Coca Cola Armed Forces Appreciation

Did you know that Coca Cola Company has a tour that you can go on in Atlanta, Georgia?   While TDY to Atlanta, my husband decide along with his friend to go to the Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola Company offers a Armed Forces Appreciation for active and retired members of the Armed Forces.  This was great they did not know this when they decided to go to the tour!  So what a great surprise for the admission to be FREE!  Regular admission is $16 for ages 13-64.  The free admission is only for the active duty or the retired person themselves.  Family members will have to pay regular admission rates! 

Even with the family paying to get into the company to do the tour, it is very nice that Coca Cola would offer such a great opportunity to the Military person themselves!

Sean had a great time going through the tour, and as much as I would love to post some pictures that he took, I can not!  Reason being??? He lost his cell phone that he took all the pictures on!  He lost it somewhere in the parking lot!!!  OOPs..  We lost a lot of other pictures that we can not get back, like all of the hospital pictures from when our Schyler was born, that was the only camera (phone) we had with us, since it was an emergency!

So, if he happens to get his phone back, I will make sure to post some pictures!!

Thank you Coca Cola Company for offering this to our Military members!


Samsung it is! And Lowe’s it was.

And Samsung it is for the washer and dryer.  And Lowe’s is where I ended up purchasing from.  Am I still confused as to their policies and procedures?  Yes.  So here is how the rest of my day went.

I did go into the Lowe’s store, where I was talking to the nice young man.  He was not working, but I did give them his name so that he would get the commission.  I spoke with another guy, who has helped me with other things in the store in the past.  He had to get it all put into the computer and then call a manager to come and do the price match.  The manager remembered the issue of the price match from yesterday, so he did the over ride with no questions, and left the area.  My salesman then showed me what the total would be with no tax included yet.  It did not show the 10% that the 1st guy said would be on there, you see he did not save my information in the computer.  I did ask if he was going to give me the 10% off to be the competitor?  He told me that he could give it to me off of the dryer but not the washer, because they have the dryer in stock but not the washer.  So at this point I explained to him what the other guy from his store told me.  So he said the other guy was mistaken, but that because of it, he would honor what he told me by giving the 10% off.  I was happy with this!

I hopefully will be happy with my purchase!  I did get the set that I was talking about in my previous post.  This is the deal that I did get and how I was able to get things to work best for me before and after the sale..

Samsung 4.3 Front Load Washer   regular :$1099  Lowe’s sale: 854.10  price match Best Buy: $699.99

Purchased the washer from Lowe’s at the price match for $699.99 gave me 10% off to beat the competitor.  699.99 – 10%=629.99

Samsung 7.4 Steam Gas Dryer  regular 1149  Lowe’s sale: 899.10  price match Best Buy: $769.99

Purchased dryer at Lowe’s with the price match for $769.99-10%=692.99

My deal will end up being yet a bit sweeter!  With taxes and the extra stuff you have to use to hook them up.  My total price was: $1475.96.

Before I made the purchase, I had them sell me one of their current promotion cards.. Boost Your Tax.  What this does, it is a gift card basically and the amount that you put on it to start will then be used on 3-18-11.  Lowe’s will add 10% of what was originally on that card.  For example card purchased was $1700.  they will add $170 to your card on 3-18-11.  There is a limited window on this card of time that you can purchase it.  You only have until 3-13-11, and you can put an amount from $500 to $4000 on it!

So I chose to put $1700 on our card so that I will ultimately be able to spend that extra $170 on other things.  Then I paid for my washer and dryer with that card!  The funds are available immediately!

I also went online to see if there were any rebates available.  And there are!  Southwest Gas, is our gas company here in Las Vegas, and they have many rebates available.  The ones that are going to help me are for the washer $100 and for the dryer $30.  I am totally happy with this.  This is just helping my over all price for the washer and dryer set go down even further!

By purchasing my new Samsung Washer and Dryer at Lowe’s I have saved lots of money!  If they were not on sale at all total price 1099+1149+42.39 (parts)=2290-10%(beat $)=2061+8.1% (tax)=2227.94  This is pretty good, when my total price was $1475.96, I am going to send out my rebate for $100, $30 and wait for my deposit of $170 onto my boost your tax card.  for another savings of $300.  So I will kind of only be paying a total of $1176  after all the extra savings!

