2012 Fireworks

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We went with my sister and her family this year to watch fireworks.  The kids loved watching all the lights.  I think Schyler enjoyed dancing to the view more than having a sitting view.  The tree seemed to make a great partner for her!

This year has been so hot in Ohio, I don’t think I ever remember it being so hot!  However the 4th really was nice out!  We had a great time, 3 adults 7 children, what’s not great about that!  I sure hope that the kids will keep getting the chances to know one another over the years!

I’m beautiful now!

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We were staying at my mom’s house.  It had been a rough wk.  Schyler had been running a fever all wkend and then Shyla took to an extremely high temperature.  Schyler decided while everyone was tending to sickness and mommy wasn’t paying attention.  She would work on a little beautifying! 

My eyeshadow has 2 pallets in it, one is black and the other is white.  As you can see it has a small amount of shimmer.  It is absolutely beautiful if you use just a little.  However, in Schyler’s case, she thought that more meant, even more beautiful!  She is so darn cute, and I must say that she was very gentle about getting into it, cause there are no scrapes in the shadow from her nails!  How nice that she didn’t ruin the pack!

Aparently she even watched my trick!  I was told a long time ago, if you want your lip stick to last for a long time, you should use a base of shadow on your lip first… well she remembered!

technique of painting!

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My technique of painting, is probably only for those of you who can tolerate. A half done job! I will get it done you just have to give me a bit to do it. A bit all over the house that is!

First let me start by saying when we were moving around my dad’s furniture (my sister and I) the other wk, we noticed that he had a hole in the wall where, when he in past had satellite tv, the wire just came out of the wall, no plate to cover it. Well he decided when we were not here, that he would put a plate over it! He was so excited when we were going to pull out everything to start painting, that he didn’t even notice that the plate was for a light switch! We got a bit of a chuckle out of it!

My painting technique is I start a little here and a little here. You will see if you watch the slide show. I will admit it, I can’t stand doing the trim work, so I think rather than procrastinate about it, I might as well start the job that I don’t mind and not think about the part I dislike. I truly just don’t even let my mind wander to it, until I am done with what I don’t mind! This would be the truth of why the walls in the pictures look the way they do. While I was painting “MY WAY”, my sister who does NOT like to paint was putting up the tape and filling in holes in the walls (if you have a hole in your wall, so you just put a picture over it? Neither do I!, but our dad does), and my dad??? Still not sure what he was doing the entire time! We did make him run back and forth to get things, but that was mostly because he was not doing much of anything else, and it’s his house!

At one point, I think she was painting, but because of the situation I don’t really remember. My sister was standing on a chair to do the high ceiling area. She lost her balance, there was only enough room for the chair to fit between the wall and the cedar chest. The chair went flying towards the tv, and Andrea was fully embraced with nothing but pure air! My goodness, her brain was going fast, because in less than a millisecond she had to try to flip her body because her choices were go through the window or fall half on the cedar chest. She chose the cedar chest, and her foot chose to go through the chair. literally her foot broke the leg of the chair in half. This is an older style 80’s chair, you know the ones with the thick square legs. Yep, that is what her foot broke. I did all I could not to laugh right away, when finding out that she was ok, because honestly… there is no way that she should have been ok. She could have really gotten hurt bad, luckily she did not! So, now thinking back, I can’t help but laugh till I cry. Her face I will never forget, she literally flew for a moment!

Schyler was sick all day, so I had her sleeping in my room at the house, and my mom kept my other 2 kids at her house. At one point Schyler came out of the room and rubbed right up against the wall. You would have thought that I dipped her into the paint!

When the painting is done we will be having flooring installed! This house should look great next wk! This is the 2 choices in the picture that we narrowed down to, and chose the one on the right! Great choice I hope!

Anyways this was the start of our painting, and NOBODY wants to paint with me, I’m not quite sure why….. but I had fun, even though it’s not pretty when you paint a little in every room in the house! But when you have fun with those that are with you! It makes it totally worth the randomness!

Drive to Ohio

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Our drive to Ohio, at the end of our “family vacation” was a good time for the critters to catch up on some sleep!

Not sure what happened but our drive ended up a VERY long one. I will safely say that it was a good thing that we were not driving in a van with the entire herd that vacationed together! The GPS took us from Williamsburg, VA to Ohio just fine, but going north trough DC and Pennsylvania? Really, how is that the most direct route? And traffic? Yes, there was stopped traffic! Not.. slowed traffic… stopped traffic. Before coming up to the traffic issue…

My sister and I were texting most of the time in the cars. Mile markers and such, so we knew how far apart we were. At one point they needed to stop for potty breaks, but Sean didn’t really want to stop, so we kept going. Not much up the road ( few exits probably) there was a Cabela’s. So we made a Family decision to stop! Good bathroom break right? Not to mention an indoor place to stretch our legs! I absolutely love to go to the Bargain Cave’s! We were in about an hour when we decided that they had to be ahead of us on the road by now. So we got back on the highway. I texted Andrea to see where they were. They were stuck in stopped traffic. She kept asking where we were and telling me about the traffic. I didn’t tell her where we were, but did tell her we did not find traffic. Me being the smart person that I am, thought that maybe they were taking different route by now. Nope, hold it…. stop!!!!!! There we were at the back of the line, in nothing but.. STOPPED TRAFFIC! We weren’t there nearly as long as they were, nor did we have the exciting odor, that they had. She ran out of baby wipes, and her little guy needed another diaper change… From what I hear, it was bad… guess I really do prefer being in my own car. It took me awhile to admit that we were behind her in traffic, but finally I did. When the diaper issue was happening, we tried figuring how far ahead they were so Sean could run the wipes up to them. However they were tooo many miles up the road, still in the same stuck traffic.

