Happy Momma


I am so happy that I was able to enjoy yet another wonderful Mother’s Day! My kids suprised me with wonderful gifts that they made at school. It was so nice of each of the teachers to work with them to make this special day happen!

I know I’m late on telling you this, but I hope that you each had a Wonderful Mother’s day, whether it was a day for you or a day for your mom, or even just celebrating with a friend. May each day you have be a day to celebrate you as a mother!

What’s your rhythm?

So what’s your rhythm? Do you have a system? Do you have a secret wand? How do you get them on your side? I think my kids have over taken me. I’m not going to complain. Ok a whine or two may evolve. But really what’s your rhythm, that keeps you on the narrow path?

Our household rhythm, runs at a pace of…. repition! Yes, thats it, that defines my household REPETITION. We have this constant fast paced, disasterous yet at times neatly organized sense of “hurry and get it done” life, so we can sit and enjoy a moment together. WOW, now if that don’t put it into perspective… I think I just woke myself up!

We’ve finished the basketball season, started the baseball season, nearing an end to the 3 different schools year, haven’t nearly gotten the potty training down pat, TKD is still in the works (just accomplished blue decided), softball 2 nights a wk, getting back to attending church as a family, staying in Vegas for the first time in 5 years for the summer, getting prepared for Military Retirement, making sure homework is completely nightly (correctly) all while trying to keep a house organized. Honestly I think I COULD do the household cleaning, but I’m burnt out!

TOYS, TOYS EVERYWHERE, I’m even finding them in my room. They each have a room that really is not suppose to have more than a few things in them, but everything is migrating into every room except where they belong…. THE TOY ROOM. I have the toy room on the main floor, so that I can watch the girls and hopefully keep them from fighting. But as we all know… that don’t work. They are kids they are going to disagree ALOT.

Do you have a system to your madness? If your schedule is a mumbo jumbo like ours, do you have a cheat sheet you want to share? I’m so open to suggestions. Seems like my focus is always on the kitchen, living room and the bathroom down stairs, because oh… my goodness that’s the only parts of the house that anyone that stops in will see!!! Ok, you see the toy room as soon as you walk in the door, but people can push that off to “you have kids, it’s ok” yes, I understand that, but not through all 3200 ft of this house.

Am I being pushed over? I have even got to the point that I am behind on the things that I really should be doing, ok things that I would like to do, because I am mentally drained.

I want to get back on here blogging, because I enjoy the release of writing. And I LOVE hearing from the few followers that I have. So please share with me, I would love to hear how you handle your daily grind, and keep from feeling pushed around by the household chores!!!

I love my family and wouldn’t change it for the world, but I need to get my house under control with a way of organazation before I look like a hoarder!!! So tell me your rhythm of madness, so I can attempt to have a more soothing rhythm in my household!!