Spelling test results

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We are so excited for Jaden!  He worked so hard that he got his 1st A on a spelling test!   He was also given a B on last wks test!  I can’t wait to see what he will do this wk!

If you try to read his sentence… just sound it out.  The sentence really does not make sense to me, I understand what words he was writing, but he insists that he teacher made up the sentence.  ( I don’t think that is the sentence she really wanted him to write, but shhhh, he thinks so!)  And I also noticed that she correct his capital letter F, but did not mark it wrong this time…. I’m a bit confused since she said she had to deduct for capital letters on the actual spelling words…. but I’ll let him take the A!!!

Way to go Jaden, all this extra hard work is paying off, and I am so proud!  Not only in this class is he doing well, but ALL of his grades are improving!

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