Crunch time

Tonight I sat down and gathered all of Jaden’s school work from the past couple of months.  It’s Crunch Time!  I have a meeting with his teacher in the morning.  And I know that I am not going to sleep well.

The meeting is not meant to be a bad one….. at least I hope not.  I am just hoping that maybe a compromise can be made.  Jaden’s spelling words.. have not been the greatest!  Ok, he has been doing REALLY bad.  I actually just wrote about this over on Just For Military.  Cause I am so… upset that I don’t know what to do (say).  She talked with my husband (impromptu) about a month ago now, and told us right in front of Jaden that he should be held back to 1st grade again next year.  That he is immature compared to the other children in his class, and that his spelling is not anywhere near what it should be.  While talking with her we, spoke about how much we actually work each night with him, and how hard he really is working at it, and that we think that he has come a long ways from Kindergarten till now.  However she just told us that she would send home a packet for us to complete and return to her.  That this packet would have her set down a plan, and she would take it to the board, and they would come up with an education plan for him.  That way she can prove that it is him and not her teaching that is the problem.  (make sure you read that line I just wrote).  Yeah that one made us really happy.

Don’t get me wrong I really don’t have a problem with his teacher.  We have been working really hard.  He spends no less than 1 1/2 hours per night on just spelling, and that does not include, his real homework.  We run out of time a lot, because of how much homework he has to complete, and then we have dinner, and Taekwondo (which we have cut out a couple extra days for even more homework time, because education has to be first and foremost).  Then us being sick this past 6 wks, have not helped any on the focusing either.  However that is not an excuse, we really do sit for that long on just spelling each night.

His spelling is much better, he just got 9 out of 10 right, however he got 1/2 point deductions for capitalizing the first letters, which in turn brought down his grade again.  So here are his results for the past 4 tests…

+2/10 because of capital letters other wise he would have had 3/10  (bad I know, but every point counts)

+6/10  otherwise 7/10 (3 words capital first letter) 2 words only put first letter, and 1 other word wrong.

60% (4 words used capital letter, this time some were at start and some one letter in middle) 2 words wrong

8 1/2 of 10   one word wrong and 1 word…. cuBe

I know his grades are not really good, but I think spelling should be just that… spelling, especially since he has been failing so bad till this point.  And now it shows how hard he is really working, and he is cut because of capitalization.  This is the first grade, I know that they are learning where to use their capital letters, but why would you make it incorrect to use it at the beginning of a word?

So that’s it….. any suggestions or comments??  happy to hear!


Our Valentines

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20120217-082621.jpgOur Valentines Day, was once again nothing to really brag about.  Yes, we are still sick.  The rotten thing is, Sean is sick too.  Poor Sean had to go into the doctors on Valentines Day, because he was so sick he could not handle it.  Infact you know he must be sick!  This is the first time that he has ever been put on quarters in his military life.  72 hours if you can believe that!  And they made him drive back and forth over those 3 days so that they could keep taking x-rays.  SICK is surely the word.

I actually ended up having a slight bit of an attitude, not really meant towards him but just in general.  I have been sick for 5 wks and went to the doctor with way worse symptoms than him.  They never gave me the care that they gave him or even the antibiotics.  And look at him!!!

So, while they were gone (his mom went to the emergency room during his appointment, because she is so sick and the pressure built up in her ear to the point that it started bleeding through her nose… yuk… sorry)  my door bell rang, and the girls go running, the peered out the window to see a green box!  It was flowers… flowers for me, from my husband!  What a sweet guy!  He always tries to do something special for me, but we never get to go out on a date night, except while family is here.  So we had plans for a dinner and a movie that night…. yep, you guessed it.  Quarters kind of changed that up a bit.

This household has been so sick… I can’t wait to get rid of it.

So needless to say, our Valentines Day was not really one to brag about, however, when looking at my BEAUTIFUL roses, and how they all opened up.  I thought that I would take these pictures and tell you what I was thinking when I was looking at them.

I have truly enjoyed looking at my roses everyday.  I look at them and how different each of them are… color… size…. petals… the beauty of difference, and how it takes things that are completely different and developes them so that they compliment each other.

