Spelling test results

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We are so excited for Jaden!  He worked so hard that he got his 1st A on a spelling test!   He was also given a B on last wks test!  I can’t wait to see what he will do this wk!

If you try to read his sentence… just sound it out.  The sentence really does not make sense to me, I understand what words he was writing, but he insists that he teacher made up the sentence.  ( I don’t think that is the sentence she really wanted him to write, but shhhh, he thinks so!)  And I also noticed that she correct his capital letter F, but did not mark it wrong this time…. I’m a bit confused since she said she had to deduct for capital letters on the actual spelling words…. but I’ll let him take the A!!!

Way to go Jaden, all this extra hard work is paying off, and I am so proud!  Not only in this class is he doing well, but ALL of his grades are improving!

Sad news, prayers needed.

This year has brought a lot of sad news to people I know.  I have never experienced a year like this in my life.  I come to you of news I have just heard, so I will make this very brief, yet directly to the point.

My husband, took Jaden to Taekwondo tonight.  When he came home he informed me of yet another loss.  There is a family in the studio, that lost their 4 year old son this wkend.  I don’t know any of the reasons, he had just heard that the boy had a virus.  Again, I am not even sure of the exacts.

With that being said, and me also not giving any names out.  Please keep this family in your prayers and thoughts.  It is hard loosing anyone that you know, I just can not imagine the pain of this family with the loss of their 4 year old.

Productive days?

Is there really such a thing as a productive day?  I know that I have productive opportunities, but productive days?

Today is what I was thinking I would call a VERY PRODUCTIVE day, but then I stopped and sat down to write…. I realized… How productive was it really?  It’s only 12:35 and these are the excitements of my day!

1.  Talked with the bank about my dad’s VA Loan.  YEAH, the appraisal came back just a little higher than we needed! (yes productive)

2.  When speaking with the lender, I checked on status of my VA STREAMLINE.   They got the preliminary HUD back and it was almost $1000 cheaper than expected.  Saving me that money!

3.  Some paperwork shredded that has been sitting on my kitchen counters for WAY too long.

4.  When working on Jaden’s spelling words before school, he only had 1 wrong!  Let’s hope he remembers that he needs to spell light and NOT lite!   And also he needs to remember no I before Y!!!  If he remembers those 2 things he should be great!

5.  Spoke with my dad and had him call on finding someone to come do estimate for his washing machine!  He actually did make 1 attempt but it will cost $75, for them to just look at him to say if it is fixable or not.

6.  This is the biggest one!  I finally filed our taxes just a few minutes ago.  I started them in January.  I just left the thought of an audit, always freak me out… till the last-minute, then I delete everything, start over, come up with the same exact refund amount, smile… and hit submit!  What is there to fret about?  I don’t know I just do, but it’s done now!!

7.  Baby put herself down for a nap at 9:30 got up about 30 minutes later and then laid back down at 11:30!  I love that she loves her naps!


So yes, I would say that I have had a productive morning.  However, it seems like wherever my production is… another area of the house (any area my body was not planted at) makes a better play place, aka: disaster area, for Shyla to be.  I sware she knows how to call a tornado to my house and put a silencer on it!  I guess I should just be thrilled that she was quiet so that I could get all the other things done!  And just as I was finishing up, Sean walks in the door and says he has to leave… We are the dog sitting a GREAT DANE~ it’s only for the wkend, and he does not make a mess, he’s just BIG!!

That’s my productivity report~  What’s yours?

Spring is here!

Spring is totally here!!  I really like the winters here in Vegas, because it is cool and the temperatures are just right (NOT HOT)!  I will not pretend that I don’t enjoy the Spring, because I do!!

My husband did not come home last night (he had to work), this is nothing really new!  However he did come home by 11 this morning.  A friend of mine started texting me, and I thought… what perfect timing, Sean is here to watch the girls for me!!  My friend has been taking me out the past couple of years for my birthday breakfast (she is so thoughtful and wonderful!)  So this last year (her birthday is just before Christmas) I decided I was going to take her out, her choice!  So the holidays came and went, and then I left for the funeral, and since I have been back I have been so sick (I am finally better, for a whole wk now!)  So we got to go to lunch!!  It was her and her children and me!  It gave me just a moment by myself and… a time to sit with a friend.  It was a great visit!!

Then on my way home, I thought about how beautiful it is out today, so I looked down to see what the temperature was… 66!!!  Wow!!!  It is so great outside, I can hardly believe it.  I was only home for a brief moment, and Sean had already put up the kids new coat rack!  So it was time to clean out the closet!  YIPPIE!!!

Sean left pretty quickly,  we will just say Jaden is not the only one in Taekwondo any longer!  So as he was leaving, I walked him outside, and thought.  I should really put the stroller back in the car.   Seems like every time I turn around I could really use it, and it’s never there!  So I got it out of the gym room (which I never use, because it has become the catch all room)  and put it in the car and then I decided such a nice day!!  I should do something productive…. clean my rig and move the car seats around!  So that is exactly what I did.

