Night before 1st grade

This is the night before 1st grade.  You see, I always go into the kids bedrooms after they fall asleep,and take photos.  I love getting that moment of peace right before a big event.  Sometimes I am really bad, like on the before birthday, and I go in and wake them up after getting a few sleeping shots.

So here is Jaden, he had such a big day on Monday.  He was going to be a 1st grader, get a new teacher at a new school… nothing better than starting the early morning or evening with some Peaceful shut eye!

Then of course you have that child, that is a night owl just like you. Shyla, I thought was a sleep, she comes into his room while I am taking photos, and says “mommy I have my sleepy pictures too”  I said “shhh I will be in there in a moment, you need to be asleep”.  So when I complete my sleeping photo oppurtunity… I knew that Shyla would not be sleeping but I said “you must shut your eyes baby, I can’t take sleeping pictures with your eyes open”  So this is what we got!  (I know that this is not part of Jaden’s first but I think later on, he will love to know what she was doing!)


what did my day bring?

Today has just been one of those days, that these crazy random things just keep happening.  Not sure if was because of my last post basically showing me that I need to be more optimistic or what??!!  So what did my day bring?

First thing today (before 6 am) Shyla comes running across the loft crying “mommy I gonna puke, I gonna puke”.  I promptly just yell out “run to the toilet, puke in the toilet!”  You see with Shyla, she can do everything you could possibly want her to do in the toilet, but she has to announce to you what she has to do… it could be #1, #2, or even puke as you now know!  Not only does she need to announce it, but she will wait for you to tell her to go to the potty to do it, other wise she will say it a good 10 times or more in a minute until you give her the direction.  Luckily with the puking I directed her immediately!

I checked my messages today from a clinic that I go to every 3 months for endocrinology.  I have been ecstatic with this clinic.  Yes, it is a bit inconvenient, having to take a 40 minute drive across town just to get there.  However they keep changing my dosage for my synthroid trying to do different things because no one can seem to get me to level off…… anyways…. I had my last appointment in April, and they scheduled my next one for July, I left to go to Ohio so suddenly that I cancelled a few days before and changed the appointment to tomorrow 8-27.  I got a message this afternoon from one of the ladies “we may have to get your appointment cx because we don’t have a new authorization from Tricare, please call me back.”  The very next message was another lady from their office “Ms. Thomson, I am calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow.”  Are you confused??? I am!!  So I called the cx apt. lady first.  She gave me the number to call Tricare to see the status of my authorization and told me that their authorization expired at the end of July.  ummmmm.  I called, and by a very nice, informative man was told that the authorization was not going to go through, that I basically need to call my PCM because I will have to get the authorization from her, because mine expired (wait… wait…) in April!!!  Yep you read that right… APRIL!!!….He then continues to explain to me if I would have not left town for the July appointment, I would have had to pay it in full-out of my own pocket!  And that if I would have gone to an outside Lab Clinic to get my blood work the other day (as suggested by above clinic)  I would have had to pay for that out-of-pocket also!  Yep… gotta love those apples…  So I call back the clinic and explain my frustration, and I asked how they did not catch the authorization issue for my July scheduled appointment… Her answer (this is good!) “while I understand your frustration, it is your insurance that we do not have the authorization from, it is up to you to keep track of this, your authorization form expired in April.”  That gives us 2 ladies from the same office that gave me 2 different dates of expiration.

Needless to say I told the lady to cancel my appointment and that I would be informing Tricare of the way I was treated by them.  And I called and left a message for my PCM.  I received a phone call back within an hour from her nurse!! yeah that never happens!!  I have an appointment set up for mid Sept. to see her, and she will give me a consult to another ENDO!!!

The best part of today, other than I am happy and blessed!!! Is that I have been working on the toilet room, yesterday and today, and am almost finished…. I can’t wait, to see my finished Paper Illusion.

Jaden and Sean are at Taekwondo, which I sent them way to early again.  Jaden is doing to good, after missing almost 2 months of classes he has only been to class almost 2 full wks and has put on 2 new stripes.  He will be ready for his next testing for the next belt.  No skipped beats for him!  He loves going to class!


