Charter school!

I asked about the different types of educations offered and what anyone thought… of course there was not 1 reply from anyone… and I was all concerned, cause I really wanted to know what everyone thought about the choices they had made…good and bad points. I know that my sister has been going back and forth as well with her children deciding to keep them in the public school system or bringing them home for home school education.  And then last wk, her son asked her to teach him from home next year, so she is now looking more into it!

Well, we were adjusting our application for a new charter school, going in here in Las Vegas, and were really hoping that we would get accepted.  And we did not during the first round of applications they mailed us a letter stating that they would keep Jaden’s application in the system and that if for some reason that there were to be an opening his name would then go into the lottery system, and maybe get a chance at that time.

I was bummed.  However I knew that being an application system the chances were probably going to be slim pickings, but I was still pretty upset finding out that we were DENIED! I also thought that they had filled all spots and were not going to be doing another round of applications because of how the letter was worded….thankfully I was wrong!

Then last wk we got an email.  Jaden has now been accepted into the charter school, and this was the 2nd round of applications!  This is fantastic news for us!  Not only did we find this out, but we also heard at Jaden’s school concert that they are going to be making more cut backs at the schools here in our local area and the class rooms were going to be yet even fuller, that they were going to have to let go of several more teachers.  This made the acceptance even better.  I really think from everything I have read about the charter schools that he should get a higher level of education, and have to prove himself even more.  And to me getting the cut backs at the school, will mean that the level of learning is unfortunately going to go down even further… do I think this is fair in any way??? absolutely NOT!!!  I am however happy that my child and all the others are going to get  a little better chance at learning this next year with this new school!

I know that I am not the most educated person, nor will I proclaim to be… but I will tell you to spend less money in security updated clothing and that will help, they can use the same colors!  That is just one of my realistic quick complaints!!  The list could go on and on….  Anyways they are going to be getting rid of more teachers is the point, when we already have one of the weakest education systems in the country….. anyone else think there is something wrong with this picture??

So good news is that Jaden will be… as of the moment…. going to the charter school.  As long as everything goes as expected, for next school year!!


Taekwondo going Camo!

Jaden had his Taekwondo testing going from yellow to camo on Saturday!  He did very well and stayed very focused!  He is so excited and hoping that we will soon make a purchase for his sparring gear.  Not so sure how soon that is going to happen, but never the less is something that he is really excited about doing!

Not only was he testing this month, but he also has been Student of the Month!  This is something that maybe we have made a much bigger deal of because he needs to know that this is not something that will happen often, there are many children in his class, and the classes are continuing to grow, so much that they have cut the classes into 2 groups starting this wk.  There will be the High Ranks which is camo belt and higher, and then the yellow belt and lower, and the class times of course are changing as well.  So this will be a small adjustment with our schedule!

This time that he tested, Omah (Sean’s mom) was here and able to attend the testing with us!  This of course thrilled Jaden to no end, that someone can join in something with him!  After the testing we went with another family out for breakfast and had a great time there as well!!

Congrats my little man, on your new belt!!

“friends” and getting over it

In my time I have had true friends and I have also had “friends”.  I know that every person can also say that they have had both.    I have had the last couple of wks to think about what has transpired and my feelings of one particular “friend” that I had.

This particular “friend” past tense of course, I wrote about in the past when our problem occurred about “find a sheath please“.  The problem occurred earlier in the school year that made me realize that this particular “friendship” is not one that I really needed to partake in any longer.  And I honestly have stuck to my guns, and just decided to stay away from anything that could end up becoming a situation with this individual.  The previous post does not really explain why I felt this way about this situation, so here is the summary.

