Discount for Kohl’s

Did you know????

I do not know if this is normal practice or not, is what I do need to make clear!  I knew that I was going to Kohl’s the other day to pick up Sean’s Christmas present.  So I went online to print off a coupon.  They have been showing that you could save between 1 and 30 percent off, however I could only find the 15% and 20% off printable coupons, and the coupon that I got in the mail was for the 15% off.  So if they have 30% I really wanted that deal!

So I wrote down the online coupon code for 30% off and took it in with me.  Cause of course there was nothing to print off.  I picked out the things that I wanted to purchase….. Keurig Elite on sale for $109, let me also state they were having the $10 Kohls cash for every $50 you spend again.  and then my 30% off.  When I went up to the counter, the cashier did not think that we could use this type of code because their computers need to scan or have a bar code for the discount.  So she called her manager.  Who promptly with no questions said to give me the 30% off manually! 

So thank you Kohls again for giving me another great deal!  I really have not been a big shopper in the past at Kohl’s, but I am now thinking that they are one of my FAVORITE stores!


My suprise, my gift!

What was my surprise?  What is my gift?

My gift had to be planned out, it had to be talked about by many people to get this gift for me.  Who paid for the gift?  My mom.  Who kept it a secret?  My mom, Sean, and my sister (Andrea).  How long have they been planning this?  About a month.  Did I have any clue whatsoever?  NO WAY.  Am I happy?  Yes, for sure.

Now, if you have taken time to read some of my previous posts.  You will notice that several times I have mentioned how my relationships with my family, especially with my mom.  Have not really been anything to brag or write home about.  I am pretty much the outcast.  So with this you can see where I am totally thrown by this gift!

I am so happy that my mom took the time to plan this out.  I am totally shocked.  And honestly…. it is the first time that I have really felt like I really mattered.  Life when comes to involving her, has really been at times very difficult.  I know that living far away as we have, has not made it any easier to work on a relationship.

So… my gift was… my mom bought an airline ticket to come spend Christmas with me and my family.  I did not have a clue that she was coming.  I am totally ecstatic that she would come to spend this time with me.  Since she lives with her parents she usually spends that time with them, and with my sister and her family.  So to leave all of this???  She said that she had to explain to her dad, that she had never spent a Christmas with us.. And she was going to this year!

So, my mom came into town on the 23rd and will be leaving on Tuesday.  It’s a quick trip, but so greatly appreciated.  On top of everything else, the kids have loved having her here.  Jaden just eats it up.   She has made cookies with them, and rock candy.  I took him to some of our neighbors to share with them!  And well,I can just say, that I have not had rock candy since I was a kid, and it is everything that I remember… YUMMY!

So, my mom is getting ready to leave and I am sad that she is leaving.  However I am so happy that she took this opportunity to come out and visit over Christmas!  Thank you mom!!!  

I hope you all had as blessed a Christmas as I have had.

what do you think is the suprise?

What is the suprise of my life?  My suprise was something of the living, breathing, and comforting, something that took my breath away……

Can you guess my suprise?  It is something that took some planning, I was told that this knowledge was held for about a month. 

I am going to write another post, with my feelings on this gift, and with of course what it is. 

However, I am curious if you can guess, what took my breath away.  What made me smile.  What is making me….. see a different side of things.  So…… if you look at this leave me a clue of your thought……  and I will be back with all my thoughts

Budget crunch

The year is nearing an end, and ours was a good one!  How about yours?  Well time for budget crunching for the new year.  Just a few minutes ago, I sat down to do our bills for the start of January.  Yeah!! No not really.  It sucks when you see your account go from, well positive to well, still positive thankfully just not nearly as large of a number it was showing just 5 minutes ago.

So here is how my family does our money.  I don’t think that there should be any secrets about anything, especially when it comes to finances.  However… I do not tell everything to Sean, it is available to him, but… he chooses not to know, because money stresses him out.  We have a few bank accounts scattered around, so we have some money going to Ohio, which we try not to touch, and if we ever are in need of an auto loan or something, we try to go through them, and then the money is set up to go there anyways, so it is nothing we will be missing out of our budget.  Then we have our main account in Alaska, this is where the main part of Sean’s check goes, we pay most everything from that account.  Then we have our little account here in Nevada.  What do I mean by little account?  We only have $100 per month going to this account, and then if someone gives us a check or taxes or whatever extra money we get goes into this account. 

So about a wk ago, I asked Sean for the first time in our marriage (cause again money stresses him out)…”How much money would you like to try to save this year?  We really need to start a tighter budget.”  His goal is to save $10,000.  This really should not be a problem (in theory), why?? because our only debt it the house.  I am not bragging or anything at all, trust me, the reality is coming shortly.  So with the no debt other than our house, everything should be good.  RIGHT?  Well, we were lucky or whatever way you want to look at it, that we were able to start a savings account while we were in Alaska while I was working and before we had children.  Now, I am not working and we have an extra 3 mouths to feed, a few hundred a month more mortgage, a way more extravagant electricity bill, and blah, blah, blah…

So, being all excited to start working on the new budget, I sat down and ran the numbers today, to see where we need to cut back.  Now, honestly we have not been working on a budget for the past couple of years that we have lived in this town.  We paid our bills and have no debt so why worry??  Ok… WRONG!!!  Now, I can easily find our spending habits because we do use a credit card.  We never carry a balance, it is paid in full each month.  We have been doing this for almost 7 years now, I have really made out on our credit cards by the perks that they offer.  However I know that credit cards are not used this way by most people, but I can say that I have never paid interest, we only use this card, just like it was a debit card.