So what fun and exciting things do you think Friday will hold for me???? Obviously no Endo appointment!   And we have to go to the new school for the meet and greet!!  I sure hope this works smoothly, I am so excited for Jaden to start this new chapter!!

Any good reason will do

For today, I am trying to be absolutely positive about everything.  Good or bad does not make a difference, I am going to see the bright side, and just about ANY GOOD REASON WILL DO!

For the most part today, has not been bad at all.  My sister called first thing this morning, kind of on a serious note.  My grandfather once again, was heading into the emergency room.  My mom had called my sister to ask her to make an appointment for him, because his ear was bleeding (just pouring down blood).  So of course she calls the doctor’s office who says to call the squad.  She calls mom back and mom says no that she will just take him so that he does not freak out.  Andrea and I of course just continue to know that this could potentially be a very serious matter, but find ways to joke and be calm about everything.

Needless to say after 3 hours of delay, we find out that there is a small scratch in his ear, he has a bladder infection and has a touch on pneumonia.  Ok, see good thing we can make light of things right???!!

Do you have a budget book?  I have this handy little book that I keep everything listed!  With each turn of the page you can find our billing logs.  Names, due dates, date paid and amount paid and type of payment done.  I started running this log back in 1994 when Sean and I married.  I had immediately taken on bills for our household, and he wanted no part in it.  I wanted to make sure that at any given moment if something happened to me, that he would know exactly what we owed and upon which dates they needed to be paid. 

To this day, I don’t think Sean has looked at the log book.  He knows where it is kept, it even has a monthly listing of how much money is in our accounts for each month on the same page.  We have no secrets in our household, he doesn’t want to know… finances stress him out, good thing they don’t make me squemish!

Then the mostest greatest thing today is… I am typing on my computer.  Ok, it’s not knew infact, I bought this one back in 2004.  I somehow lost the cord to it, amongst the moves.  And my sisters husband had to remove stuff off of it, so that it would work for me (he did this in 2009) and it has not been plugged in since!  So Sean found a plug-in the road, and was going to throw it away… I thought that I would just try someone’s garbage on my computer, and low and behold…IT WORKS!

So these are my….AY GOOD REASONS… to just find an upside for today~~  anything fantastic happening your way!


Week is winding

Which way is your week winding?  Well our summer is winding down, this is our last wk of NO SCHOOL.  I know that many of you are starting the school year this wk, so may I say that you find some quiet time in your hectic schedules!

Today is Monday, and it is only 3:26.  I have spent the day in several different areas of town, and also here at the house getting things done.

1.  Made phone calls for my mom’s insurance policies…. (when was the last time you reviewed your policies?  Home? Life? Auto?)  This is the perfect time of year to make some changes.  Yes, I know… who has time or really  even wants to look at their policies, let alone who even understands them?  If you have a good agent they will be happy to sit and explain every detail of every policy to you!  Honestly a review appointment was one of my favorite things to do when I was working insurance.  To know that people understood what they did have at the end of our appointment and what they did not have at the start of our appointment!  Who knows they might just help you see that you might be spending money on certain coverages that you really don’t need!

2.  I made it to the chiropractor…yeah… my foot bones were hurting… now they feel much better.  And my neck??? yep it crunched and now feels soooo good!

3.  I took my new GMC Yukon to the dealership service center where I bought it.  I had picked it up Thurs night, from getting all the moldings fixed that were coming off of it.  When I got it home and began looking at it, there was paint missing in a couple of spots so I took it by to show them… hoping that they would not give me a hassle and just fix it…. Needless to say…in 2 wks they will get it in to fix it.  The delay is my fault, we have Sean’s family coming into town, so I don’t want to be out of my big rig!

4.  I ran out to the base hospital to get my blood drawn.  This is never a grand experience for me.  Butterfly needles, people who think they know how to draw blood, poking my arm 3 and 4 times before calling for someone else to help.. yep… exciting.  NOT today!!! Today, I had this lovely young gentleman who took out his needle and calmly took my blood on the first attempt!!  Thank you young man, for doing a fine job of 1 poke!