I had been having some problems dropping Jaden off at school.  unfortunately at times we are such creatures of habit, and this has rubbed off on Jaden as well.  And he did not take to his first teacher in kindergarten very well, and would come home all upset that she did not like him.  I talked with the teacher and even tried to make light of the thoughts that she did not like him, well needless to say.. she never disagreed with his feelings.  I tried to talk with her over several days, and Jaden’s feelings of going to school was exciting, but when he was to get all the way up to the threshold he did not want to cross for some reason.  After talking many times with the teacher, I made the decision to remove him from her class room.  The new teacher then had to take on all the repercussions of whatever transpired that made him not to want to cross over the threshold. He would get up get ready, talk about what a great day he was going to have and how much he was going to learn at school, and we would pile in the car and continue to talk about this in the car and then all the way up to his room, then just as he would start to pass through the door, he would start to have a melt down…screaming , throwing a fit, crying, the entire 9 yards plus….  so I had to have others try to help.  One particular day the teacher pulled him into the classroom and shut the door, he threw such a fit that he started kicking and ultimately ended up kicking her in the face.  She opened the door, pushed him out, and said he was not allowed to come back into her classroom.  Being completely humiliated, I took him into the office and ended up talking to several different people, and they said that he could not come back to her classroom.  They also decided that I needed to drop him off in the office and was not allowed to take him to the classroom, as all the other parents were required to do.  So the next morning they were not sure what was going to happen with the old teacher, and if he could not go back into the original classroom he might have to change schools completely.  Needless to say the next afternoon, when I picked him up at the principals office, she said that they took him back to the teacher that he kicked because he would not go into the other classroom until he gave the one he kicked an apology.  She took him back, but told him nothing like this was to happen again.  We still had some problems here and there, but nothing to that degree, and nothing that we have not been able to slowly overcome.

Anyways back to the “friend”, one of the days that this was all transpiring, I spoke with one of the counselors who thought that I should look further into Oppositional Defiance Disorder, she didn’t think that he really had this, but thought that maybe this could maybe help with some of the dealings.  So when I went to meet my “friend” and another friend for a playdate right afterwards with the girls, I immediately mentioned this.  And this “friend” started going off…”I could have told you that he had this, he never listens to anyone, he never listens to anything anyone says, and doesn’t do what he is told, you should have just asked me a long time ago, I could have told you that!”  I was already upset and crying, and then you put someone who doesn’t know my child, and hasn’t been around him, and no one has ever told me that they have a problem with my son, lets not forget to mention that other than school no one other than me takes care of my child (we don’t even get a sitter to go out).  I looked at her and said “I needed an ear from a friend, not for you to be rude.”  She said “I am not being rude I am just telling you the truth, he doesn’t listen to anyone”.  Well, honestly if she had taken the time to be my friend and listen, she would have heard nothing about him not listening or being rude she would have heard that I could not get him through the doorway of the classroom.  So I excused myself and the girls from the park, and left to pick Jaden up from school.  I had turned off my phone, because I thought that the time talking with Jaden that day was more important.  At the end of the day when I got to look at the phone, she had texted several times.  Saying….I am sorry but I thought you wanted me to be honest, along with a bunch of other horse crap, and then she also wrote that she guessed since I was not responding that she would just leave me alone that she guessed our friendship was done.  I wrote back to the basis that I didn’t have time for her teenage woe is me crap, that I had bigger problems like what was going on with my child, and that is why the phone calls and texts were not on my priority list, and to handle things as she deemed necessary.  She said that she would.

Much months have then passed with us not speaking and one day this person had a problem at her house where I received a phone call from their security company saying that their home had been broken into.  I immediately swallow my pride, packed up my kids and drove right over to their house to make sure everything was ok.  And luckily for them everything was!  She and the security guy were there taking care of business.  With no “thank you” or anything I left, and nothing more was said or done about that ordeal. 

A couple of months later now, a mutual friend of ours had a baby shower, that we did both attend.  She said “hi” to the entire crowd, I did swallow my pride to not be rude and waved my hand in a hello type of gesture, but said nothing. She then got louder and looked at me and said “I said hello everybody” kind of making it known that she was talking to me directly.  So I waved again.  The rest of the time I still did not talk with her, I did not ignore her, I just did not get involved in anything that would leave me obligated.

