Safety in fountains!


I took these pictures when I picked up an Ice Cream Cake.  Maybe I should put the name of the place on here, but at this time I’m not going to….but can you read the sign above the door?  If not… this is what it says..”THIS DOOR TO REMAIN UNLOCKED DURING BUSINESS HOURS”

hmmmmm I wonder… if it is unlocked?  I mean… I was in the store and it was going to be open for several more hours and there were still plenty of customers in the store partaking of the wonderful things they offer to eat at tables.  Let me also say… that there is only 1 door other than this one to enter and exit from… Now, do you feel more safe…. I will also say… “FIRE”

Just thought you would enjoy my view of this place!



1st day


20121230-174107.jpgWhile I have been on break… Schyler had her first day of school.  And… on that first day she was waiting for the bus…. yes, my baby is riding the bus.  As you can see she was all ready to go.  Shyla goes earlier than her, but she was ready to go waiting early for Shyla’s bus this day.  That’s why they are both in the pictures.  She was soooooo excited as you can see.  NO Fear at all.  She thinks she is the big girl on the block and since her birthday was the wk, before…. she thought that the bus ride was going to make her an even bigger girl.

Then the bus never showed up to pick her up that afternoon… she was so upset and cried when I told her that we had to get in the car to go to school…. “no I’m a big girl”  So I told her that I hoped the bus would pick her up the next day.  I talked with the teacher to make sure she did not put her on the bus for the afternoon ride, because I wanted to be there to see her get on for the first time ever.


20121230-174235.jpg Day 2 waiting for the bus… yes she is sooo super excited, she thinks the bus is totally going to be here to get her.  And yet again I had to take her to school, because the bus NEVER showed up again.

20121230-174256.jpg20121230-174318.jpgDay 3… why is this bus NOT showing up seeing as she soooo wants to ride on it???

20121230-174331.jpg20121230-174351.jpgAs you can see by her expression on day 4… she is not excited about waiting for the bus… but guess what… after MOMMY calling yesterday I found out that they had changed her bus day start, but failed to tell the mommy…… So we had it straightened out that the bus was coming today… She just didn’t believe me for some reason…  Why would she not trust my word???

She was so thrilled when she saw the bus come around the corner to finally get her.  It is so cute, I never realized that there was this little handle for kids her size to pull themselves up into the bus… How cute is that.  She falls asleep almost everyday on the bus ride home, the driver always has to wake her up.  But so far NO problems with her bus drivers.  They are great with her, and she smiles and waves at both of them when she sees them.