Hello April!

Hello, April!

I hope that you are doing well.  I’m finally up to par!  I have missed coming here and writing.  I have missed the peace that I feel when I am able to type my little fingers away….  So what have I been up to?  Nothing much, just a schedule that leaves me feeling incomplete.  Yes, you read that rights I have a schedule and I don’t feel like I am complete!  So I am hoping in the next couple of months I will get back on track!

So here is what I have been doing……

1.  Car pooling Monday through Friday

2.  Taekwondo between 3 and 4 days a wk

3.  Basketball for 6 wks (ended 3 wks ago) 2 xs a wk

4.  3 kids still in 3 different schools (next year just two schools!)

5.  making plans for wedding trip to MI for SIL wedding (less than 2 wks to go)

6.  making plans for wedding in HI for friend (can’t wait)

7.  looking to buy good gas car, one that don’t drink a lot (that stresses me out your going to lose money on a car or lose money in your big guzzler)

8.  Stressing over moms visit.  She was here for exactly 2 wks.  (ummm bitter-sweet)

9.  Baseball has started (tonight first night, who would have thought 1 game and 3 practices a wk, on base?)

10.  we decided on car and have been working on deal.  hopefully closing on it tomorrow.

11.  was really mad at the bank today…. needless to say I hung up on a manager.

12.  looking at houses online in TN.  We are making plans for a move around June 2014.  (oh my not far away)

13.  We went 2 wks ago to the San Diego Zoo (enlisted person is allowed unlimited 1 day visits), also to the Safari Park.  FANTASTIC!!!

14.  We have had a few TaeKwonDo testings the past few months.

Oh… my that looks like enough of a boring list!  I will share on some of the good fun things soon.  I really want to get back here.  I enjoy the time, and I love getting notes from you!  Words of encouragement and getting to read notes of what is going on in your lives.  I will do better!!!  I am also looking forward to going back and reading other blogs, so if you have one and I haven’t started reading… please leave a note and I would love to come read!!

Hello Apil I’ll be writing to you soon,

Not Issued!!!