Booboo please

I’m sure on one day or another we have all found our children messing with our necessities!! However out of my 3 children, my youngest (Schyler) is the only one who has seemed to find useful ways that pads can help her.
This particular day it was her baby had broken her arm and was begging for her Booboo to be fixed. so a pad was serving as a cast! She got to the baby before I could get a picture with her in a premie diaper from when Schyler was born. I think the doll was bigger than she was back then!


Most of the time the usefulness of the pads is for the riding horse in the toy room. You know the big ones with the springs that the kids ride? Well she uses the pads (2 at a time) on each leg for leg warmers. Someday I will get you a picture of that! It cracks me up each time!


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