So although I was upset with Lowe’s for not knowing their own policy for price matching I am happy with the price of my purchase!  And while I have been sitting here writing this, I had to take a break because they delivered, installed and started my new dryer for me.  The washer that they brought, they said is actually damaged, so they took it with them!  I should be getting the washer this next wk!

I still think that the policy should be stated so that it would not be open for interpretation.

I thought that I was done with this blog, but I am not!  I have received a note from Lowe’s via Twitter, they wanted me to send my name and phone number to them by email.  I did, and I just got a phone call from the Lowe’s where I did make my purchase.  Mike, the manager there, and I went over yesterdays blog.  We went through the policy for price matching.  For the most part it does sound like it should be pretty cut dry!  They should almost…. always give you the 10% off to beat the competitors pricing.  Some of the exclusions would be… clearance, special order (not normal ordering of what is out of stock).  Mike was very nice in trying to explain to me, and he did seem to actually care.  He did make one point that sticks with me!  I had said previously “what is to keep us from buying from the competitor?” when referring to them not honoring the 10%.  He said…”the way we treat our customers, hopefully will be enough to get you to purchase from us!”  He said it with such confidence!  He is right, the salesman should treat you respectfully and try to earn your business! 

I did tell him that my previous post was really not so much about the fact of the dollar, it was about the policy!  So, thank you Mike, if you do read this!  For taking the time to read my letter, to really pay attention to what I wanted, for taking the time to call and clarify the policy!  This is true Customer Service!!  And yes, I will continue to come back to your store!  Thank you for making me feel like a valued customer!

My fight with customer service and procedures.

I have been on Twitter constantly the last few days about the service or procedures, or the lack there of… I have also been mentioning that I am looking for a washer and dryer.  And the reason why I have been pounding the pavements so hard is written in my previous blog about My Nasty Washer, and that my dryer completely went out. 

So the past few days I have been dealing only with one guy until yesterday.  So I am going to start with my last conversation with him…

I called to Lowe’s to speak with this young man.  I had while in Lowe’s found a washer and dryer that I was interested in, he gave me the specs to bring home, look at and talk over with Sean (he is TDY till Sunday).  When I got home and had time to focus, I noticed that the Samsung washer I was looking at was only a 4.0 and I knew that I should really get something bigger, the kids aren’t getting any smaller!  So, I had been looking online at Lowe’s and found a few different ones so I had previously called to see if they were in stock.  And he had told me yes or no, and given me other information.  This guy was very pleasant and did not rush to get rid of me, this is always a plus!!

So, I had also been speaking with my sister and mother in law about the washers, and I was told to check out Best Buy.  So I looked online at them, and low and behold I found the deal of the century!!!  This is what I found….  Best Buy was offering 25% off of Samsung appliances. The one I picked out is:  Samsung 4.3 Steam Washer for $699.99, and Samsung 7.4 Steam Dryer for $769.99.  So I wrote down the model numbers and went over to the site for Lowe’s to see their price.  Lowe’s has the washer for $854.10  regular price is $1099.00 and the dryer for $899.10 regular price $1149.00.  So then I decided that I would look at the Lowe’s price match policy.  ( I price match with Kohl’s but have not really done it with anyone else before) And honestly I was thinking about the Military Discount that we always get from Lowe’s, but wasn’t sure if they would give it to me with a price match. 

So now I called the guy at Lowe’s to check on price matching.  This is what he told me before we looked up the items or told him the amount of the differences.  He was telling me that they do the price match, without any problems and that they actually lower the price further to beat the competitors pricing.  He said that their normal practice was to take the amount of the difference and then subtract it off of the total.  His example was…” we match the price, and then say the item difference in their price to our was $40, we would then take an additional $40 off.”  This sounded a little to good to me, so I read to him the policy that is online about beating the competitor’s price by 10%.  He said that the manager does have the right to make that stipulation, but that they generally just use the price difference.  He said he would call me back to let me know if they were in stock, how long to get them, and the exact pricing.  So when he called me back he says “good news!  The manager will price match and give you 10% off to beat them.”  However, I do know that you can not get a military discount when you are price matching!   I was still happy with this, so I told him that I would call him back, after talking with Sean. 

