Under lock and key


I took this quite some time ago, but must have saved it in my drafts. I remember seeing the shelf in the store and thinking “why is this locked up, there is much more expensive things that are on the open shelf?”

I guess it just goes like everything else. If it is a necessity in life someone will want to take it for nothing. I honestly don’t understand this way of thinking, but upon discussing this very thing (picture) with my friends, I have found out, that this and toothpaste along with many other things are stolen regularly. My thought was that it is only $6. Why would you want to get caught stealing something so frivolous? You can buy the really cheap stuff for $2. I’m telling you right now, if I have to buy the cheap stuff I do, I don’t have a problem with it, do I usually prefer it, NOWAY, but you do what you got to do, right?!!

I’m not one who has ever stolen, and sometimes I go a bit overboard telling my kids what stealing is. Such as when they take my things here in the house. If it’s mine and you take it without permission, it’s simply stealing. I have found ( I know it’s not always the case) that the people I have seen or heard of stealing, they aren’t stealing cause they can’t pay for it. They take it cause they want it, but DONT want to pay for it.

It’s really sad when a store has to put something so simple as a $6 bottle of detergent under lock and key….. People if your running on hard times, just ASK, there are many places and people willing to help, but when people keep just TAKING what don’t belong to them…. we all want to go on lock down, and not want to help anyone…. at least that has been me in the past…. I want to help and want to give, but I get tired of being taken advantage of, just like this establishment.


This is how we use it!

Apparently “this is how we” use it! Is the topic for the wk for our bathroom. I have one child who openly admits to her faults, well should I maybe say that she admits to being in a room when something happens but not accepting to any responsibility.

Shyla (5yr old) comes flying out of the bathroom…. ” mom, I don’t know how this happens.”

Me ” what now?”

Shyla ” I’m not sure how theses things just fall and scare me.”

I turn and look as she is holding up 3/4 of the towel rod. I tell her to put it on the counter. This is what I find in the bathroom!

Guess it didn’t fall by itself, looks like a little monkey was hanging I think!

So I cleaned the important areas of the house yesterday and today! We have had a busy yet rough wk so I’m a bit behind in EVERYTHING!!! I just went into the bathroom to find out that I have in the past 38 years NOT known the proper use for toothpaste! I think I need my children to teach us this fine artistic way to utilize the toothpaste.

I guess once you get it clumped you go down a couple of inches and rub it in real good!!

The sad thing is the toothpaste I laughed at just now because, with all the running I’ve done I’ve just been happy at not fussing at them about their teeth. I guess since they seemed to be brushing without fighting I should have checked on them…..serves me right!

Wall scrub 101 is going to begin tomorrow.

Monkey Climb 102 will begin


What’s winter?


What’s winter? Living here in Vegas, I’ve kind of forgotten what a real winter is like! Sean went on his October hunting trip to Colorado, and when he finally got to his destination, he had to take a picture to rub it in a bit.

In case you didn’t know… I love snow, I love the crispness, the white, the fresh smell… and of course the smile that it puts on my face!
So he is on his ELK hunt which we are really hoping that he brings something home this year. Nothing last year sad to say. And after cooking the last few months with store bought hamburger that you have to throw 1/2 of what you buy away, because it is just grease… I am ready for some fresh meat! Today (Monday I am writing this) is day 3 of their hunt, and as of yesterday that had not seen anything. Ok, not true… they have not seen any ELK.. they saw 3 Moose (bull, momma and her 2 yr old baby) No tags so no shoot!! They also saw a doe (deer) ok, again no ELK.. They only have a couple of days left on their hunt, so I really hope they see something and bring it home! They were going to try a different area, so you go boys!!

They don’t usually have snow on the ground when he first gets there, is why he sent the picture. I am hoping that the snow on the ground will bring the Elk out to the open, since they will need to move around a bit to keep warm!!
Happy hunting everyone!

Zoo time!




















