be responsible

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I seriously do not know how people do it!  How do you take this little creature from your home, drive it down the street in the middle of nowhere and scoot it out of your car?

I know that this little kitten must have been kept in doors.  It was so sweet, and cuddled right up to the kids.  I think that Jaden had the hardest time with it.  I believe that someone had just dropped the kitten off at the end of the drive just moments before Jaden found it.  It was not afraid at all and never tried to get away from him.  I’m sure he wished that I would have brought it home to Vegas with us.  There was no way that it was going to happen, this traveling was hard enough with 3 kids!

People seriously…. if you don’t want baby animals, get your adult animals fixed.  It is very cruel to drop them off in the middle of no where.  Take them to the pound or find them homes.  Only bad things can happen when you do this.  There are wild animals that could hurt these domestic animals.  Be a responsible adult… I’m not asking for much… just grow up and be a responsible pet owner!


School is in!

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School is in!  I so look forward to this day, so that the kids have more structure, and I know that Jaden gets all excited to be around his friends.  This is only the start of a crazy school year!  Our schedule is going to be NUTS!

We started the morning by getting me ready cause I know there would be NO stopping, not for a while anyways!  Then Shyla’s turn!  Yes, you read me right!  Shyla started a Pre-K program at an elementary school, it’s just around the corner, but for today I wanted to take her.  She has to be at her school and hour before Jaden has to be at his!  So our morning is starting at 6AM!!  She was so cute, she picked out her new school clothes of choice.  PINK…. yes I know she is a girl and this is probably normal, however I really am NOT a pink person.  She is not a morning person either, but she was up and at em’.  She took a shower, ate breakfast quickly, brushed her teeth, got dressed and did her hair with absolutely NO whining.  Ok, if you were to be around her, you would know that the whining is a NORMAL thing for her!  NOTHING… she was so good…. she even went to take pictures, she got a little upset because she thought everyone was going to school without her, since they were loading in the rig and I wanted to take outdoor pictures real quick…. then when we got to the school…. it started…. she has officially broke my heart…

I expected that since she was excited that she would be ready to let me leave her, but I was not expecting for her to jump out of the car, walk nicely to the teacher.  As I leaned down to give her a hug…. yes she held up her hand, and…. waved “bye mom”  that’s it???  That’s all??  No hug, no kiss, NO “I love you”….  I guess I should be proud of her, and I am… I’m just sad that my 4 yr old sent me packing so quickly….  It’s all good, I hope she just will give me a hug when she gets home!

I love that Jaden is eager to go to school and learn.  However I know that it is way more fun for him to be around all the children his own age.  He was all excited this morning, because I had bought him new shoes for school while we were in Ohio.  He picked them out all on his own!  Being in the charter school, he wears a uniform, so the backpack, lunchbox and shoes are about the only way that the kids can express who they are through their exterior!  Hey I’m not complaining, it makes it easy to decide what to wear!!  This is his first day of 2nd grade and I can’t wait till I pick him up, I am so excited to hear about his day!  He did give me hugs in the car (we have a drop off system at his school) told us that he loved us and gave big kisses.  That’s my boy!  He is 7 and in 2nd grade and still doesn’t rush his mommy off!  He even waves back at me when he walks away from the car!

This is going to be such a fun year for both of them.  Schyler is bored, but thankfully there is only an hour and a half between dropping Jaden off and picking up Shyla, so time will fly by!

I know most of you… school already started!  How did your first hours go?  Ok… alarm just went off, time to go pick up my independent girl!  Can’t wait to hear about her 1st day!

Precious Moments

20120812-090330.jpgWe had our pictures taken again, while visiting Ohio.  This is the only one I have gotten to see so far, but if it is anything at all…. the rest will be fantastic!

Lindsay Herstine does all of my sisters pictures, and this is the 2nd time that she has done them for us.  I will tell you that she did something extra special for us this year.  The session was mostly for my kids, but we added in my sisters 4 kids, and then did a little session with my mom and grandmother.  I am so excited to see the pictures when she has them all ready!

So if you are in Ohio, she might just be someone you would trust with your Precious Moments too!

Fun on the run!

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Road trips can be long, so at time you have to find ways, to have a little fun on the run!

I was talking to my sister on the phone, and my mom was asking her for something.  In return my sister asked my mom to return this divider type bowl and lid, that she had borrowed.  You see my sister used to cook food for my grandfather and send it over to him.  They only live across the street so it was easy.  With his dementia at times it was hard to get him to eat things because of the tricks that the cruel disease plays on the mind.  Well, somewhere along the way, the bowl was never returned to my sister, and one time in the not so far past, when Andrea was at mom’s house she saw the lid (if I’m not mistaken) but did not see the bowl.

