My attempt at candy

20121230-173456.jpg20121230-173445.jpgThis would be the reason that I don’t experiment!  I highly recommend NOT trying Lemon-Head in making Rock Candy.  It just doesn’t turn out right. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Lemon-Head, I just didn’t like how my rock candy turned out with it.  I loved the color, even the smell… the taste on the other hand… NOT SO GOOD….    If you have used a LEMON flavoring… PLEASE leave a comment and directions if you don’t mind!!!!  PLEASE???20121230-173522.jpg20121230-173508.jpg

Above is how I went about my process of making Rock Candy!  When we were little our mom made it every year for Christmas. This is the one candy that I always loved.  I still don’t eat much of it, but now that she reminded me when she surprised me for Christmas the other year, I have been happy to try to make it every year!  It makes wonderful gifts for the teachers and our neighbors~



20121230-173549.jpg20121230-173559.jpgThis is what the good stuff looks like!  I made Cinnamon using the Red Hots and Peppermint using liquid flavoring!  It’s so pretty the coloring this year!



Then of course… my dreaded cookie making.  I swore the other year that… I WOULD NEVER VOLUNTEER AGAIN TO MAKE SUGAR COOKIES.  I should have stuck with those words… because as you can see… I stink at it!  And this was a project requested by the teacher… Needless to say, it’s a good thing that they were for Pre-K kids!!! They were decorating them so I’m sure some were broken before they paid much attention.  And I even used the pre-made dough, if that helps!!


I know I’m late on my postings, but I am going to try to get back in touch, with this.  I have been so down in the dumps, and dealing with pain, and trying to get everyone in my household healthy again that I let my blog go by the wayside.  I’m sorry and hope to do better, and I hope that you will stick with me!

Any suggestions on making the Lemon flavored Rock Candy?  Please feel free to leave a note!  Or even on how to make good Sugar Cookies in case I get nominated again… you see I have a weakness… I don’t like to say NO>…..