We made it to the zoo, earlier this year. Not here in Vegas, but the San Diego Zoo, we also went to the Safari Park. We went with some friends and had so much fun. This was another post that I had started and never finished. I’ve been so far behind, and never gotten anywhere. Maybe someday I’ll be open about what is going through my mind, but I guess I’m not really ready to face facts… so… I will just try to get caught up! I’ve missed writing and reading what you all offer!

Another reason I didn’t want to delete this!!!! Is because this is OCTOBER and kids get in FREE! I’ve connect the link so do look and check it out! My kids absolutely loved it there… I am hoping that maybe we can go back before the month is up!

How long???

How long has it been for you?  Oh, wait…..  The NEW neighbors just moved in.  Last wk, I think they had the moving truck there 5 different days!!  No, it wasn’t a small truck, it was a BIG one!

I’ve waved and been neighborly.  We had a garage sale at my house the other day, and watched her move in ALL day long.  So this morning while waiting for Schyler’s bus, she came out to walk her dog.  We exchanged “good mornings!”  And I asked if she was all moved in?  She said no, not really, but trying. ” I lived in the last house for 10 years, I just hate moving, there are so many boxes to unpack” 

PAUSE……  The house she moved into has had 4 different people in it, in the last 3 years, that doesn’t even count the vacant times!!  Yes, its a rental!

Hence my question…. How long has it been for you?  How long have you lived in the same house?  Do you get rid of a LOT of junk before you start the moving process?

Obviously we aren’t moving this year as we had originally hoped for….. but we are starting to down size!  We always have garage sales, and post things for sale.  When we move this time, we will be unloading a LOT of furniture too.  The kids have so MANY toys, we will be getting ride of dining set, couch set, dressers and end tables.  Let’s not even go there on the kitchen junk!!

As far as living in the same house…. longest we have ever ( married couple) lived in one house is in Alaska.  We owned our home for 5 years.  Yes, we loved every minute of it!  However, Jaden was our only child and the house was only 1056 sq ft!  You can’t collect much junk in a tiny house like that!  We did get rid of a lot of things before we left there though.

This house we have lived in for 3 years, but since we have lived in Las Vegas this is the third house.  No fault of our own, 2 of them were rentals that the people Forclosed on, and never told us. 

My sister is moving!!  Ok, so honestly I have mixed emotions on that subject, which I have not told her, so I guess she will read it here when she gets around to it!  Love you, Andrea!!!  It’s funny, I really wasn’t thinking of her moving today, when I started writing this post, but here you have it!  I was just thinking it’s crazy that lady moved after 10 years of living in the same house in the same town.

Other than this house, we lived in 2 houses in North Dakota!  The longest house was 4 years, and then 3 in the other.  They were both smaller houses to, so…. we downloaded. 

This house is another story!  It is 3200 sq ft.  We have junk in every room!  Yes, I always call our things junk, it’s not really junk but things we honestly don’t really need.  I’m not a hoarder!!!  However there are some things that I really don’t want to get rid of, but I’m trying.  Now, remember we have had 2 extra kids while living in Las Vegas, so we have collected 2 more bedroom sets, tons of girlie junk and TOYS… (word to the wise…. TOYS produce!!!!)

Anyways, this has brought me to my thought of the day!  The plan is to now move next summer, and yes!! We are still looking at Tennessee, probably southern part!  We of course want to buy a house… you know what my secret is?  Even though I lived in the same house from 3-15 and then a couple years with my dad and a few years with my grandmother (where my dad is still living)  I don’t feel like I’ve ever truly had a home…..I’m a little scared…. I want for my kids to have what I had, I want them to be closer to family, and to know their friends for the rest of their lives.  BUT, I’m a bit nervous to choose where we get to live…. Sean has never picked a place and he is 41.  He was raised military, and then joined after high school, and moved all over. 

Now, we are looking at choosing our own state!  Our own town, that we want to be a part of.  We won’t have immediate friends.  Ok, before I get to worked up! 

What’s the biggest move you have made?  Tell me a bit, I can’t wait!!