Day 1 Colonial Williamsburg

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Day 1 the choice was Colonial Williamsburg.  When planning the vacation, we (my sister and I) had found some different packages and broke them down, to figure out if package pricing or individual pricing was going to be better for us.  I will try to remember to tell how we did each of our pricings for the day!

Colonial Williamsburg, we thought would not only be educational, but since my husband and mom are history buffs, that they would enjoy it also.  We liked the idea of the hands on with the children.  There being 7 kids, hands on is really the only way to go!  Non touching just does not seem to happen with 7 children all 9 years and under down to age 2.  So touch away we say! 

Our thoughts of what was going to be happening were not exactly as it was.  We thought that the kids would be more active in each of the events being taught how to make bricks and such.  Maybe we just did not hit the right areas, but it was still fun to go through.  The t0wn part (which was most of it) you can hit for free.  It’s just the museums and tours that you are paying for.  So, if your not into the museum things, you might want to just do the walking of the town, trust me, just that will take you all day! 

Strollers, take strollers, to all of these places if you have little ones.  Yes, some areas you are not able to get strollers into, but you will so have to carry you critters… so take those strollers!  We had 2 individual and 1 double with us.  Shyla would have never been able to walk the entire route!  It was a lot of walking and standing.  And my double stroller, while at times it would have been nice, would have been a pain in my rear!  My sisters double was a side by side, and it made it nice for the kids to get in and out of quickly!  So take your strollers if you have little ones!

Just a little hint!!!  Use the bathrooms as you find them!  My poor little ones had accidents.  So if traveling with the little critters USE THEM POTTIES!!!  Luckily the accidents were as we were heading back to the car, because being an unprepared mommy of 3, I did NOT pack extra clothing….. I was so sad for the critters…

After telling you about potties, I am going to tell you about drinks!  They have these drink cups!  Refillable drink cups!  Free refills, not sure if this is every year, but for this summer, free refills all summer!  So we bought some cups and filled them up all day.  Most of the places have the fountain drinks, so we kept getting lemonade.  However one of the shops, kind of off the beaten path had Root Beer Floats!  Ohhhh so yummy on a hot day!

We had a great time, and everyone got along, my parents are each still in one piece.  The kids loved spending time with the other kids.  With this all being outdoors, there were times, that they could get ahead of us, to burn out some extra energy.  My mom and Sean loved being able to take in the history parts! 

This was a Garden area that my sister absolutely loved.  We kept meaning to go back all wk, because she is wanting a Magnolia tree so bad.  And we forgot to actually look for one the first time.  We never made it back so she was bummed!  Maybe we can find her one soon??  This area was very nice, and is where I took the picture of the kids in front of the tree!  Did you see the tree?  It looked fake, it was real.  Not sure what kind it was, but it was soooo cool.  They had them all over town.

One of the men we met while walking through town, was a local!  He had recommended a restaurant for us to go to.  It was back closer to our hotel.  So, we went, it was a place my sister was interested in going anyways, so all that much better to be recommended.  Was I impressed by it?  NOPE, so we won’t go there, however I will say, that my sisters little  guy, had a VERY bad stomach and had a major deal going on, so she had to take a napkin from the table back to the hotel with us.  I would call it stealing, but she says she gave the employes the chance to tell her she could not take it.  She offered to leave it!!!

Anyways this was a nice place to visit!  We bought the tickets over the phone (you can buy online too for same price, but in person is more).  We purchased the Bounce Pass (Colonial Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Water Country USA for 7 days unlimited)  We picked the tickets up at the window!  They were very nice on the phone and in person!  You are able to utilize a military discount if you wish.  For us, being there for 7 days and going to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, it was better to buy the bounce tickets!

The bounce tickets online sale price good for up to 7 consecutive days!  $103.60 each adult and youth $86.80 each.  This saved us money, because we would not have to pay for the 3 year olds at Busch Gardens or Water Country USA.  Look at the site I connected to, it will give you fantastic breakdowns.  No extra discounts on the packages, but these were the best way for our families to go!  Especially if you know that you want to hit places more than once!  If you are not sure, just ask the associates on the phone, they were more than happy to help!






Road trip leaving Las Vegas

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The day we left Vegas, was I will say early.  I think we left around 3:30 AM.  My husband loves to start off early, so that the kids are sleeping and not as bored!  Can’t say that I blame him.  In case I haven’t fully explained.  Our road trip is going to be leaving Las Vegas to Williamsburg, VA.  This is Sean and I’s first vacation (we never even had a honeymoon)  and the first trip away with our kids.  Sean and I have been together for 20 years and married for almost 18.  Yep, first vacation!  Our vacation is meeting with my sister and her kids, and my mom, and my dad.  My parents have been divorced since I was 11, and don’t get along, we will say it is better for them to be apart!  So this will be very interesting. (my sister is riding with both parents in 1 car and 4 kids YEAH for her!)

