And for my family, I announce on FB took, so read it or don’t, your choice! I tell Sean everytime something goes on with your beautiful baby, we are so happy that you have your wife and daughter.
However, don’t try to tell me how to ware my shoes, and how to take care of them. You have not walked one mile in mine, nor me in yours. So.. here is the family thing.
This fuss is about one person… Susan Thomson. The mother of 4 very different children, whom she loves with ALL of her heart. She had a cancer scare. She did not need or want for ANY of her children to hold her hand or to pick her up. What she DID and Does need is for her children to love her. In this case what does love mean? It means be there for her, listen to her, care about her. Susan Thomson…. She did not need for her children to bicker, fight, vindicate, or even get involved in the he said, he said ordeal. If anything this should have been a time of healing, it could have been a time that could have actually brought your family together. BUT NO… It had to become about history, about who calls who, and who is brought in the middle of things, and who can I get angry with who, and more than that, it became about WHO CAN MAKE IT WORSE FOR SUSAN THOMSON. This was a cancer scare…. Not about anything else. Your mom was scared, she needed all of you to support her, just by doing 1 simple thing….LOVE HER, SUPPORT HER. But somehow again, this has not been enough.
Your mom having to worry about how long she might have to live, thankfully now.. knows that she don’t have cancer. Did not, and should not have to have listened to the crap being thrown around….. again… just love her, cause you never know how long you have in life.
And let me tell you that if we did not care about and love you, we would have not taken you into our home when you were 11 years old, to support you financially, we would not have put a roof over your head, fed and clothed you. While doing this on a $7000. income. So again I ask you where do you think my family values are?

So since this has become about everything other than what it should be, such as how much can everyone be upset, let me remind you… This is and should be about your mom. She does not have cancer. She was scared, and no one was there to listen. Everyone tried shifting blame, causing turmoile, doing the he said that he said, and trying to tell everyone else what they should or should not be doing. let’s just get off the high horse here.. No one, put your mom first. If they did, would she have been crying almost everyday? No, she was left alone in a room, crying. Scared about cancer, leaving her children, wondering how her children would get along at her funeral.
Let me tell you… when I was sitting in the hospital room and hadn’t slept for 5 days and 4 nights, bumper pads on my bed, bed ridden, scared not of dying but of never seeing my babies again, I prayed I pleaded with God to make his will but to please let my babies know that I love them. When they came to my room and said they had to do surgery right now because my health was causing to much distress to the baby, and they didn’t want to loose both of us. I was afraid, so afraid, I did not want to hurt Schyler, I didn’t want her to suffer because of my health, she was not near 4 lbs, what if we both died what would Sean do? And no, none not one of you were there for me or my family.
I understand what your mom needed. No, I wasn’t waiting for test results I had them moment to moment as I lay there bed ridden. So yes… I understand your mom’s feelings of being scared, and not knowing what is around the next life corner. Do you, does your family? Cause if you did then you would try your hardest, to STOP. Stop trying to protect each other from each other. Let each child fight their own battles, you can be there to listen.. But stop…. quit you are an adult not a child…. you need to fight each of your own battles, pick up the pieces as they fall. protect your own family (in your case Addy and Ashley) quit passing the buck, accept the responsibilty that is laid before you. Love your family (your brothers and sister) you may not always have the relationship that you want, but not just one party is responsible for the state of the relationship.

To sum it up…. This has not been about your mom this past couple of wks, when it really should have been. And you all could have used this to draw near each other, but everyone has chosen to make it about one individuals feelings. I will tell; you who it wasn’t about, but should have been ALL ABOUT! SUSAN THOMSON. YOUR MOTHER!

Jaden 6th birthday


When living in a large town, like Las Vegas there are many places that you can give your child to choose for his breakfast.  We said “you can pick anywhere you want to go for your breakfast”  we were thinking places like IHOP, or Blueberry Hill, but no… Jaden says “I want to go to the Cannery”  What normal child decides to go to a casino for breakfast?  Ok, my normal child I guess!!  So to the Cannery to start our day we went!  He enjoyed his breakfast food, and lunch food, but I think his main goal of going was for the deserts, and the fruit!!

I love you Jaden and I hope that your 6th birthday was perfect!

Jaden has had a different year, with many different changes since last year.  This past year has brought to Jaden.

3 different preK classes



Daddy home from Iraq

A rental that was foreclosed on that we moved out of

A home purchase that we made

2 kindergarten teachers

some new friends

and several inches on his height!

moving from Ohio to Vegas again.

A visit from Nana

visit from Dapaw

a long visit from Oma

So Jaden, lets hope that life for you calms down a bit this year, so that maybe you can just enjoy More Of IT!!  Love you!!!

Schyler 1st Birthday, my little blesssing!


Schyler’s first birthday.  She has come a long way in the past year.image

She is still small, almost 16 lbs.  And looking at her most do not believe her age.  I am so happy that God blessed me with this tiny package of joy. 

It is hard for me even to look at her and know that she is a year old now.  And of course every kid that comes around, wants to hold and carry her like a baby.  A girl about 8 years old came over for the little birthday party that we had, and kept picking her up and holding her like a little baby  (all cradled) not that Schyler minds, she is such a happy baby, as long as she gets put to bed when she wants to sleep, and gets her food, when she wants to eat!  Other than those 2 main events throughout her day, she is a VERY Happy baby!

I think with the way things are in our family, this first year has shown us that we will have to do things differently!  What??  The cake thing.  Something is going to have to give!  I have been very addiment about making sure that Jaden and Schyler do not have to share their birthdays. No they were not born on the same day, but hey have one day between them.  So… I will explain the cake thing to you soon.!!!!!!

In her first year she has gone from my little 16 inch 3lb 10 oz tiny framed doing everything baby, to this 1-year-old, somewhat independent still tiny critter.  She is walking 9 steps that is!!! And the only word she says is Mama!!!    I love her so much, and would never have dreamed where she would be at this time.  I also so happy that God allowed me to still be a part of all of my children’s lives, cause when she was born last year, they were not sounding too optimistic about me.  So… Thank you God, for ALL of your blessings!!!