Where was I?

The question seems to be…. WHERE WAS I?  I opened Shyla’s backpack today ( I know a bit late seeing as she has not been to school since  Thursday!)  She is only in Pre-K!  The teacher I guess was a bit concerned…

The note from the teacher says….  Is everything ok with you?  It’s not like you to not reply to a note.

This is how last wk went…..  It didn’t!!!  My husband had Monday off of work for the holiday, so he was up at 6 to take care of the kids for me!  Isn’t that sweet??  He took care of all kids!  He even attempted to do the girl’s hair.  (I’m soooo not going to put pictures up of that!)  However he did try to I am happy… The bus driver for Shyla even commented on Sean having Shyla completely ready, and not doing her hair outside as he pulls up (our routine is to do it sitting on the bricks out front)!  He also took leave on Tuesday for my birthday!  Yes I am yet another year older!  I don’t feel any older, but none the less I am! He did everything that day too!  This day when the driver picked her up, he had a hairbrush sitting there.  And started acting like he was brushing his hair, and asked if Sean needed it!  This guy is so funny, he is always happy every morning.  Sean got such a kick out of it!  Why Yes!  Sean took leave on Wednesday too!  This was because he was leaving to go hunting that night.

Wednesday was packed full….. Sean got the kids ready and off to school!  And let me sleep in one more day.  Of course you know you don’t really get to sleep in.  I was awake at normal 6, but just to lay in bed and know that he has things under control was nice!  As soon as the two were off to school, he went to work to take a test….. ( he thinks you can’t focus to take a test for some reason, we only had Schyler here)  I will admit it is very hard to focus with all the alarm clocks I have set, and he was on a timed test!  He got home at 1220, I’m not sure what he was thinking…. Schyler had a 1:15 appt way down town.  I had put her down for a nap, but she only slept for 1 1/2 hours.  I also had to leave, to go take my Insurance License Exam!  So he had to take both girls with him!!!

I passed my test!  I haven’t really spoke about it lately, but I finally decided to take the job offer.  In return I needed to get my Life and Health License again.  Which has meant A LOT of studying.  Luckily I passed it all!!  No more tests!!  Unless I decide to go back for my Property and Casualty license.  We will see how this goes.  I am so happy that the studying is over and done with!  It was hard the first time around but I only studied for 2 wks back in 2003.  Things have changed so much over the years.  I think that I let it all intimidate me this time around!  It’s done though, and I will be working VERY part-time!  The guy I am going to be working for is fantastic, and his two staff people are great.  I’ve been able to get to know them over the last 5 years.  It’s crazy that it’s taken me so long to agree to going back to work, but it’s part-time… I’m not ready to take anything away from my kids, but I think this will help me be ready for a move if I need to work when Sean retires!

Sean left Wednesday night, and everything around here was going smoothly, until Friday… The kids had off school and when I finally made it outside there were 3 cop cars.  I still don’t know what all was going on.  However I called the neighbor on the corner.  She wasn’t home but told me that the cops were at another house on our street earlier that morning.  I know the people that she was talking about, but did not know anything was going on at 730 in the morning.  The police were there for several hours, watching something and then one car pulled up to the house from the morning again.  I texted both of the people to see if they were home.  I had no reply….

Nothing else seemed to be going on, and I never saw anyone in the family until last night.  I was and have been very concerned all wkend.  We seem to know this family very well, and our children play together.  We even car pool.  So this concerned me even more. …. Last night while talking to the other neighbor, the out-of-town parents came around the corner and a couple of minutes left again.  My stomach just started churning…. My concern grew very strong.  So my friend and I walked down to their house.  The wife came to the door with the small kids.  We asked if everything was ok.  She seemed to try to blow it off, until the one child said “my daddy went to a special place to take care of his special sickness”… she just kind of smiled as to try to laugh it off.  She wasn’t going to say anything just that he was going to be gone for a while.

Where does this leave us? Is there decisions that I need to make?  She said her parents are going to pick up her husband’s carpool.  Do we do this?  Or should I just say that I’m going to drive in the mornings and I will pick up their son?  The other mom said that we should consider this, until we find out what is going on.  Things are off right now, and we are very concerned.  I know that she owes us nothing and does not need to divulge their problems with us, but if things are not stable I’m not sure that they need the extra stress of carpooling….

Am I jumping overboard?  I found out that this was the third time that wk, that the cops were at their house.  Do I have the right to be concerned?  I don’t just want to be a nosey neighbor, I think of them as friends and am very concerned for their family.  I’ve done a lot of praying and that their family find the strength that they need to get through whatever may be going on.

So, this is where I was last wk… being concerned, passing my test, sending my husband on a hunting trip and becoming another year older!

Kitchen play

We went to our friends house for dinner a couple of wks ago.  And her kids had a new play kitchen.  I’m really not a big person all loving the huge toys!  However the girls played with it the entire time we were there.

