Under lock and key


I took this quite some time ago, but must have saved it in my drafts. I remember seeing the shelf in the store and thinking “why is this locked up, there is much more expensive things that are on the open shelf?”

I guess it just goes like everything else. If it is a necessity in life someone will want to take it for nothing. I honestly don’t understand this way of thinking, but upon discussing this very thing (picture) with my friends, I have found out, that this and toothpaste along with many other things are stolen regularly. My thought was that it is only $6. Why would you want to get caught stealing something so frivolous? You can buy the really cheap stuff for $2. I’m telling you right now, if I have to buy the cheap stuff I do, I don’t have a problem with it, do I usually prefer it, NOWAY, but you do what you got to do, right?!!

I’m not one who has ever stolen, and sometimes I go a bit overboard telling my kids what stealing is. Such as when they take my things here in the house. If it’s mine and you take it without permission, it’s simply stealing. I have found ( I know it’s not always the case) that the people I have seen or heard of stealing, they aren’t stealing cause they can’t pay for it. They take it cause they want it, but DONT want to pay for it.

It’s really sad when a store has to put something so simple as a $6 bottle of detergent under lock and key….. People if your running on hard times, just ASK, there are many places and people willing to help, but when people keep just TAKING what don’t belong to them…. we all want to go on lock down, and not want to help anyone…. at least that has been me in the past…. I want to help and want to give, but I get tired of being taken advantage of, just like this establishment.


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