Day 3&4 Our little Junior Rangers

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Jamestown Settlement was on our list this day!  This was an adventure that we will love and remember.  This was truly a hands-on experience for the kids!  This was another package deal that we found.  Jamestown and Yorktown Four-Site Value Ticket & Package. 

The kids loved Jamestown Settlement, they were able to hurry along the little path along the trees (trees mean bugs!  Jaden loves bugs and wildlife, however he was bummed that there were no alligators, he really seems to like them these days!  My sister was just happy that she didn’t see any snakes!  Yes I know snakes and outdoors go well together, but for my sister… nope… she don’t do snakes, so here and there I choose to remind her that they could possibly fall out of a tree!)  Along the one of the paths was a village setup where an Indian helped the kids to learn to make rope.  they were at it, for a bit on our walk.  They totally liked the ideas of how things used to be made.  Unlike the idea of today, where if we need it, we run to the closest to store to pick up some string, instead of finding something outside to make it from!  Then we came upon the boats!  Boat, ships they both equal fun times for the kids.  They were up and down, all around the boat.  The employees were great and would answer any questions that we had, or give you little talks about that particular area of the boat on which it may have been used for back in the day!

We also made it to Yorktown, this was another great adventure for those history buffs!  My sister purchased a book for each of the kids at the start, from the bookstore, so that they could each get a souvenir at the end.  FYI:  fill the book out as you go through!  We didn’t read or even look at it to start thinking it would be something that we could fill out at the end of the day!  We could fill out bits and pieces of it, but some of the information you needed to go back to the signs to get the information from.  So, again we sort of had to split up and go back to review different areas, we were on a time crunch of 15 minutes to make it back to the start so that we could have them turned in on time!  So, Sean literally ran to some of the areas!  Thank God for a physically fit husband who runs on a regular basis!  Thank you military for make him stay in shape!  The kids were so excited.  As you can see in the pictures, they were given status of Junior Rangers, and gave their oath!  I didn’t know this, but kids can do this program at every National park.  Hey!!! Military, you get into National Parks free this year!  Why not take some time to hit some?  Check with the admissions area about the Junior Rangers!  It was fun!!!  They were each given a patch!

If you are going to be doing traveling no matter if you are young or old, you may enjoy having this book!  Passport to your National Parks, explorer edition.  This is the one that we have had for Jaden since 2007 when we made the move from Alaska to Las Vegas.  The problem that we have had is we forget to take the book with us.  However, I think a good idea is going to be to take the pages out and put them in my console so I will always have them with us.  My mom made the purchase for each of the girls to now have a book, so this gave Jaden the extra pages!  Yeah!!

We were able to get this book stamped at all of the National Parks that we went to on this trip.  It will just be a little extra special something for them to hold on to for years to come!  Thanks to my mom for thinking of all the kids!

So we had a great time at each of these places as well!  I think our favorite parts were the ships and Pocahontas.  The things that we were able to learn of her that we really did not know!  Amazing!  All of it was amazing!

Don’t forget Military Families you can get into National Parks for free this year.  You will get a pass, to carry with you!  Look at these types of things when you are traveling to see if it will help you cut some expenses!


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