Taking care

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Is TAKING CARE of someone else’s belongings too much to ask for? My friend has a rental here in Las Vegas. She was trying to help another of her friends and this is what she was given in return.

Ok, so this is just a brief glimpse of what she had to look forward to. The person must have cooked daily with grease, because there was loads of it everywhere in the house that had to be cleaned. Holes in the wall? Broken door? Tubs that looked like you bathed a herd of Elephants? None of the drawers were cleaned out. The tile grout was black (it’s really supposed to be tan).

Sean and I have been considering renting out our house when he retires if the market is not that good. However after seeing what a friend in need can do to your home when you are trying to help them out, makes me wonder how a stranger would take care of your house. I know that every renter will not abuse your home, because Sean and I have rented two homes and both of them we left in better condition than when we were given the keys ( and both of them we were evicted from because they people foreclosed on their homes without telling us).

Have you had good luck with renters? Friends or not? I think TAKING CARE of someones home should just be a given when you are renting, NO matter the amount they are charging you!


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