My husband and I are COMPLETELY different, we really don’t have much in common.  I am a laid back, I’ll get it done type person (in my everyday personal life, working lady is a completely different person all together!)  Sean on the other hand can be very… stern, tough, now…. and even sometimes…. good plan, but terrible procrastination.  He is kind of back and forth don’t know what to expect from one moment to the next out of him.  I am more of the direct to the point vocal, but…. I’ll get to it when I get to it, if it isn’t important type person.  Yeah, you can see the point of totally different~

So when looking at the pictures I think, it is much like us, and I am sure many other couples.  You have to be very different people, in order to compliment each other.  No, relationship… I don’t care who you are… is ever EASY… It’s a give and take, grow, expand, work hard to make a difference, everyday process.  And while Sean and I have had MANY ups and downs in our relationship (many of which I would never choose to go through again), we all have to go through process to get where we are.  We have to grow together… we have to be different from each other.  We have to be separate at times, but we have to be together to compliment each other.

Not compliment, in words, but in the beauty of life.  We have been married for almost 18 years.  We grew for over 10 years before we were able to really come together as a couple.  To completely Love and care for one another enough to make sure that it was us… And that is when our love began to actually compliment each other (just like the different colored roses compliment each others beauty), and that’s when we had Jaden.  Now, our love has continued to open and grow, our family has expanded, just like the petals.  We now have a wonderful bouquet, to show everyone how strong our roots are… And someday.. our little buds (babies) will be cut free, from our roots, and be on their own, to find their own to compliment.

For now, I am just happy that even though, this was not what Sean was showing me, by purchasing the flowers, he was showing me his love, that even though he was so sick, he was going to take a moment to think of me… that thrilled and surprised me.  However, I think the flowers just opened my eyes a bit more…. it showed me, that God has made plans for us, out of each moment, and no matter how rotten we feel, or how bad things might be… He will always have a beautiful compliment just around the next corner for us.  Something so beautiful, that even just for a moment, you can only try to imagine what is to come next, if you just wait patiently for life to open and bloom!

So, although we have all been sick and miserable, I’m so happy that I was able to have our Valentines Day, to open my eyes to the Beauty of compliment!








Today I did something DIFFERENT

Today I did something DIFFERENT! Ok, so this may not be cool to some of you, but it was to me and mine!

Looking around on my nifty NEWER, Apple IPhone 4S. I found the FaceTime, button. Ok, ok it really wasn’t that hard to find because it is on the first area that comes up. With that being said, I am one of those people that over look the features of something that is not really important to me. However, this is now going to be a great feature that I will use more often! So what I found… learned it this feature lets you not only talk, but see the person in real time. It’s pretty much the same thing as Skype… which if you look at some of my earlier posts you will see I LOVE during deployments.. A fantasic thing that I learned and was able to use on Sean’s last deployment!!

First I tried it on my phone! I let the kids call my SIL, she lives in Michigan, and they haven’t seen her since she and her boyfriend came to Vegas last year for their Spring Break! So it was cool, they got to see her, and she got to chat with them face to face, this is really cool for a 2, 3 and 7 year old. I don’t know about your kids but for some reason even my 7 year old forgets that people can’t see through the phone all the cool things he wants to show off.

When we were done, my mom was finaly back at her house and I talked her through hooking her phone up to the Wi-Fi. When we were all done, we were talking over the phone on the FaceTime. The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever, being able to talk and see our family at the same time. We even had the chance to talk to Mama (my grandmother). It was only on the phone, so having a 86 year old woman look at a little IPhone, was probably a bit hard, but I think she really liked seeing the kids.

Then came the fun! Did I tell you that for Christmas my husband bought me an IPad 2? Holy cow, do I like that thing! I know that a lot of people say that once you have the IPhone, that the IPads really aren’t that cool, however, I can surely tell you that I only had the phone a few wks before Christmas and I absolutely LOVE them both.

Anyways, back to the fun! I tried calling my mom back again on the IPad, but to my suprise!!! My sister answered, and like a dork, I was wanting to figure out how I could call my mom’s IPad. So, I had my sister call me back from it instead of mom’s phone. And since I was not smart enough to read the directions before calling, my sister informed me that I just needed to use mom’s email address! Now that is sooooo cool. So we started chating IPad to IPad and face to face!!!

