A little body art anyone?

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A little body are anyone? Who wants to sign up to be Shyla’s second canvas?

apparently Shyla has decided that she is going to be an artist. I have no problem with that, I just hope that she decides that tattoos are not her choice! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely again that type of art. I think many times they are beautiful. Yes, I personally am body art free, I know that it’s not for everyone obviously. However I don’t know anyone that has that many tattoos. I don’t know where she got the idea from.

She was so proud of herself, and I am so glad that she used the face paint crayons that her grandmother bought for her, instead of markers that wouldn’t wash off so easily. And truthfully….. I think she did a really good job drawing on herself for a 5-year-old!


8th birthday excitement


A couple of days before Jaden’s 8th Birthday, his class did a Ginger House Project.  I was lucky enough to go spend the afternoon helping them out.  It was such great fun for all of us.  I have never done this before, so it was a learning experience for me too!  I loved that all of the kids in the class remembered who I was from the last field trip, and also that they all wanted my help, it made it very fun for me!

20121230-174732.jpg 20121230-174927.jpg 20121230-174858.jpg 20121230-174838.jpg 20121230-174751.jpg This year because 2 of the kids birthdays fell the wk of Thanksgiving, we were able to have MIL and SIL and the fiance here for the first time (they’ve never been with the kids for their birthdays).   And our first Thanksgiving with them also.  Remember we have been married for 18 years!  Little note as I’ve talked about visitors sleeping arrangements in my house. Without even asking about the rules, everyone slept separately… how nice was that!!!

On Jaden’s birthday his class had a field trip.  I was able to be a chaperone.  I was so excited that I was asked to spend the day with Jaden during this event and on his birthday!  After the trip my husband met up with us at the school and we were able to surprise the kids with cupcakes!  They were all extra thrilled to celebrate with Jaden his wonderful 8th birthday.

We try to let the kids pick where they want to go for dinner for their birthdays, and our little man picked… Outback Steakhouse .  I’m not going to complain I love that place.  The Filet is my choice, not that I’m picky or anything!  They even served him with a birthday desert!  He was so excited and feeling like a big boy!

And since I didn’t mention the cake…. that’s because I’m not saying where it came from… remember the post about the store sign over the door… yep this is the cake that I got from that place!  They were out of all cakes that day and only had things for Thanksgiving so they tried to doctor it up to make it a little more boyish for me… it tasted good… just their emergency escape needs a little work!!!!

1st day


20121230-174107.jpgWhile I have been on break… Schyler had her first day of school.  And… on that first day she was waiting for the bus…. yes, my baby is riding the bus.  As you can see she was all ready to go.  Shyla goes earlier than her, but she was ready to go waiting early for Shyla’s bus this day.  That’s why they are both in the pictures.  She was soooooo excited as you can see.  NO Fear at all.  She thinks she is the big girl on the block and since her birthday was the wk, before…. she thought that the bus ride was going to make her an even bigger girl.

Then the bus never showed up to pick her up that afternoon… she was so upset and cried when I told her that we had to get in the car to go to school…. “no I’m a big girl”  So I told her that I hoped the bus would pick her up the next day.  I talked with the teacher to make sure she did not put her on the bus for the afternoon ride, because I wanted to be there to see her get on for the first time ever.


20121230-174235.jpg Day 2 waiting for the bus… yes she is sooo super excited, she thinks the bus is totally going to be here to get her.  And yet again I had to take her to school, because the bus NEVER showed up again.

20121230-174256.jpg20121230-174318.jpgDay 3… why is this bus NOT showing up seeing as she soooo wants to ride on it???

20121230-174331.jpg20121230-174351.jpgAs you can see by her expression on day 4… she is not excited about waiting for the bus… but guess what… after MOMMY calling yesterday I found out that they had changed her bus day start, but failed to tell the mommy…… So we had it straightened out that the bus was coming today… She just didn’t believe me for some reason…  Why would she not trust my word???

She was so thrilled when she saw the bus come around the corner to finally get her.  It is so cute, I never realized that there was this little handle for kids her size to pull themselves up into the bus… How cute is that.  She falls asleep almost everyday on the bus ride home, the driver always has to wake her up.  But so far NO problems with her bus drivers.  They are great with her, and she smiles and waves at both of them when she sees them.