The more I thought about this, the more I wondered.  What is the real policy, of the price matching and beating the competitor?  Is it that it is 10% off or is it an additional $ difference amount off? 

1.  So I called the 800 Lowe’s Customer Care number.  I spoke with Elizabeth, who was also very helpful!  She told me that the do price match, and that they will lower the price by the 10% but that she had not heard of the lowering by the $ difference.  She said it is nice to do price matching with Lowe’s because they do 10% off of the price, not 10% off of the difference like many other companies do.  So I took it at that, and thought that maybe it was just a store policy rather than an online purchase policy. 

2.   I stopped by another Lowe’s to ask the same question.  This time I was told,by a salesman that he can match the price but will not give me the extra 10% off, because his store does not have them in stock and they will have to order them in. 

3.  Then I talked with the manager at that same store and he told me because of the price match putting the cost so near the cost that they pay for it, that it is a good price without the 10% to beat the competitor, and that the 10% really isn’t going to make that much of a difference, because it is 10% off of the difference not the price.  After further talking to him, he said that he would go ahead if I decided to order through his store that he would give me the 10% off, but that it would have to be off of the difference for approx a $28.00 discount.

4.  I called the 800 number again today, and was told that policy is to match the price but because the difference was $157 on the washer that is more than 10% difference, of the prices so I really am expecting to much, and that they shouldn’t give it to me just because the price adjustment is enough of a discount in itself.

So anyways… my question is?????  why do you have a policy that says you will beat a competitor’s price by 10%?  If this is something you don’t want to honor… don’t advertise it!  If you have tons of stipulations…. they should be in writing, not subject to an amount, or each persons interpretation.  There really needs to be some consistency!

I do want to mention here… that I have mentioned on several occasions that Lowe’s is one of my favorite stores.  We shop there many times a wk.  Why have we liked Lowe’s so much??? Because being in the military and stationed all over the place you never know where you are going to end up.  And we have always been able to count on there being a Lowe’s store.

I will tell you that after this experience I am not so sure right now about my thoughts…. I will tell you that earlier, I was ready to ban them from my shopping!  However, I am going to attempt 1 more time to see what they will do or if they… will help me.  Question is…. do they want my business, or do they want me to take it elsewhere?

I know that I have a great deal sitting in front of me with just the price match.  I know this and am not doubting it at all, however… if you advertise the 10% beating the competitor then do it, otherwise what is stopping us from going to the competitor?  I think had the first guy not told me that they subtract the difference, I never would have known.  And really it is not that I want to get this guy into trouble at all.  I don’t, he has been very helpful, and he was only saying what he knew..  this is the reason I have not called him by name, because I do know his name!  I just think, that policy should be policy.  It should not change according to purchasers or according to the amount of the price adjustment.  I really just want what is fair!

So this has been my fight with customer service and procedures!

I’m on diaper detail

I’m always on diaper detail, just as most moms are.  Changing butts is the story of my life.  Seeing as my oldest child is now 6, and then I have a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old, I still have butts that need to be changed.  Thankfully the 6-year-old is not one of them!!

So my diapers of choice have always been…. Pampers.  I am an absolute fan of them.  When Jaden was born the hospital used the Pampers premie, and they fit his tiny bottom just perfectly.  All of my friends had used or were using Huggies, and one of my friends and I shared a nanny at our home, while we went to work.  The friend only used Huggies so on occasion, the nanny would use them on Jaden instead of our normal Pampers.  And it never failed we would have a blowout.  So I stayed with Pampers.  I am not going to say that occasionally because of price that I would not try a new box of a different brand, when others would give them to me.  I will say that Pampers for us, was totally the way to go!

Then we  had Shyla, so I immediately went back to the Pampers.  And again loved them.  I only tried 1 other brand with her, and that was Luvs and that was because my mom had bought them.  They did not swaddle her body like the Pampers did and do! 

I have always chosen to use the Pampers Swaddlers, from the time that I brought each of the kids home from the NICU, and continue using them until they can’t fit in them anymore, then we move up to the Pampers Cruisers.  Shyla is finally wearing a size 4, she is 24 lbs now, so they fit her, but are a little big!  And Schyler is in a size 2 of the Swaddlers! 