We did make extra purchases the past couple of months,  with 4 birthdays and the major holidays, annual insurances due.  This is a GREAT time to do a budget!!! Yeah right!! 

So I when sitting down a few minutes ago, ran fast numbers.  What did I find out about saving up an extra $10k?  I found out that we WAY overspend.  No, we are not negative, but we are pretty close.  So, what do I need to do to cut back????  EAT OUT LESS!! Last month we spend 147.06 eating out.  And buy from the grocery more practically, we spent $714 at the grocery.  $610 in gas and fixing cars. 

I know some of the spending is not normal for us.  Such as the grocery bill, we had 2 birthday parties that we did cookouts for, and Sean’s family here for their visit and Thanksgiving.  So there were a few extra mouths to feed, however… I still could have been a lot more practical on some of the food that I chose to purchase.  And if, I would have put a budget together, maybe I would have stuck with it!  As for the eating out…. I will just TRY… to cut out my… Papa Johns addiction.  I am really bad…. when Sean has softball on thurs, I like to order pizza and wings for Me and the kids (I did bold ME for a reason).  As for the gas and car bill… there should not be repairs very often, and the gas… well if I quit running out to the grocery almost everyday, that should help out a little.  Then I am not going to even begin to count the other money, cause the only thing I can say is 2 birthdays and 2 complete bedroom sets for the kids.  And this all equals…. WAY TO MUCH SPENDING.

So while doing this budget crunch.  Sean’s wish for $10,000 in savings by the end of next year is supposed to be in addition to our current savings.  This means that we need to save aprox $834 per month.  Now, saying this we are adding when he does work a side job to this.  So it is not really just his AF pay.  So lets hope that he can keep the side job for a while!!

So now that I have been a bit forward in giving our budget or lack there of information.  This hopefully will put my butt to gear at being a lot more practical in some areas.  If you have any other suggestions for me, please feel free.  I mostly just put this on here so that I will be reminding myself to meet our family goal for the year, if it is out where everyone can see maybe I will do WAY BETTER!

Spaces between us

This is one of the times of year that is hard for me.  The spaces between us and our family, seems to bother me most of the time, but this time of year is a bit harder than others.

I may comment on the fact that my family is a bit disfuncitonal.  I may let my dad get on my nerves, because he has not grown up yet.  I may have said that taking my kids to get to know my grandparents may have been one of the biggest mistakes of my life.  BUT…. I love them all, and I maiss them all.  My grandparents have alzehimers and dementia and this is why or at least some of the reason why they were not pleasant to Jaden while I was home, last year. 

Anyways I am not here to make excuses for them or myself.  I just want to say, that I love them all, and I miss them all very much.  I wish that we were closer so that we could be with them through the holidays.  In the past 17 years of being gone, I have only been able to be home for 1 Christmas.  And we have only been able to be home for 1 Thanksgiving, and that was only because my Grandfather had died that wk.  As much as I am proud of the decision that my husband has made to stay in the military, and live this type of life, it often saddens me that we are not closer to family.

So with these spaces between us, I miss you all, and love you much.  And hopefully in the next few years we will be close enough to be able to spend some of the holidays together.  Less than 1 year till he is eligible for retirement, and only 3 left till his current commitment is done~~~…

Merry Christmas to all of you.

sanity of the box

I am struggling over a name for this post.  So I am going to write it, and then maybe, decide on a name.

This moment, I am cold and freezing.  Generally this is not a problem for me here in Vegas, I am usually complaining about it being way to hot.  Well today it is raining again, I think it has been 3 days, I don’t really know my days have been nights and sick so not really sure which way I am looking mostly BUTTS are the only thing I have been looking at, well and toilets! 

So today I turned on the heat to get the chill out of the air, and Jaden has been begging me to play.  Our friend brought him over a couple of days ago a birthday gift (his bday was in Nov)  I am not saying this to criticize, I am thankful for the gesture.  However this is what this post is really supposed to be about.  At first I was doing everything except for playing with him, and the girls were asleep so I thought, why not do things I want to do??? (yes, I know bad mommy, you are a stay at home mommy to work with the kids… slap, slap) however I wanted me time, so I took it while I could.  So I finally got up and took this toy out of the box….. and would love to write a note something like this.

Dear toy companies,

you want for me and others to buy your products.  Yes, you have our attention with the sirens, the noise and all of the other wonderful gadgets that you come up with.  Yes, you also help to contribute to our local economy, by not only bringing your exciting new products to our stores for us to purchase for our lovely well-behaved children, but also by providing the label “batteries not included”. 