This kitchen is made by Kidkraft.  It is the…KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen Playset.  I love it, and the girls are IN LOVE with it!  So I had to make the purchase!  I ordered it through Kohls, they did not sell it in the our store, so I called and placed the order over the phone!  It takes up a bit of space, and is very bright colored!  They have other colors to choose from, like pastel and white, with primary colors!  My girls liked the bright color!

This is not a CHEAP kitchen, so if it is something that you are interested in, I suggest price matching!  And using coupons!  On the phone Kohls would not let me use my 30% off coupon, but they did allow me to use a 15% off coupon, and they price matched!  So, this brought my total way down and I was given Kohls Cash!!

The girls have played most everyday with the kitchen, they have found all of their dishes and have everything ready to go!  They love the microwave.  The fridge is storing some things in it that I would not typically think need to be refridgerated, but hey, they are 2 and 4 years old!

Picture time! Memory time!

It’s been a couple of wks now, but we got our pictures back from the Ohio trip. Lindsay Herstine Photography is the perfect personal touch with keeping my memories and my sisters in hand!  And now I have them to share!

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I usually don’t put photos of myself on here, but there is a picture that she took of Schyler and I that I absolutely melt with!  It just shows you there are those moments that it’s all about just the two of you!

When I told my sister that I wanted to do these pictures again, she had a great idea.  Her idea was that we would take all 7 kids so that they could be together, and then we would used these photos as gifts to our parents.  Hey great idea right?  Well, then it got a bit out of hand when my mom and I were talking and I let it slip that I was having the photos done, and she then wanted to take my grandmother with us.  One thing led to another and I will just let it be said that the pictures that were taken turned out very nice!  And that there will be NO gifts for our mom in the form of pictures!

I am very happy that my grandmother was able to get pictures taken with the kids, they looked very nice, and I love the ones that she is walking with them.  And the ones by the water with the kids, is a little extra touch  of looking into the future for me!

Thank you Andrea for having a great idea of letting the kids be together.  I might be a booger sometimes in voicing my opinion about certain subjects but this is a memory that you have given all of us!  And thank you Lindsey for doing such a great job!

Feeties are in needies

My feeties are in needies!  Needies of help that is!  I finally broke down and went to the doctor office.  Luckily on Thursday when I was ready to call in they were able to make me an appointment right away.

The truth of the matter is, that I have not been up to doing much of anything lately.  While I was still in Ohio (the last couple of days of July) my right foot started hurting pretty badly.  It was in my heal area.  It didn’t hurt all of the time (just tender), except after I had sat for a few minutes or slept, then when I would first stand up, I would be in solid pain.

A couple of wks ago, my left foot started hurting.  This was in the same area, but not as bad as the right yet!  Then when sitting a reached down to kind of rub on my left foot, I thought that a small massage might just help a bit.  WRONG!! When I touched the back part of my ankle, I about came unglued…. it hurt so bad.  So I decided at that point I should just go to the doctor, because I couldn’t go without both feet!!

I was told that I have in my right foot, Planteas Fascia.  And in my left foot I have Plantars Fascia and Achilles tendinitis.   Boy aren’t I the lucky one.  He said that the left one was probably triggered from having to put so much extra  pressure on it, because of the right one bothering me for so long.

When I asked what is better, just to stay on them all the time, or to rest?  His comment was one of confusion.  He said…. “rest would be better if you could just stay off of them for the next 2 wks straight”  UMMM  I don’t think that is going to be happening with three small children!  So he just smiled and said it would just have to serve its time!

I also asked if there is anything that I could do to help prevent this from happening again.  He said not really, that is might happen again, but just as anything else, is would be easier on my feet if I could lessen the load.  He is referring to me loosing weight!

I am already on some medication for inflammation from my shoulder.  He said that this should have been helping and that he was surprised it had not.  So he put me on a 5 day dose pack of…Methylprednisolone…  I was quite suprised when they never wanted xrays all he basically did wash push on my heal to cause me pain and let me stand up on it!

My husband picked it up from the pharmacy for me, and because I don’t usually care about the papers explaining the drugs, he did not get this for me.  Well…. I have had a headache, my feet being achy already makes me irritable and crabby, I’m very VERY short tolerance, easily annoyed, my friend came for a visit (monthly early), I’m having a hard time sleeping, and I’m achy all over.  So I decided yesterday to look up the side effects…. yep!!!  I’ve got them!  Almost all of them!  The nice thing about knowing that it is just side effects of the medicine is that I don’t need to go back and tell them I am all wacked out right now!  Hopefully I will be back to normal in just a few more days!

So, my feet are feeling a little bit better right now, I’m not in as much pain.  Don’t get me wrong when I first stand up, they scream at me, but not nearly as loudly as before the new medicine!  I guess maybe I shouldn’t have waited 2 months to go to the doctors!  Next time my feet are in need, I will run to the hospital a LOT quicker!