I would have to say I absolutely LOVE  the Spring and opening the windows for fresh air!  Even though the Winter is not cold here, leaving the windows open non stop is not something that you can do.  Spring on the other hand…. open windows and enjoy the outdoors until Summer comes and then I live in my cave again!

What did you do, or what are you doing on the great Spring days?  I am just enjoying each moment!

Someone had sticky fingers…

Seriously, I really don’t understand people who have sticky fingers!  If you have sticky fingers, please don’t come anywhere near me or my family.  My house and my beliefs do not go along with those that live in the land of entitlement.  However, somehow and in someway, someone had the intention of using their sticky fingers around my property.

I had this list of things going on with my car.  I needed to take it in to get it looked at, because I went to open my driver’s door to leave for school, last wk.  What did I see?  Another problem with my rig.  The door handle looked like it was coming off, and because I have had issues with my car… I thought “great, something else coming off my car”  not to mention that there was just a bit of paint under where the door handle is that was missing.   Then I had a very small oil leak, that had started this wk.  Now comes the part that was like… 3 item wrong definitely time to take it in, before they think I am the crazy lady making all this up with my car!  The thing that made me take it in yesterday was that my dashboard had 2 places cracked.

I get my car to the shop, and give my wonderful lady, my list of what is wrong with my car.  So, we walk to the car, and she looks at the dash and says “that is covered under the warranty, don’t worry!”.  Then I show her the door handle, she gives me this smile ( I think I have gotten to know her well, from being in there) so I thought to myself… I bet she has an idea, no way she will blame it on my critters!  No, she did not blame them at all!!  Better yet she begins to explain to me, that it is NOT going to be covered under the warranty, because someone had tried to break into it using a screw driver.  What the heck???  Why would someone want to break into my rig?  Seriously, what kind of moron are you?  So she (with her finger) starts to show me exactly what they do, and is explaining the different steps that they take to keep from triggering the alarm system.  Seriously people?  People work pretty hard with those little sticky fingers, it takes much patience and time to work at this.  If you have that much of both of those things on your schedule, YOU COULD GET PAID HUGE to work at a job!   So as you can see…. some sticky fingers are in my neighborhood trying to either take my entire car, or possibly just the stereo that is in it.  Either way… stop go away, and earn your own, I worked hard to buy that thing and earn it honestly!  Please go do the same for yourself!

Then this morning around 9am (so I’ve heard from the neighbors).  Someone broke into the neighbor’s house.  I don’t know if they got anything or not, but I do know that their security system is what notified the police to come to their house.  Really, another land of entitlement try there!

So, tonight I have spent my time looking for security systems.  Do you have any suggestions?  Any certain companies that you have had that you LOVE or companies that you would suggest to NOT consider?  Any companies that would absolutely LOVE to give a military family a discount??!!!  Either way, we are looking for a security company and would prefer to do something MUCH sooner than later!  And I really think that I would like the video camera system.

Again, any suggestions about companies or even options that we should consider, would be greatly appreciated!

Beautiful skies

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Ok, okay, I’ll give it to you. I really don’t see much beauty in Las Vegas. We live in North Las Vegas, and as my visitors say “everything looks the same around here, I don’t know how you can remember where to turn” I will just say that you learn quickly after living here for a brief moment, that everything DOES NOT look the same, and you do figure it out WAY to quickly!

Just like the fast paced world of Vegas, you learn to just drive. I drive to the school each morning and back home. In the afternoon, I go pick up the boys from school and come right back home. Usually just another hour later on a few days, we are back in the car and on our way to Taekwondo then home again for the evening. So much routine… so the kids and I usually sing songs. No radio, just us. I so miss singing in church, I guess I just really miss singing all together. So, we sing…. I lift my voice I have been given to God. I’m sure that I am not a fantastic singer, but I do know that I was given a talent, that I have not used in many years.

I guess to get to the point of this…. we were driving out of the parking lot of Taekwondo, and there was this vision of Peace. We turned to the right, and at each stop sign, of course what do you need to do???? Yep, look to your left! I have VERY tinted windows on my car (the sun really beats in, in the summer if you don’t), and of course the tinted windows give it a deeper red color, but I could not get that view for you, because the flash kept going on the window. So, I finally pulled over to the side of the road, and these pictures, are what I saw….

I was not only blessed that day with the ability to sing songs with my children, but to also see a special glimpse of nothing but PEACE! I have had a really rough wk, and this really lifted my spirits, to let me know… no matter how bad it might be, no matter how confused I might be, there is definetly Peace within Him! It was well worth my stop to take the view in, and I knew I needed to share with you, these Beautiful skies!