I am very thankful for the many hours of entertainment that you provide to my children by making these awesome gifts.  However, I was wondering could you please grant me one favor?  I know that it is a lot for an unknown mom like myself, to ask for something from a widely known company as yourself.  I am sure that a petition would be signed by almost every single person for me, if you so needed.  My question is simply this….. Can you PLEASE make the boxes easier to open?  Once I get the box open, I hardly have the sanity to even attempt to pry the toy from all the ties and wires passing in and out of the cardboard.  Then by the time that I get all of this done, I can’t find the kids so I yell for them to come get this amazing toy, and I am left throwing away, half the weight of the carton that it came in.  OOPS.. they just came running back, I forgot to install the batteries, now I have to go find something to open the back of this mechanical, talking assembly of well, I am not really sure how many things, this thing can do.

So thank you in advance for considering and taking the time to read my request.  And by the way.  My kid is still playing with his new toy, thanks for thinking of him!


I love getting my kids new toys, and I love picking out special things for other people’s kids on their bdays also.  However, I am a horrible mommy.  A lot of times, there are toys left in their boxes for a long time, before I will open them. Sometimes, I just don’t want to get aggravated by the boxes and all the ties and wires that are holding the toy to the box, other times I just don’t have batteries and I don’t want to go back to the store again.

So when I was thinking about this a bit ago.  I thought to myself … is this why people buy gift cards as gifts?  I sometimes will by kids gift cards so they can pick out exactly what they want, I try to pick out a gift that I think they will like, but sometimes the gift card is just the best way to go.  Then I thought, well no, people wouldn’t choose a gift card over buying a toy, just so they won’t have to take it out of the package, cause it is a gift, it is not for their kids they won’t have to  open it.  Then I think I just figured it out….

The gift card purchaser gets the card because they feel bad for the parent who has to open the box!  So they have the gift card so you can make the educated decision as a parent while at the store, of exactly how long it will take to open the carton!  I think I have it!!!  So thank you everyone who gets us actual gifts, to open and for taking the time to pick out something special for my individual child.  Also thank you for those of you who choose to get a gift card for my child, I know that you were secretly granting me a special gift of the chance at a little more sanity while opening your gift!

Flu bug

Shyla had this flu bug for 5 days.  Poor baby, she really didn’t get up and go anywhere, pretty much straight from her bed to downstairs, then she would lay there maybe get up and lay on the floor, and  a bit later up to lay on the couch again.

Our family is not one that get sick very often.  Shyla has actually never thrown up before now.  So that says a lot in itself.  My in laws were here while, Shyla was sick, and of course being that is a season of giving…. Shyla shared her bug!  No this is really not funny, cause it hit Susan just at the end of her flight, and then she has been sick since then.  Then yesterday morning I woke up around 2:30 in the morning, cause the bug bit me.

So yesterday I had plans to go out with a friend of mine that has been having a rough year and not getting out much.  So I did not want to back out.  So I went and picked her up to go shopping, while we were out I had to excuse myself to the restroom.  This is a public restroom at a outlet mall.  NASTY.  I hate hugging my own toilet, but a public toilet, I think that is enough to make you sick in itself.  At home (as I think I have mentioned before) I keep Chlorox wipes in each of the restrooms, so if I feel me or someone else is going to be sick, I quickly clean the toilet, at least it gives me some comfort in the fact that it is clean before I hug it.  Well, guess what???  Yep, public restrooms don’t have this ammentity.

So, I go to take my friend to her house, and she says just to go to my house cause her kids and hubby are suposed to be there.  We had also made plans for their eldest daughters bday.  I asked if it would be ok for me to skip out, as I really did not feel good.  Of course she says no problem.  I finally get her to her house, and my family and theirs are loading up to go to the bday place.  I explain my bug problem and say I am going to go home to bed.  Sean was a jerk.  Not nice at all.  I don’t get it, I am the one sick and you are pissed about it???  how does that work.  I even offered to bring the baby home with me.  But no, he had them loaded up, he was going to take them.  So home I came, and right into bed. 

Sean came home a few hours later…. guess what??? Not just me to have the bug.  Schyler puked 2 times, and Jaden was hugging my toilet when I came down stairs.  And while they were gone, Shyla wet her pants.  Sean was upset from all of that, but he was more upset at the fact that I had not packed any extra clothes in the diaper bags for the girls.  He asked “since when do you not have extra clothes packed?”  My not feeling good, maybe made me not so sympathetic.  So I said, you are the ones that got them ready to go, why did you not check to see what you had or didn’t have?  You see, I only take extra clothes with me if I am going to be gone for a long time, and well, he just expects for me to do everything when it comes to the kids for him.  And… I didn’t so…. hopefully next time he will check.

So now, 3 of us are sick, and I think that secretly I am hoping that Sean gets just a hint of it to.  On the other hand I don’t want him to, because it is that much more work that I will have to do.

So, flu bug, I know that it is the season for giving.  So please be gracious enough to allow me and my family to reunite you with your bug.  This is a gift that I am happy to give to you!  Happy holidays~