Anyways, that just pretty much explained a 6 year spread of diapers.  What I truly want to know is…. how is it that after 6 years of collecting the codes for Pampers that now, some of the codes that I am are inputting are not working.  I had 6 codes from boxes of diapers that did not work????  And then today when I opened the packages to put them into my organization rack… there were 2 packages that were missing the codes all together???? 

This brings me to something else…. What happened to all of the coupons you could get for Pampers?  I can’t seem to find coupons anywhere to print off from online.  I also don’t get them in the mail anymore.  I can’t find them in my magazines anymore!  Where do you get your Pampers diapers coupons? 

I am only able to use Pampers wipes.  Shyla and Schyler’s skin is allergic to anything else.  This sucks.  Most of our friends can use anything, but we are brand specific…. nope that really is not true either… We are completely limited to only using the Pampers Sensitive wipes.  Everything else on Shyla will break her out into blisters, almost immediately.  I am not sure what it is, but it looks so bad, and then they bleed.  I just can’t have that, so only in the event of a total emergency do we use anything else.

I am so thankful that Pampers have been there these past years for me.  And I am extremely thankful for their Sensitive wipes.  I just wish… they would send out more coupons for their diapers!  And make sure that I get my codes!!!  So now that diaper detail is over for today…  On to my coupons!!!!

My washer, and how nasty….

ok, so if you are anything like, me you are going to skip what I am writing, look at the pictures and then jump back up to see what it is about….  PLEASE DON’T!!!!!  So, my dryer went is shot.  It is not the matching dryer to the washer you will see in the pictures.  However the dryer is what got this mess all going.  I will explain about the dryer in a later post… but between now and then, if you want to share with me your washer and dryer of choice and why… it would be greatly appreciated.  I am in need of!!!!  And would like to know what other think first!

]So back to my washer!!  Below you have seen or will see the pictures of just the inside of my washer.  Actually the top picture is the last picture taken after the cleaning!  Yeah. still not so great.  So, here is my story!

So the past couple of months we have or should I say that my husband has been spending a lot of time cleaning the wash machine.  There is always so much laundry that needs to be done, and with him not working in town, he seems to bring his gym clothes and stuff home on the wkends to wash, the rest of the time he does it where he works.  So when he is home, and decides that his laundry is not being done fast enough, the same thing happens over and over.  He opens the washer, does his laundry, and then when he goes to change it over he gets out the chlorox wipes, and wipes down the rubber seal.  Honestly I have to admit that I don’t do this.  And now, I see why I should!    So if you now look at the pictures you can see what happens when you don’t wipe down the seal but once a wk.  Also another thing that I did not know you were supposed to do with the front load washers is… keep the door cracked open for a minimum of 30 minutes! 

From what I was told at one of my favorite stores.. Home Depot…  We should be using the Affresh wipes, at least once a month.  And then Affresh also has a  Grit product that is a tablet to put in the washer to run through a hot load without clothes of course, to put in once a month also.  Ok, yes this seems like a lot of extra work to me.  The sales associate told me that when I am done with laundry for the day, I should use a towel to dry the seal inside and out, and then keep the door at least cracked open for another 30 minutes or longer.  I know that this really should not be a big deal to me…. but… really??? 

Ok, since you surely have looked at the pictures by now… I have admitted that the seal gets wiped down with chlorox wipes at least 1 time per wk sometimes more.  I admit that I do not, keep the washer door open after doing laundry.  I totally admit that my washer is completely NASTY.  I also admit, that I used 3 of the Affresh wipes, and a chlorox wipe, and Resolve, and Oxy Clean 2 times between pictures.  You can see that it really did not make much of a difference look wise, however.. it did get a lot of nasty stuff off that was not coming off before, it just is not removing the stain.  I scraped the seal with my fingernails and nothing else is coming off.  Yes, the products that I did use, did clean it.  But is not removing the stain, I guess that it really did help Sean cleaning it wkly!

The affresh site does recommend that the new washers 1 year and younger get to use this product, and also has a specific area that you can get to here…  Affresh that talks about how… “More Efficient,But More Likely To Have Odor Causing Residue”.  Nice info, wish when I was sold the washer and dryer set in the first place that someone would have told me about all of this, I probably would have taken much better care of what I have!!!  I guess now I know, so better luck next time?!