While sitting passenger I have a few tendencies.  I seem to doze off ALOT.  On purpose (not usually), and I day-dream often.  I really do not pay attention to where we are, or anything else.  So when my husband sees something of interest he will give me a nudge to take a peak!  Not to often that you get to see…. a motorcycle driving down the highway with a bicycle and a luggage and a fan all connected!  However yes we did see it, and I took a picture because how else could you possibly believe something like that?

The first day we did 1100 miles!  My lovely husband did all the driving.  We did not do much planning, we are the kind that drive as long as we can and then just find a place to stop.  The first night my husband says “we can stop now, or I can drive for a few more hours if we can just find the ball game on the radio.”  So we searched on the radio and could not find the game for a while, so I decided I am paying for this glorious iPhone, I might as well utilize it.  So, I found the game on the phone.  Now to be totally serious, do you know what game it is?  NBA Final Four!  Did I tell you we were just a few hours away from Oklahoma City?  And so by the time the game was over, we were in Oklahoma City.  Do you know where the games were held?  Oklahoma City.  Do you know what city and cities surrounding were all booked up in hotels?  You guessed it, everything surrounding Oklahoma City! 

I did happen to find this little hotel that had a room for us!  Needless to say, that the main door was under lock and key!  I had to talk to the lady through a little hole in the window.  I went and checked with Sean to make sure that this was cool with him.  He was so tired he just wanted to sleep for a couple of hours.  I get the key and walk back to the car, I explain to him where our room was.  He pulled the kids out rather quickly, handed me a few things, and said “go as quick as you can to the room, this is not a place for us to be”  it was nearly 3 am.  Once we got up to our room, and shut the door, he went and found a parking space.  When he came up to the room, he said “this hooker kept walking around down there”.  I’m sure he did not know if this was her true occupation, but he was pretty sure about his presumption.  Upon checking out the room, we found this very odd shower.  As you probably already saw… I took a picture.  I don’t think that it is odd, because of it being a corner shower, I think it odd, because of where the shower head is.  Did you look closely?  You step into the shower (door to your back) you must turn around to face the shower curtain and look up to see the shower head.  That is totally weird to me!  So I thought it to be funny and wanted to share my smile with you!  That morning around 7 he got us all up and moving again. 

We were driving and I decided to look at the map, we found out we would be hitting Nashville around 7pm and thought it would be nice to drive a bit out-of-the-way to visit his family.  So we drove to Clarksville, TN.  We were able to spend the night WED and Thur.  His parents were thrilled at the surprise (we never called we just let the kids go ring the bell) Sean’s sister and boyfriend are living there for the summer too, so we had a great short visit with them.  They even did a birthday cake for Shyla (she was turning 4 on Sunday) and we had brought the gifts that they mailed to her, so that she could open them, so they got to see that too!  What a fantastic time we had with them!

On the road again Friday for our 1 wk destination!  Vacation time!  We were in the new hotel for about an hour, when my sisters clan arrived!  And dinner of course.  I absolutely love… Cracker Barrel.  YUMMY… every time I take a road trip, I have to go there…. nothing but the Chicken and Dumplings for me.  Side dishes???  Honestly…. I must have dumplings and mashed potatoes…..  dumplings dumplings… and more dumplings….

The hotel was not great.  My sister is trying to work out some problems right now, not sure that she is going to get anywhere, but none the less she is trying.  I secured 2 rooms, the wk before we left.  2 suites to be exact!  This was there would be enough beds and space for each of my parents.  My family took my dad, and my sister took my mom.

My dad was going to sleep on the pull out couch.  Yep, broken!!!  So he immediately called the front desk to tell them… no response and no help.  My sister’s room had a leaky sink, the floor was saturated.  She called on that also!  The next morning since we still had  not heard anything I went down and asked for a fold up be to replace the broken pull out, they said that they would give it to me at NO charge, and that they would work on my sister’s room while we were gone and put a blower in there to dry the room.  NOTHING was done, the floor was soaked, the water came on your foot as you walked.  There was no bed in our room.  The next day, we complained again, they did go in my sister’s room, but they put her VERY EXPENSIVE leather piece of luggage on the wet floor.  NOT they my sister, THEY the workers when they did whatever they were doing.  Needless to say… EXPENSIVE LUGGAGE now ruined.  Not sure what day they finally brought the bed up to my dad.  Oh.. they knew that there was 6 people to a room, and my sister’s room only had 3 pillows, it took them a few days to come up with pillows too!  Good thing we were only in the rooms to sleep!