My attempt at candy

20121230-173456.jpg20121230-173445.jpgThis would be the reason that I don’t experiment!  I highly recommend NOT trying Lemon-Head in making Rock Candy.  It just doesn’t turn out right. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Lemon-Head, I just didn’t like how my rock candy turned out with it.  I loved the color, even the smell… the taste on the other hand… NOT SO GOOD….    If you have used a LEMON flavoring… PLEASE leave a comment and directions if you don’t mind!!!!  PLEASE???20121230-173522.jpg20121230-173508.jpg

Above is how I went about my process of making Rock Candy!  When we were little our mom made it every year for Christmas. This is the one candy that I always loved.  I still don’t eat much of it, but now that she reminded me when she surprised me for Christmas the other year, I have been happy to try to make it every year!  It makes wonderful gifts for the teachers and our neighbors~



20121230-173549.jpg20121230-173559.jpgThis is what the good stuff looks like!  I made Cinnamon using the Red Hots and Peppermint using liquid flavoring!  It’s so pretty the coloring this year!



Then of course… my dreaded cookie making.  I swore the other year that… I WOULD NEVER VOLUNTEER AGAIN TO MAKE SUGAR COOKIES.  I should have stuck with those words… because as you can see… I stink at it!  And this was a project requested by the teacher… Needless to say, it’s a good thing that they were for Pre-K kids!!! They were decorating them so I’m sure some were broken before they paid much attention.  And I even used the pre-made dough, if that helps!!


I know I’m late on my postings, but I am going to try to get back in touch, with this.  I have been so down in the dumps, and dealing with pain, and trying to get everyone in my household healthy again that I let my blog go by the wayside.  I’m sorry and hope to do better, and I hope that you will stick with me!

Any suggestions on making the Lemon flavored Rock Candy?  Please feel free to leave a note!  Or even on how to make good Sugar Cookies in case I get nominated again… you see I have a weakness… I don’t like to say NO>…..




Kitchen play

We went to our friends house for dinner a couple of wks ago.  And her kids had a new play kitchen.  I’m really not a big person all loving the huge toys!  However the girls played with it the entire time we were there.

This kitchen is made by Kidkraft.  It is the…KidKraft Deluxe Big and Bright Kitchen Playset.  I love it, and the girls are IN LOVE with it!  So I had to make the purchase!  I ordered it through Kohls, they did not sell it in the our store, so I called and placed the order over the phone!  It takes up a bit of space, and is very bright colored!  They have other colors to choose from, like pastel and white, with primary colors!  My girls liked the bright color!

This is not a CHEAP kitchen, so if it is something that you are interested in, I suggest price matching!  And using coupons!  On the phone Kohls would not let me use my 30% off coupon, but they did allow me to use a 15% off coupon, and they price matched!  So, this brought my total way down and I was given Kohls Cash!!

The girls have played most everyday with the kitchen, they have found all of their dishes and have everything ready to go!  They love the microwave.  The fridge is storing some things in it that I would not typically think need to be refridgerated, but hey, they are 2 and 4 years old!

Picture time! Memory time!

It’s been a couple of wks now, but we got our pictures back from the Ohio trip. Lindsay Herstine Photography is the perfect personal touch with keeping my memories and my sisters in hand!  And now I have them to share!

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I usually don’t put photos of myself on here, but there is a picture that she took of Schyler and I that I absolutely melt with!  It just shows you there are those moments that it’s all about just the two of you!

When I told my sister that I wanted to do these pictures again, she had a great idea.  Her idea was that we would take all 7 kids so that they could be together, and then we would used these photos as gifts to our parents.  Hey great idea right?  Well, then it got a bit out of hand when my mom and I were talking and I let it slip that I was having the photos done, and she then wanted to take my grandmother with us.  One thing led to another and I will just let it be said that the pictures that were taken turned out very nice!  And that there will be NO gifts for our mom in the form of pictures!

I am very happy that my grandmother was able to get pictures taken with the kids, they looked very nice, and I love the ones that she is walking with them.  And the ones by the water with the kids, is a little extra touch  of looking into the future for me!

Thank you Andrea for having a great idea of letting the kids be together.  I might be a booger sometimes in voicing my opinion about certain subjects but this is a memory that you have given all of us!  And thank you Lindsey for doing such a great job!

From Camo to Green

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It’s that time again.  Time for belt testing at TaeKwonDo.  Even though we have been struggling as I spoke about recently.  Jaden pulled NO punches and worked hard to get the next belt.  He went from Camo to Green!

I am so proud of him for taking the extra time and energy to focus.  It really does help him, because he enjoys the movement of it all.  It calms him.  And as you can see from the pictures… his face just lights up!

He did not test this time with the other students, he tested after class on his own.  He still had the kids from class there, but there was no one around him doing the same movements at different times, which he has a tendency to get distracted by.  He needs horse blinders I think!! So, congrats my little man for the move from Camo to Green!

He is so happy with the belt movement right now, that he has not even complained about going to class, so maybe my worries are done??