Ordering a “Thank you!”

Ordering a “Thank you!”

I’ve been putting off writing again. For a couple of reasons.. 1st our computer bit the bullet a few months ago, when a lovely FBI scam hit us. Those of you that are fiimiliar…. I’m so sorry. but if you know how to eliminate the problem feel free to share with me!

As for the Ordering A “Thank you!”…. I was talking to my sister last wk, and we were talking amoung many things my mom saying that she had NOT recieved a Thank you card from my friend. So here is the story of my friend.

This is the friend that I went to the wedding in Hawaii in August. Her baby was due mid Feb. this year! YES WAS (another story).

Andrea’s conversation with her explained that she provided a service of making this gift, NOT it being a gift from her. (Andrea if you want to chime in on a note… feel free!) That this was a gift from me to my friend. FYI I bought ALL of the material and supplies. It was made at my house, and I made several trips across town to purchase all of the material. And I also boxed everything and mailed it out. Hence I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars on this gift! This still not sinking in at moms brain, she thinks that a Thank you card should be sent to her for making this!

NOW… let me say that a few days after me mailing the gift my friend asked me for moms address “so I can mail her a card when____ is born as a Thank you”

when my sister and I were talking neither of us honestly think that mom is due a Thank you card, because it is NOT a gift from her, it is a gift from me and I completely paid for everything, she only provided a service. I also want to say I paid for some extra material for my mom to take home for herself!

Obviously my friend already planned on thanking her but wanted to wait for a photo of the baby for thank you cards. My question is.. Is sending a card to my mom something that she is expected to do? Or is my sister and I just being brats?

I also found out the other day that when my mom was here and made this for me, that my friends parents gave my mom a couple of gifts and said thank you for the hard work on this project. Hmm, just saying!!!

here is a photo of the gift if you would like to see!
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