Spring is here!

Spring is totally here!!  I really like the winters here in Vegas, because it is cool and the temperatures are just right (NOT HOT)!  I will not pretend that I don’t enjoy the Spring, because I do!!

My husband did not come home last night (he had to work), this is nothing really new!  However he did come home by 11 this morning.  A friend of mine started texting me, and I thought… what perfect timing, Sean is here to watch the girls for me!!  My friend has been taking me out the past couple of years for my birthday breakfast (she is so thoughtful and wonderful!)  So this last year (her birthday is just before Christmas) I decided I was going to take her out, her choice!  So the holidays came and went, and then I left for the funeral, and since I have been back I have been so sick (I am finally better, for a whole wk now!)  So we got to go to lunch!!  It was her and her children and me!  It gave me just a moment by myself and… a time to sit with a friend.  It was a great visit!!

Then on my way home, I thought about how beautiful it is out today, so I looked down to see what the temperature was… 66!!!  Wow!!!  It is so great outside, I can hardly believe it.  I was only home for a brief moment, and Sean had already put up the kids new coat rack!  So it was time to clean out the closet!  YIPPIE!!!

Sean left pretty quickly,  we will just say Jaden is not the only one in Taekwondo any longer!  So as he was leaving, I walked him outside, and thought.  I should really put the stroller back in the car.   Seems like every time I turn around I could really use it, and it’s never there!  So I got it out of the gym room (which I never use, because it has become the catch all room)  and put it in the car and then I decided such a nice day!!  I should do something productive…. clean my rig and move the car seats around!  So that is exactly what I did.

I would have to say I absolutely LOVE  the Spring and opening the windows for fresh air!  Even though the Winter is not cold here, leaving the windows open non stop is not something that you can do.  Spring on the other hand…. open windows and enjoy the outdoors until Summer comes and then I live in my cave again!

What did you do, or what are you doing on the great Spring days?  I am just enjoying each moment!

2 thoughts on “Spring is here!

  1. Spring in GA does not call for open windows due to the pollen, so I envy your fresh air in the house days! If we did that, everything would be covered in green-yellow pine pollen. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

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