5.  We are now home for the next hour to relax and clean… did I really just put those words together???

6.  We will be leaving soon to go to Jaden’s Taekwondo class!  This is the 2nd wk we have been back and he is already catching up to the other kids in his class.  I am so glad that he loves going there!  Even though it is a lot of running around to get him there 3 and 4 times a wk. and I know that it is going to be even harder now that he is going to school all day long starting next wk!

So as our week is winding up and your summer vacation is winding down… just sit back and enjoy your moment!!

A new little trick!

2 new little tricks I have found, that others may have already known about…. with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!

Well water, yuk… the only thing that has ever bothered me about having well water is that no mater where it sits it leaves that brown rusty residue.  We hired a cleaning lady for my dads house.  Yes, I know it is still pretty easy enough to clean on your own with a bit of elbow grease and some nice great working chemicals, that you can purchase for a nice not so small price (this is what I usually do).  When I went into the bathroom after the cleaning lady left to see what miracles she was able to perform, I was shocked at exactly how clean and sparkly she left it!  A few days later I met with her again and asked what all she used on it?  Her answer was.. Magic Eraser

Now, I have mentioned on many different occasions HOW IN LOVE my husband is with these nifty little cleaners… but I think as much as I have liked them I really just left that part of the obsessive cleaning up to my husband.  Then… 2 days ago…. my 2 older kids decided to get out my pen and make a mess all over their hands…ok really not a big deal.. so I sent them to the bathroom to wash.. still not a big deal…. I go in the bathroom a couple of hours later to find that the toilet had pen stains all over it, these little 3-year-old hand prints… so I got out my old faithful.. xxx Wipes.  It got out most of it, but you could still see a bit of blue left behind, so I waited a bit and then took the wipes to it again….no luck, still stained.  So my brain went wild… WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???  And so at one last attempt… there I went under the cupboard to get out… the Magic Eraser… and it did its magic.. NO stain left on the toilet now, with one little rub of the corner.. it was vanished!

And to let you know if you go onto the site linked above, you can go to their page… special offers and you can print a coupon!

Thank you Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, for always being up to the task!  You are ever faithful, thank you!!  So this is our new love of our Magic Erasers

Sooo good to be home~

It is sooooo good to be home!  Yes I already miss Ohio, but I am so happy just to have my own bed, and back to my routine!

Sleeping in my own bed, getting up when I am ready to get out of bed (babies permitting) doing laundry when I feel like it (first thing in the morning for today!) I ran the dish washer at the same time!!  We all got ready and went to church, came home and laid the kids down for a nap.

What better day than this???  Ok, maybe I have had better days than this, but I just feel so blessed to have my family in my own home!

My last moments in Ohio.

Some of my last moments in Ohio, were not what I would say I want to remember.  While on the other part of those moments are ones that I want to treasure.

I made it through the entire month in Ohio… with my grand father…. maybe not completely knowing who I am.  I am ok with that… because of his Dementia, you have to take the good moments in the midst of mostly bad days.  And while I was there my grand father was kind to me.  When I first arrived he knew who I was (to a degree) he didn’t know how old I was, he asked me my age, and said “you’ve really grown up” ( I have now been living away from home for almost 17 years) a few moments later as I stood to go in the kitchen he said to my grand mother “how many children do they have now?”.  These are the things that make me smile…. because he was so good to my children.  All through my childhood, I would not say that I agreed with how their beliefs are, but I will say that he was a good grand father.  He was not the kind that sat in the chair staring at what was going on… he was always ground level… what I mean by this is…. he would irrate the crap out of you.  He would rub his scruffy unshaven face on you till you would just scream or cry.. whatever would come first.  He would grab you and tackle you to the ground just to torchure you (not in a mean way, but to play) this was his way of play.  And my grandmother would always be sitting back and say “Now Robert Lee, leave those babies alone”.  We would get up and smile at him… kind of like a “ha ha you got in trouble”  and he would look at you like “wait till she is in the other room and I will get you again”.