Please don’t get me wrong, even though Sean was cleaning our washer wkly with the Chlorox wipes.  When I cleaned it today, I had to use 3 of the Affresh wipes, so the Affresh wipes did work, cause they were NASTY when I was done with each one of them.  It truly is just the stain that is left on my washer now!

So, I guess the truth of the matter is… that I will probably get a new washer and dryer set… not just the dryer as I thought that I was going to!




Other than finding out that my washer is NASTY looking and finding out that I really did clean it….  did you know that you have to wipe it dry each time that you use your front load washer??  And did you know that you should keep the door open till it is completely dry?

Kingdom Hearts giveaway!! At Mommy Confessions Blog

Are you looking for a great give away to enter?  I am always looking for something great, and todays is just that.  This is a give away over at Mommy Confessions Blog, for the DS game: Kingdom   Hearts Re:coded.

I just entered, and I went to the official site from the above link, and WOW!  So here’s to hoping that I will win, one of their 5 chances to win!!  So go over and try yourself!!

What am I addicted to of the kids?  Truthfully, the DSI and the Wii, these 2 things are very dangerous for me.  I have one of these disorders, that once I sit down to play a game, I could sit there for hours on end.  I first started when I went home to Ohio, back in 2009 my mom bought Jaden a DSI because my sisters kids had one.  I think this is truly the worst thing she could have done… not buying the DSI but showing me all of these mind games, such as Sudoku.  Then my sister added to it, by showing me the Sims Animal Kingdom.  It was all over, every time we would get in the car or go to the dr.  Or basically anytime my hands were free I had that game in my hand.  And now that we have been back to Vegas, Jaden and I have basically had to take turns with the DSI, so for Christmas, since ours had to be sent to the repair place for the 4th time, my mom bought Jaden a new DSI.  This is great so that I am not stealing it from him every chance I get!!

On the Wii, my favorite game is Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011.  That game, I can sit there for 4 hours, and I find it EXTREMELY hard to share time, but I do make myself!!  OHHHH it’s hard to share….. so sad to say as a mommy!!

This is for an entry to Mommy Confessions BLOG  giveaway for Kindgom Hearts Re:Coded DS game. Hurry over and enter for your chance.  And when you go over to enter this great giveaway… please let them know that I am the one that sent you!!

Loving those last minute TDY’s

Sean has known about this TDY for a while now, last couple of wks.  However, he was told that it was denied.  So he came home on Friday and tells me that the TDY was approved now, and that they are leaving on Tuesday. 

I left it at a TDY leaving on Tuesday and figured that it would be like all the other travels he has been on and leaving in the later morning or afternoon.  This is totally my bad, for thinking!!  He informs me yesterday that his flight leaves at 8:05 AM.  NICE!  So, he will need to be at the airport by 6, meaning we will need to make sure to leave the house by 5!  So the kids need to be woke up on a school day by 4:30!  Ok, hopefully they will go back to sleep right??!!  So I figure out these times and tell Sean that we will just drop him off and not go in the airport. 

I think that he was offended or hurt!  The look on his face pretty much said it all, and then he comes out with “really?”  All this just because I don’t want to take 3 hopefully sleeping kids out of the car?  Here in Vegas I think all of the different airlines have curb side check!  So how easy is that?!

I think that he was turned off by this because I have never dropped him off and left, I have always…. always gone in and waited with him.  My thinking about the kids may be wrong and selfish.  Is it?  Is it wrong for me to just want to drop him off?  He will be back on Sunday!  This is the shortest TDY he has ever been on, so maybe this is why I am not so concerned.  It’s not that we won’t miss him, cause we will.  I just don’t want to keep waking Jaden up on a school morning.  I am almost feeling as I am writing this, that I should change my mind, on going in to the airport.  Should I?

You see, there is so much that still needs to get done to the house, Sean will be home on Sunday and then his sister comes in on Thursday, there is ALOT that needs to get done, and he is not going to be here to help.  Not to mention he informed me last wk, that he is going to be working at the races all the next wkend, while his sister is here, which is going to leave me with entertaining her, her boyfriend and all my critters! 

So what is the right answer?  Do I, or do I not drop and run at the airport?  I am just loving these last-minute TDY’s that the timing just sucks for!!