So this was our travel time, I had a very fun time and the kids did too.  They wore themselves out all wk.  I can’t wait for you to read the fun!  I had some fun pictures that I am excited to see!  And yes… my parents both arrived safe and sound, no one was hurt by anyone on their trip!!!






This is how we do it now!

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And this is how we do it now!  Sean likes to play softball, but I personally think it is too hot in Vegas for outdoor sports in the summer.

Sean found some teams that play all year round!  I really love to go watch the game when we can, but with the time frame the games are and Jaden’s bed time.  Many times we can’t go.  Have I ever told you I love the winters in Vegas, that is probably all I love about Vegas!  I’m kidding there are some other things that I can enjoy!  Anyways… I grew up around softball, and I have never seen anything so crazy as this!  Me and the kids can go during the summer!  We sit inside as you can see!  If my husband and the other dudes want to play in 110 degrees, so be it, but I will watch in comfort!

My sister had called and I told her where we were going.  I think she thought I was crazy… sitting outside in over 100 degrees to watch 2 games of softball.  So I sent her these pictures!  For those who love to watch and play, these type of indoor viewing it the thing!

Reality check! I’m pooped!

I think I am in major need of a REALITY CHECK!  I am taking a small break right now from the normal grind, but also because… I’m pooped!

This is the fun that our life is going to bring over the next two wks!  Last wk. was Jaden’s last day of 1st grade!  We are so proud of him!  He will be a 2nd grader next year, he worked so hard and pulled off some decent grades.  Not what we would really like, but so much better than what it sounded like in January!  So as a last-minute thing (as I always seem to do everything LAST MINUTE) I decided I was for sure going to take all the kids to Ohio for the summer!

Not only have I decided to take the kids to Ohio for the summer, but my sister and I have been talking if I was to come that way, we should go somewhere, do something with the kids.  One of the things of the list of maybies was… the beach.  Since I just decided last wk, that I was for sure going to go back, and that I also talked Sean into…. our 1st vacation EVER.  Yes, EVER!!  We never took a honeymoon, and we have always used our vacation time to go back to Ohio and then make small visits to Michigan or TN, that I wanted… I basically didn’t ask… I just told him that I thought we should do this.  And mentioned the beach and I also mentioned to go to Williamsburg, VA  (History is Sean’s favorite thing!)  So, Williamsburg VA for our FIRST VACATION.

No, sillies, this is not the reality check.  The check is simple….WHAT WERE WE THINKING?  We invited my mom and dad.  For those who have not read previous posts.  You should really take a peak of some of the ones about my mom, it will really fill you in on some details!  And for Carol, you were looking forward to future posts, this is yours!  My mom and dad have been divorced for a bit over 25 years.  Long time right?  Well, another good read would be my sisters post!  She has a bit of Anxiety!  I don’t know why…. (sarcasm)  my dad thinks he is cool and funny, so he acts stupid and immature.  My mom has NO tolerance for anyone, let alone him.  My POOOOOOR sister is riding in a car with the both of them and her 4 children (9,7,3,2)  That should be a fun ride.

Ok, to put it a bit better, we are driving from Vegas.  I asked my husband if he wanted to drive straight to VA, or stop in Ohio to rent a VAN and save some gas money by us all driving in one rig with them!  I thought it wouldn’t be a bad day, since at that point we would already be in a car with our 3 kids for 3 days!  This was Sean…”I don’t want to sound rude, but you need to tell your sister there is NO way I am being locked in a car with your mom or your dad for 8 hours.  And for sure, not the both of them together!  And Aye, I am no way going to be stuck with the both of them and 7 kids, it just ain’t happening.  I have no patience it just aint happening, I will drive our car if you want to ride that’s fine, I will pay for all my own gas it’s worth the sanity”

So, needless to say, we are driving all the way to Williamsburg, VA all 2500 some miles!  And he has informed me that when he fly back to Vegas, he is not flying back to drive us back home, I need to get a friend or someone!  This time he was not being mean, I know he just hates the road trips.  He loves to travel, but he hates using his vacation time doing nothing but driving!

My mom has said that she will ride back with me, because she LOVES to be on the traveling side!  That should be fun…. (as I clear my throat).

When we are there our plan is… Busch Gardens, Water Country USA, and a few of the different Historical sites.  I will give you all the information as they happen!  Or so I hope too!  I will try (attempt) to post on my Facebook page, so come make suggestions if you would like on great things to do!  I hope to see you here and there!

Road trip will begin in a few short hours, it will be long…. but fun I hope!  I am worried my mom will try to take control of the vacation.  I’m also worried that my dad will make an idiot of himself and we will all get irritated at him.  So… maybe since I am pooped from doing everything in 2 days to get ready… I should go put the critters to bed and catch some shut-eye, myself!

Can’t wait!  I have no idea what we were thinking inviting them both on the same vacation!