When Andrea asked for the bowl on the phone (us being over a thousand miles from Ohio) that was the face that my mom made.  She said that she didn’t know what bowl she was referring to.  So I sent Andrea this picture of mom.  Andrea says that it is not a look of “confusion, but a look of guilt!”  I think she is right!!  Mom was busted!

When we stopped for dinner after doing over 900 miles in one day, the waitress gave the kids a sticker each.  As you can see, the sticker is not simply the creature within, but the extra little sticker peels too!  my mom was so kind as to cover their faces so it would look like they were tattooed.  they were able to release some energy before I put them all to bed!

These are are times of Fun On the RUN!





Groom Texas, Cross Ministries



20120812-090251.jpgUpon our drive again from Ohio to Las Vegas, with this being my moms first trip with us, I thought that I would really like to stop in Groom, Texas again to just reflect!  This time since I was not pregnant and high risk at that, I was able to walk around and see the view up close.

It was so amazing to see everything, and if you get the chance to visit in passing or just to make a special trip.  I’m sure you would enjoy the view!  They even had a little gift shop we were able to walk around in for just a bit!

A little bit of this and a little bit of that~

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Saturday was our busy day.  We have now been back home for a wk!  And it seems like everything was going to fall on this wkend!  A little bit of this and a little bit of that, will help keep everything from getting boring right?

We were up early to start the day off right!  Operation Home Front was doing their “back to school brigade”, and along with everything else I marked my calender with the wrong time frame!  We were there more than 2 hours early.  Needless to say we were the only ones there, so we decided to take a quick run over to the BX.  We wasted a little too much time there, because we got back to “back to school brigade” 10 minutes earlier than their doors were to open.  (Have I told you that it was HOT out already?)  We were lucky to stand in the shade for a bit, and then we moved out to the sun to wait in the line.  We were in the sun for about 20 minutes when Shyla obviously could not handle the heat anymore and puked.  She said nothing she just leaned over, puked in the sandy dirt.  I kicked some extra dirt over it, and Sean took her to the car to use the air conditioner to cool her off.  Because she doesn’t get all fussy about getting sick, only the people directly in front of us and behind us even noticed.

That was the excitement of waiting in line, but then when we finally reached the inside of the building we had shade and air conditioning!  Shyla and Jaden each were given so many great school supplies!  Have you been to one of the “back to school brigades”?  Backpacks, pencils, erasers, some books for the little ones, flash cards, calculators, pens, folders, binders, filler paper, notebooks, highlighters, and markers.  I’m sure I am missing a lot of other things.  They also had face painting and a lady doing balloons for the kids.  This is a great opportunity for Military Families to get up to speed on school supplies.  I know I still need to go purchase many more things, our school list this year is VERY long, but how nice is it that they donate items for Military Kids!  Thank you from me and my family to you if you were one of the many across the US to donate!

After all of our excitement, we had made an appointment at JCPenny!  Free back to school haircuts for kids!  Jaden and Shyla were on task!  Jaden’s hair was sticking up all over the place.  Just in case you have not made your appointment, they are filling up fast.  I was told that this was the first year that they had done this!  I am hoping that they continue next year!  JCPenny  thank you!  My kids love the cuts, and the stylist we had worked great with my kids!  This is only for the month of August so hurry and see if you can get your appointment!

On Sunday we had a birthday party that we were going to.  However I guess that the heat only contributed to Shyla’s puke, because on Sunday she was at it all day.  No party for her, but me and the other 2 kids went to celebrate a 1st birthday!

I hope you had a great wkend!







What NEVER happens

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Jaden was sick one day when we were in Ohio.  Goodness, my kids who never seem to be sick, are sick all of the time this summer….

My Mama, went outside and caught a frog, and put it in the bug container.  You see Jaden loves the outdoors, and LOVES collecting bugs and critters.  He does this all the time in Vegas, but in Ohio, my mom and grandmother have FROGS!!  He is outside as much as possible getting any and all frogs, a butterfly here and there too.  Anyways he had not been able to go out for a couple of reasons… HEAT and SICK.  So Mama slipped outside and caught this little frog for him.  She came inside (we thought that she was messing with her flowers as usual) and presented this frog to him.  He smiled and was thrilled.

You see  it was just a couple of years ago, that Mama and Papa would not even let him touch the frogs.  And you are never to bring living things into the house ( I don’t mind not bringing them in at all), but when she brought it in to him… I simply was taken back by her gesture.  It was so sweet that this was her way of trying to cheer him up~

It’s sad that we won’t have to many more of these visits with my grandmother, but I am so happy that we have been able to have these glorious memories~