So, another hint to the wise… pack extra wipes, maybe an entire box full!! you never know!!!

The trip was very long to get to Ohio, but we finally all made it safe and sound! Saturday I had to take Sean to the airport so he could go back to Vegas. While me and the critters stay in Ohio for the summer! Don’t get me wrong I miss my husband, but I don’t miss the heat of Vegas.

Return the last day

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This was our last day, and since the first day we never made to the Sesame Street area, we thought that we should return!

We wanted to not only hit the kiddie area, but also hit a couple of the roller coasters that the bigger critters could ride. At one point, my mom who does not ride roller coasters even got on. We took her on the Griffon! We sat in the second row, just so she would be good. She couldn’t see much because she didn’t have her glasses on, but she didn’t puke! So that was an added plus. She sat between my sister and I, and my dad sat on my other side. It was just like being kids again, with our parents right beside us… just kidding. The first time around my sister, Sean, dad and myself had ridden in the first row. It was a blast. I think that this is my favorite ride! When we were young My mom never rode the coasters with us, and I know that my sister wasn’t old enough to completely remember these types of events with my parents together. It was nice that they have gotten along the entire wk. And that they both helped out ALOT with the kids, without either of us ever asking!

Shyla and Schyler loved going to the kiddie area and getting her pictures taken with the different characters! Ok, maybe Jaden loved the characters the most! They LOVED the water area, but of course what kid wouldn’t on a hot day. Sean promised to take the kids on a water log ride, so he took them on Escape From Pompeii Water Ride, it was sad, because once again it was something that Shyla could not ride because of course she was too small, but she did stand at the bottom and watch everyone keep coming down so that she could get splashed! She was even more soaked from standing there, then what the boys were when they came off the ride!

The little critters finally got to hit some roller coasters themselves! And with the assistance of my sister and my lovely husband Sean, even the littlest ones got to ride! Land of the Dragons, and Sesame Forest of Fun, were there 2 most favorite areas I think!

From this point we called it an end to our adventure. We had spent another full day at the park. And had a great Vacation. Thank you Williamsburg for such a memorable family vacation for us! We were able to hit pretty much everything in one wk. Don’t get me wrong there was definitely a lot that we missed that we would have loved to have experienced. But we were tired by the end of our wk! That’s a good thing!!

Day 3&4 Our little Junior Rangers

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Jamestown Settlement was on our list this day!  This was an adventure that we will love and remember.  This was truly a hands-on experience for the kids!  This was another package deal that we found.  Jamestown and Yorktown Four-Site Value Ticket & Package. 

The kids loved Jamestown Settlement, they were able to hurry along the little path along the trees (trees mean bugs!  Jaden loves bugs and wildlife, however he was bummed that there were no alligators, he really seems to like them these days!  My sister was just happy that she didn’t see any snakes!  Yes I know snakes and outdoors go well together, but for my sister… nope… she don’t do snakes, so here and there I choose to remind her that they could possibly fall out of a tree!)  Along the one of the paths was a village setup where an Indian helped the kids to learn to make rope.  they were at it, for a bit on our walk.  They totally liked the ideas of how things used to be made.  Unlike the idea of today, where if we need it, we run to the closest to store to pick up some string, instead of finding something outside to make it from!  Then we came upon the boats!  Boat, ships they both equal fun times for the kids.  They were up and down, all around the boat.  The employees were great and would answer any questions that we had, or give you little talks about that particular area of the boat on which it may have been used for back in the day!

We also made it to Yorktown, this was another great adventure for those history buffs!  My sister purchased a book for each of the kids at the start, from the bookstore, so that they could each get a souvenir at the end.  FYI:  fill the book out as you go through!  We didn’t read or even look at it to start thinking it would be something that we could fill out at the end of the day!  We could fill out bits and pieces of it, but some of the information you needed to go back to the signs to get the information from.  So, again we sort of had to split up and go back to review different areas, we were on a time crunch of 15 minutes to make it back to the start so that we could have them turned in on time!  So, Sean literally ran to some of the areas!  Thank God for a physically fit husband who runs on a regular basis!  Thank you military for make him stay in shape!  The kids were so excited.  As you can see in the pictures, they were given status of Junior Rangers, and gave their oath!  I didn’t know this, but kids can do this program at every National park.  Hey!!! Military, you get into National Parks free this year!  Why not take some time to hit some?  Check with the admissions area about the Junior Rangers!  It was fun!!!  They were each given a patch!

If you are going to be doing traveling no matter if you are young or old, you may enjoy having this book!  Passport to your National Parks, explorer edition.  This is the one that we have had for Jaden since 2007 when we made the move from Alaska to Las Vegas.  The problem that we have had is we forget to take the book with us.  However, I think a good idea is going to be to take the pages out and put them in my console so I will always have them with us.  My mom made the purchase for each of the girls to now have a book, so this gave Jaden the extra pages!  Yeah!!

We were able to get this book stamped at all of the National Parks that we went to on this trip.  It will just be a little extra special something for them to hold on to for years to come!  Thanks to my mom for thinking of all the kids!

So we had a great time at each of these places as well!  I think our favorite parts were the ships and Pocahontas.  The things that we were able to learn of her that we really did not know!  Amazing!  All of it was amazing!

Don’t forget Military Families you can get into National Parks for free this year.  You will get a pass, to carry with you!  Look at these types of things when you are traveling to see if it will help you cut some expenses!