technique of painting!

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My technique of painting, is probably only for those of you who can tolerate. A half done job! I will get it done you just have to give me a bit to do it. A bit all over the house that is!

First let me start by saying when we were moving around my dad’s furniture (my sister and I) the other wk, we noticed that he had a hole in the wall where, when he in past had satellite tv, the wire just came out of the wall, no plate to cover it. Well he decided when we were not here, that he would put a plate over it! He was so excited when we were going to pull out everything to start painting, that he didn’t even notice that the plate was for a light switch! We got a bit of a chuckle out of it!

My painting technique is I start a little here and a little here. You will see if you watch the slide show. I will admit it, I can’t stand doing the trim work, so I think rather than procrastinate about it, I might as well start the job that I don’t mind and not think about the part I dislike. I truly just don’t even let my mind wander to it, until I am done with what I don’t mind! This would be the truth of why the walls in the pictures look the way they do. While I was painting “MY WAY”, my sister who does NOT like to paint was putting up the tape and filling in holes in the walls (if you have a hole in your wall, so you just put a picture over it? Neither do I!, but our dad does), and my dad??? Still not sure what he was doing the entire time! We did make him run back and forth to get things, but that was mostly because he was not doing much of anything else, and it’s his house!

At one point, I think she was painting, but because of the situation I don’t really remember. My sister was standing on a chair to do the high ceiling area. She lost her balance, there was only enough room for the chair to fit between the wall and the cedar chest. The chair went flying towards the tv, and Andrea was fully embraced with nothing but pure air! My goodness, her brain was going fast, because in less than a millisecond she had to try to flip her body because her choices were go through the window or fall half on the cedar chest. She chose the cedar chest, and her foot chose to go through the chair. literally her foot broke the leg of the chair in half. This is an older style 80’s chair, you know the ones with the thick square legs. Yep, that is what her foot broke. I did all I could not to laugh right away, when finding out that she was ok, because honestly… there is no way that she should have been ok. She could have really gotten hurt bad, luckily she did not! So, now thinking back, I can’t help but laugh till I cry. Her face I will never forget, she literally flew for a moment!

Schyler was sick all day, so I had her sleeping in my room at the house, and my mom kept my other 2 kids at her house. At one point Schyler came out of the room and rubbed right up against the wall. You would have thought that I dipped her into the paint!

When the painting is done we will be having flooring installed! This house should look great next wk! This is the 2 choices in the picture that we narrowed down to, and chose the one on the right! Great choice I hope!

Anyways this was the start of our painting, and NOBODY wants to paint with me, I’m not quite sure why….. but I had fun, even though it’s not pretty when you paint a little in every room in the house! But when you have fun with those that are with you! It makes it totally worth the randomness!

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