These days are obviously gone, the man is 85 years old and has dementia so bad that I think we should just fully say that it is in total deep Alzheimers.  There were many days we would get to the house and he would be staring out the window, looking at nothing, just numb.  Mom would say something to him and he would just keeping looking out the window.  Then, my girls would walk in to the room and start playing.  Shyla so loved Papa when we lived there for those months in 2009.  She was a total Papa’s girl.  Shyla would walk over and say “Hi Papa”  he would turn and smile at her, and then taking his hand in a grabbing motion like his hands were going to eat her.  She would laugh and scream…and these are some of MY LAST MOMENTS IN OHIO, that I will cherish.

My grand mother is not really of the…heartfelt kind.  In 2009 when I was home, my grandmother came to my to say “I am sorry”  there were some issues with my grandfather the first night that I got there, about my dogs.  I had never heard any… of my mom’s side of the family.  EVER be sorry for anything…. Then this trip… my grand mother, told me that she was sorry for how Papa was acting.  I said that I understood and to not fret, it is just a disease that none of us could control.

I have seen a side of my grandmother for the first time in my life that was soft, delicate, loving, heartfelt and patient.  She was by his side every moment.  Don’t get me wrong there was many times I thought to myself “woman why don’t you just leave him alone give him some space” then upon watching and opening my ears… I saw the other side, her side.  He goes to bed a lot, I am sure do to pure boredom and depression.  However because of the dementia when he would wake, and she was not within a breaths reach.  He would panic, full blown melt down.  He would cry, freak out, his body would ache and then it would all roll down hill from there… All because he opened his eyes and she was not there.  It would start him in a fuss.  And then she would cry or my mom would sob.  My grand mother came to me and said “Angie I just don’t know what to do, he doesn’t know what he is saying, I’ve tried, but I just can’t imagine what he must be going through with his mind being gone.”

At this point I should say again that my grandmother has Dementia, she was diagnosed last year, but does not know it.  She is still in early signs of it.  However when I left these are the moments walking out of the house for the last time…

I went to say bye to Papa and he told me “I know what you did and I will tell everyone.  I will tell them you don’t have a home to go to, that you are filthy dirty, disgusting people.”  I said “Papa I just wanted to say bye and that I love you and will miss you.”  I did not argue with him, because I knew it was not my Papa that was speaking to me, it was the disease.  We did get him to say bye to Shyla, because she ran to my defense when he was yelling at me… she said “Papa, don’t talk to my mommy like that”  Can you imagine your 3 year old yelling at an 85 year old man like that.  I tried pulling her back but she kept saying it over and over.  He did not see her, he was to focused on me.  So we got his attention and he did say bye and smiled at her giving her that grab of the hand to play…. after that moment he turned right back at me, to continue with how disgusting I am.

I walked out of the room, finally releasing a tear or two, and saw my mom sitting on the chair holding Schyler, just rocking and crying.  I could not let her see me cry, not because I needed to be strong, but because she needed to be reminded this was the disease talking Not her Dad.  I told her that it was ok, and she said that it wasn’t.  I told her I would take all of the good moments for the month, for me to only have this one episode was a blessing!

At this time my grandmother walked out of the bedroom and into the kitchen.  I went to say goodbye, and she cried.  I told her that I would come back to help all she had to do was call. She said “it’s not your responsibilty,you shouldn’t have to” then continued with “People just don’t understand this disease, and don’t know what to say”  I told her that I did understand and that I loved her.  She said “I love you Angie”  this is something that I don’t think has ever come out of her mouth.  Then when Shyla hugged her and said “I love you mama”  she held her tight and said “I love you too, Shyla”  These again are part of My Last moments in Ohio that I will never forget.

As much as it hurts me, that I had to leave Ohio, to never see my grandfather again, to where we will be able to sit and talk about our lives and memories.  I have now been given some very special moments of him with my children, and also some very special memories of words from my Mama.  Would I change any of it????  If it meant that I would never hear my grandmother tell me or my children that she loved us…NO… I would never change any of it…

So these are my very last moments in Ohio this last trip… so now that I am done writing this… I will go and dry my face~~I am not sad by this post… I am just stamped with some very special memories~