Now, many months more have passed (being just a couple of wks ago) and my husband received a text message, inviting “us” to a birthday party for their son at Chuck E  Cheese‘s.  I told Sean that I was not going but that he was welcome to take the girls if he wanted but that if she truly wanted me and Jaden to go,that she would have texted me directly as she used to.  As the spouse is one of his friends and previous troops, I don’t think just because of my decision of cutting ties, needs to be his decision of desolving his friendship.  So the day that came and he was going to take all the kids to the party I did not realize he was planning on taking Jaden also.  So I spoke up and said that I did not want Jaden to go, because this destruction of “friendship” came up because of her feelings towards Jaden.  And that if someone felt that strongly about my child, lack of respect for me or my child, that I did not want him to be around that person.

So my mother in law and I took Jaden to a movie while the girls and Sean attended the party.  Did I make the right decision?  Not the decision of avoiding a relationship with this person, but to not allow Jaden to attend a party.  In all honesty I really did not want Sean or the girls to go, but I did step back and let him decide for himself of what was right.

So after all these months have passed, my feelings of hurt are still there from her.  I thought that I had gotten past all of the hurtful things that she had said, but I now after Sean going to the party, I know that I have not passed the hurt.  So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  It is not that I have not forgiven her, because I think that I have, I just don’t think that she is someone who I want to choose to be involved with in the future.  And her taking the time to text Sean with an invitation seems to me like she really didn’t want me there either!

Student of the month

Jaden was chosen to be the Student of the Month for May!  I was so sad, because again this was a day that I missed going to class, because I had a headache, so Sean and Susan (mother in law) took the kids so I could have peace and quiet!  And as you can see, he was given this awesome status for the month, he is so excited, so I wanted to share this!




Summer days, and fresh air!

As summer days are starting up, my air conditioning is already taking a jump-start as well.

Today was the first day in the past month that I have been able to shut the air conditioner off and open the windows for that fresh breeze!  It was raining and the coolness of the air was enough to also give you a fresh smile. 

The only thing better than airing out our house today, would have been if I had the yard done, but I don’t!  The reason I say that having the yard done would be because as the wind shifted into our house, so did a little extra dust and dirt, but having the windows open is worth every bit of extra dusting that I will have to do tomorrow!

Here I am so excited about the rain and coolness in the air, and everyone I know back east is saying that they are so happy that they are quitting the rain and flooding.  So thank you to all of you that wished it away, so that it could come to Vegas for a spell!!

The wk at a glance

the wk at a glance, has been just that… a glance! 

Feels like time is not going to even attempt to stand still for even a moment.  My dad left and then Susan (mother in law) came in on Saturday.  Spring break was completed with a blink of an eye.  Easter has passed.  Baby has a new tooth, Jaden is in process of loosing another tooth.  And I am sluggish…. I decided to try something different!

Actually the truth of the matter, with the exception of being a bit more tired than normal, I have actually been feeling a bit better (not a headache every waking moment of the day).  What did I do different???  I was bad.  For the first time in 8 years I quit (completely) taking my synthroid.  At the same time I decided to quit taking my birth control.  Am I stupid??  Nope, i just wanted to see if maybe the chemicals were doing something.  And well, I still get a small headache almost daily at some point, but not to the point I want to put myself out of misery!  And now I have been off of both for almost a month. 

At the 2 wk mark, I started to actually feel better, less of the headaches, and now at a month… I am dragging butt!!  I want to sleep, my eyes are heavy, and I have absolutely NO motivation what so ever.  So in the morning, I am going to kick right back into the synthroid mode.  We will see if the headaches kick back in.  I will probably wait another couple of wks to add the bc pill back in just to see what if anything of the two is what is causing the aches!

And… I decided to get my eyes checked!  I have temporary contacts in.  I can use them for 2 wks at a time… do you know how nice it is to wake up in the morning and be able to see how beautiful each of my critters are???  What I mean… is they are not fuzzy creatures they actually have smooth skin and eyes that sit where they are supposed to on their faces!!  Wow, to not put a foreign object on my face (that I usually don’t get around to putting on, till I sit down with the kids)  Who needs to see dust, dirt, toys and whatever else may be lying around the floor with a crisp clear view??!!

This may not have been much, but has been our wk, at a glance…