I’m beautiful now!

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We were staying at my mom’s house.  It had been a rough wk.  Schyler had been running a fever all wkend and then Shyla took to an extremely high temperature.  Schyler decided while everyone was tending to sickness and mommy wasn’t paying attention.  She would work on a little beautifying! 

My eyeshadow has 2 pallets in it, one is black and the other is white.  As you can see it has a small amount of shimmer.  It is absolutely beautiful if you use just a little.  However, in Schyler’s case, she thought that more meant, even more beautiful!  She is so darn cute, and I must say that she was very gentle about getting into it, cause there are no scrapes in the shadow from her nails!  How nice that she didn’t ruin the pack!

Aparently she even watched my trick!  I was told a long time ago, if you want your lip stick to last for a long time, you should use a base of shadow on your lip first… well she remembered!

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