My sister has never been to my house, and she asked to be taken on a tour! I was kind of excited, but then as I started taking her around…. I realized how imbarrassed I really was. I truly have not cleaned my house since I got back from the funeral… not that I was being lazy, I have just been so sick, and the kids have been so sick, that I just have not hardly had the energy to do ANYTHING. I kept saying ” this is…., but don’t look it is a mess” she would just laugh and say “you are showing me and saying don’t look??!!” This was so much fun! I also got to see some throws that my mom and Mama were making. I think she said that they are making 20 to give to the nursing home that Papa was at. How awesome is that?? I am sure that all the Alzheimers and Dementia patients, will love the fact they have something warm to lay across them, and of course what person young or old doesn’t absolutely LOVE something that was just made for them? Even if they don’t remember where they got it from!!! Then Mama also got to see the kids on yet a bigger screen, much easier for her to see than the little phone screen!

So, even though I have been sick for almost 5 wks now, and I can not stand being confined. I have so loved trying out something DIFFERENT and new! And Apple!!!! If you read this!!! Thank you so much for making a product, that I can use to keep my kids even closer to my family now! Being 2k miles away from family, is often heart breaking and people change so much between times that we MILITARY FOLK, get to go home. That this will surely make that time a bit less alarming when the kids see family face to face….!!!!

So, again I am totally happy with my purchases, and exstatic that I got to spend FaceTime with my sister, mom, Mama and SIL!! What a great way to spend my afternoon!!! How did you spend yours??

******sorry, not able to spell check… it might have been pretty bad…. but I was excited!****

Time flies by… why doesn’t the croupe?

Time flies by so fast, why doesn’t the croupe?  Seriously, my family has been sick since a few days after we got back from Ohio.

We came back from the funeral on January 10th, my MIL even flew in the same night.  She had been sick for the couple of wks before coming, but had gone to the dr.  and was provided steroids and antibiotics.  You would have thought that we would all have been safe!!  I may jokingly blame her for bringing this virus to us, but in all honesty some could have come from her, but it more than likely came from traveling.  We are generally not a sick family and if we get something it passes really  quickly!

Within 3 days of coming back to Vegas, Schyler began coughing and nasty snotty junk.  Then a couple of days later on Monday, I took her to the emergency room, we spent 3 hours there before being seen and then they took us back!  Yippie finally anything to get this 2-year-old in a room.  She had all of this junk coming out of her eyes, it was so nasty.  Yes it was coming out her nose, her eyes and she was coughing on everyone!  Then while we were still in the waiting room, she broke out in a rash with hives!  She had never done this before so I was a bit…. “hey my kid is covered in hives!  you just took her temperature and sent us back out here!”  They just told me to continue to wait, and I did for another 2 hours at that point in the waiting room.  Yep once the 3 hour window passed and we went back, it took them 2 minutes to look and her and another 3 to write the prescription  relook at her when she broke out in hives yet again, and send us on our way!

Trying to put the eye drops in Schyler’s eyes was no fun at all, it has usually taken both me and MIL to hold her down and put them in her eyes!  I am so glad that we are finally done with that now!

The very next day I had my own appointment with the orthopedic Specialist.  I had to also make an appointment for Shyla with the pediatrician.  Thankfully my MIL was here, because my appointment ran over, so she took Shyla in to see the doctor.  Shyla was also put on antibiotics, they were just drinkable.  This was better, because she took it nicely!  No holding her down!!

Now, I have been sick for the past couple of wks also.  I have been sucking it up though.  However I am now to the point, I can barely function.  I can barely clean (don’t get me wrong I do it)  I’m just totally worn out all the time.  I have coughing fits all night long, not to mention on and off through the day.  In fact there were 2 times that I kept coughing so hard I couldn’t breathe well, so I ended up puking from choking on the coughing.  Seriously, how do you cough like that?

Luckily I have not had a fever or anything, and the girls are finally feeling better!  I just wish this cough would go away, I guess I should put a date down, something like…. If friday comes along I should make a doctor’s appointment if the cough is not gone???

I am so far behind, I haven’t been on here,  I haven’t hardly talked to my sister at all, I haven’t slept more than maybe 4 hours a nite cause of the cough, and I haven’t blogged at all over at Just For Military.  I am so sure, that I am letting them down, even though I don’t mean to!

Anyone have any suggestions, on how to get rid of this, or do I really need to make time to go to the doctors?  The time is flying by, I am getting nothing caught up, and this croupe isn’t going away!!!

However…. I haven’t had a rough headache in the past 3 days!!!